Interesting Topics to Talk About With Your Crush ! 50+ Things To Talk About With Your Crush

When you like someone, you might not know what to say when you go up to them. So, in this post, we’ll tell you about some interesting topics to talk about with your crush. Better relationships come from being able to talk to each other well. So, if you want to get close to your crush, you should talk to them and try to learn more about them.

This article gives you some ideas for things to talk to your crush about. These ideas will help you get over the awkwardness in the beginning. And who knows, maybe you’ll find something you both like and can talk about for hours! Teeanime will show you some cool and interesting topics to talk about with your crush.

60 Topics To Talk About With Your Crush

“Get To Know You” Things

Getting to know the other person is the first step in any relationship. You can get to know your crush better without being too pushy if you talk about these topics.

1. What do you like to do on dates?

You could ask the person you like out on a date. To do that, you need to know what they like best so you can plan the date around that and make it special.

2. What are your hobbies?

Hobbies are often good conversation starters and help people get to know each other better. It’s one of the safest topics to talk about with almost anyone, and if you and your crush share some hobbies, you’ll be able to talk a little longer.

3. What are your life goals?

A life goal is a deep subject to talk about. If your goals in life are the same, you can help each other reach them. You would know how committed they are to life by how they answer.

4. What is your favorite TV show?

Talking about TV shows with your crush is a safe thing to do because it doesn’t get too personal. It gives you something to talk about and a chance to catch up by watching the show. You could also buy show-related stuff to impress your crush.

5. Who is your best friend?

Life is full of best friends. You can talk about your best friend and ask your crush about theirs. This way, you would learn about the important people in each other’s lives and get a sense of how much they value friendship and how important their best friend is to them.

6. Do you like cooking?

The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, as the old saying goes. If your crush likes to cook, they can teach you a few new recipes. You could also plan to get together and cook.

7. Which books do you like to read?

If your admirer enjoys reading, you may inquire about their favorite books. Book enthusiasts adore discussing literature and will listen to a bookworm. It’s a plus if you can also talk about books.

8. Which movies and actors do you like?

It’s one of the things you can talk to your crush about without worrying about hurting their feelings. If there are different points of view, you may want to keep your thoughts to yourself. But if you don’t want to do that, you can talk about their favorite movies and actors. And if you think the same way, you’re in luck.

9. Do you know who our common friends are?

Most of the time, having friends in common is a good way to start a conversation. Start by asking your crush about a friend, and you’ll be talking about all your old friends and contacts in no time. Who knows, maybe you already knew each other before you met.

10. Which is your favorite hangout place?

Find out where your crush hangs out and tell them where you like to go. If you ever go on a date with them, you might go to their favorite place. You could also ask them what kind of food they like. These little pieces of information can help you get closer than you think.

11. What is your favorite travel destination?

The answer could be “my living room” or a faraway place you’ve never been. No matter what you say, your crush is sure to talk to you about it, and soon they might tell you about their travel dreams.

12. Who are your favorite family members?

Family is what keeps us steady but also drives us crazy. Talking about your family is one of the safe bets topics when you want to talk with your crush. Ask about their family and tell them about yours. Throw in a silly incident or show the photographs of your family to your crush

13. What do you think about this sport/politician?

You’ve probably looked them up on social media if you have a crush on them. It will offer you an indication of their tastes. If you like cricket and your friends like tennis, do some research on tennis. You can then strike up a chat with your crush and keep it going.

Topics To Talk About With Your Crush Over Text

If you’ve exchanged phone numbers, that’s a huge plus for you. But you must keep the conversations going in order to keep your crush intrigued. Texts can be an excellent way to ask questions that would be awkward to ask openly.

14. What are the things that irritate you?

You can talk about this if you’ve met your crush a few times and know a little bit about each other. Before you bring this up, make sure you have good answers. It could be anything, like someone cutting in front of you in line at the grocery store or someone honking.

15. Tell me about your hometown

If your crush is from somewhere else, talking about where they are from can get them to open up to you. Everyone loves where they grew up. You can also talk about your home town and make plans to go back someday.

16. What kind of jobs have you worked at?

Many people start working right after high school. People’s lives are often affected by the jobs they have. The jobs they have done or want to do can tell you a lot about their values and personalities.

17. Who knows you the best?

You can wait to talk about it until you know your crush better. For you to tell them such things, they have to believe you. It could be a member of their family or their best friend. No matter who it is, knowing this can help you get closer to the person you like.

18. What are you passionate about?

Ask your crush what they are passionate about. If your passions are the same, you might be able to make a great team that will help you get to know each other better.

19. Share something your parents do not know

You can use this question to get your crush to tell you something personal about their life. If they tell you, you can assume they think of you as a close friend they can trust. But you should also be ready to share your secrets.

20. What are your weird habits?

Do you like to eat rice with ice cream, or do you knock three times before you leave your house? Ask your crush what strange things they do. Tell them yours, and if theirs matches, that’s another thing you both like.

21. What is your biggest pet peeve?

It could be the usage of improper grammar for some or wearing a t-shirt with skirts for others.

22. What was your favorite movie or TV show in childhood?

Asking about their favorite childhood movie or TV show can be a terrific approach to start some great chats about their childhood if you want to bring up some nostalgia to get closer to your crush. You can also discuss your likes and dislikes with your crush.

23. Are there any causes you support?

This question will help you get to know them better by showing you what they care about. You can also help the cause by volunteering, which will give them a chance to admire you. Keep an open mind because they’re likely to be very passionate about the cause they support.

24. Which is the best concert you have been to?

If your crush likes music and has talked about their favorite singers or bands, you can ask them if they have been to concerts and which one was their favorite. Music can make people feel a lot of different things, and if you and your crush like the same music, that can bring you closer together.

25. Tell me about your first job

Everyone has a different first job experience. These kinds of things always make good stories. You can get closer to your crush if they tell you about their first job and what they learned there.

26. Who do you think are the most overrated and underrated actors?

Most people have strong feelings about movies and actors, especially the ones they like the most. Talking about actors is a safe way to talk to your crush and gives you lots of things in common.

Interesting Topics To Talk About With Your Crush

There are a lot of interesting topics you can talk about with your crush. Bring up these topics to talk about so that your crush is excited to talk to you.

27. If you were to have one superpower for a day, what would it be?

The topic may bring up fresh and exciting channels of conversation with your crush. You can explore numerous things you can accomplish together and share your goals for being a superhero.

28. If you woke up as the opposite sex tomorrow, what would you do?

It’s an evergreen topic of conversation that will put a grin on your crush’s face. Ask this question to learn about the opposite sex’s interesting points of view. You can also express your thoughts and participate in an intriguing discussion.

29. What music do you like?

Music is a very emotive topic of discussion because people care deeply about the music they listen to. It has the ability to bring people from all around the world together. Learn about your crush’s preferences and determine if your tastes align.

30. Which movie do you hate but everyone loves?

If your admirer exposes a movie that they despise but everyone else enjoys, you’ll have a fresh topic to talk about. Maintain in mind that the movie they cite could be one of your favorites as well, so keep an open mind when discussing it.

31. Which movie do you love but everyone hates?

Some films are not well received by the general public yet have a small following. Find out which movie your crush enjoys despite its poor reviews and get your heads together.

32. Which is the trend that you find bizarre?

New trends emerge all the time in every industry. Inquire with your crush about which trends are overrated or plain bizarre. Which came first, the ice bucket challenge or slim jeans?

33. What kind of movies do you like?

Some people prefer romantic films, while others prefer action films, and yet others prefer films with a strong plot. Furthermore, even if you are just starting out, movies are a safe topic to talk with your crush. You can also get some amazing movie suggestions.

34. Which is your favorite drink?

You could ask this question if you want a query to automatically change into a date. Based on their response, you can invite them out on a date to a bar where you can obtain the drink. And if your drink preferences are similar, you’ll have a great time trying out new spots.

35. Which book changed your life?

If your sweetheart enjoys reading, you can pose this question to them. Books are a safe pick for conversation, especially if your crush is a reader.

36. If your pet could name you, what would they pick?

If you or your crush has a pet, that’s a great thing to talk about with them. Asking this question will start a good discussion about animals. As you show each other pictures of your pets, you and your crush will become closer.

37. What would you do if you were to win the lottery?

It’s a good question to ask your crush because it will help you figure out what they value most. They could use the money to go shopping or save it for the future. Now it’s up to you to think about what you’d do if you won the lottery, because you may have to answer the same question.

38. What do you admire most in people?

Different things are important to different people. People value things like being kind, being honest, and being loyal. Ask your crush this question to start a conversation about qualities and why you should value them.

39. Which sport do you wish you played?

Many of us have dreams that haven’t come true. Ask the person you like what sport they think they would be good at. They might think that they would be good at soccer or basketball. They might even think they should have played a game inside. You could take classes together or just talk about your dreams if they are similar.

Interesting Topics To Talk About With Your Crush On The Phone

If you feel like you’re running out of topics to talk about on the phone and your crush is about to hang up, you can talk about these topics. They will make sure that you are on the phone for a long time.

40. What is your weirdest fear?

You might not want to talk to your crush about your deepest, darkest fear, but you can talk about your strangest fear. What makes you most nervous? Spiders? Clowns? Talk to your crush about your irrational fears to learn more about them.

41. Which is the place you always wanted to visit?

Ask the person you like where they would like to go and why. You can tell them about your plans and compare notes on your favorite places.

42. Which social media platforms do you like?

You could ask them which social media sites they like to use. You can also ask them if you can follow them on the medium, which is a nice bonus.

43. Who is your favorite superhero?

Many people have very strong opinions about different superheroes. Some people only like Marvel heroes, while others only like DC heroes, and a few people might like someone else entirely. If you ask your crush who their favorite superhero is, get ready for a heated discussion about why that one is the best.

44. Do you like this city? How is it different from your city?

If your crush says they like where they live, ask them what they like most about it. Let them tell you how this place is different from where they came from. If they say they don’t like where they are, you can show them what’s best about where they are.

45. Tell me about your proud moments

It could be the day they learned to ride a bike or the day they got their diploma. Ask your crush what they’re most proud of, and tell them about your own.

46. What is your next big goal?

When your friendship has grown, you can find out where they want to go by asking them what their next goal is. They might want to go to school to get a better job or try to move up at work. Talking to them about this will help you see your problems in a different way.

47. What are your dreams?

Your dreams and your life goals are not the same thing. Your goal in life might be to run your company as CEO, but your dream might be to buy the newest Lamborghini. Talk to your crush about your dreams and ask them about theirs. Who knows, maybe your dreams will be similar, and you’ll get to know your crush better.

48. What are your thoughts on self-improvement?

You must be prepared to discuss this topic with your crush because it will necessitate a lot of introspection on your part. If you believe you have flaws, acknowledge them to your crush before inquiring about theirs.

49. What type of job do you want to do next?

It is a topic that will keep the conversation going for a long time as you and your crush debate your job goals.

50. Which movie would you like to convert into a musical?

There are musicals and non-musicals. But what if your crush could convert any movie into a musical? How would they like the T-Rex from Jurassic Park grooving to beats while bursting onto the screen?

Interesting Topics To Talk About With Your Crush

There are several topics that will help your crush feel better about chatting to you. If they’ve had a difficult day, you can talk to them about these topics to lift their spirits.

51. Which is your favorite tattoo?

You can talk your crush’s tattoos if he or she has a lot of them. They will like telling you about their tattoo experience, and if you don’t have any, you can ask them about the pain and healing process.

52. Which is your least favorite tattoo?

If you are certain that your crush will not shut down, bring it up with them. Many people have a tattoo that they despise. It could be something that reminds them of someone else, a tattoo they received while blind drunk, or something they got done by a buddy on an experimental basis and are unhappy with the results.

53. What is your unrealistic dream job?

Talk your crush’s dream job with them – it could be as simple as sleeping all day. If they enjoy reading, they might seek a career that pays them to do so. If they enjoy traveling, they may be looking for a career that permits them to travel for free. Share more and more ludicrous fantasy jobs, and laugh till you cry.

54. Which fandom do you follow?

It could grow heated, especially if you don’t share any common interests. Keep the discussion light by asking them about their favorite fandoms and telling them about yours. On the other hand, if your fandoms overlap, it’s like discovering a long-lost twin.

55. What is your guilty pleasure?

Is your crush’s guilty pleasure watching Friends reruns? Is devouring an entire chocolate bar your guilty pleasure? Admit them to each other and you’ll notice the gap closing between you two.

56. What is the topic you know about most?

Your crush may be a space nerd, for all you know. But how will you know unless you ask? It is a feel-good topic that will make your crush pleased because someone asked about their favorite topics and then listened to them.

57. What puts you off on a date?

While the usual ones are always valid (frequently staring at the phone or speaking aggressively to waitstaff), certain things are unique to each individual. Some people, for example, cannot stand it if their date wears loud perfume or fails to pick them up from home.

Discussing this during the crunch stage will ensure that you do not proceed with any misconceptions.

58. How did you feel about high school?

Did you like high school and keep in touch with your classmates? Or could you not wait to get out of there and say good-by? Everyone has a unique school experience. Even if you went to the same school, talking to your crush about their experiences can give you a new perspective on school life.

59. How do you feel about your parents’ relationship?

You can ask this question if you think their crush is comfortable talking about their family. You can inquire about what they learned from their parents’ marriage. If they are separated, you can inquire about how they handled the split.

60. If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?

It could be someone well-known or someone who has touched many lives by their good work. Ask your crush what they want to be and why. It will provide you with valuable information about your crush’s life.

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That concludes our list of 60 Topics to Talk About With Your Crush.

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