How to Wear Socks Properly to Make Them Perfect

Teeanime understands. Socks are often a rather easy commodity. You buy a pack at the store and put them on your feet before putting on your shoes. However, there are some things you should think about to ensure that your sock drawer is ready for any occasion. Would you wear the same socks on a trek in the woods as you would for a gym workout? Are you a minimalist, or do you want some colorful socks from your favorite brand poking out from beneath your pant leg? These are the kinds of queries that may emerge. And we’re here to at least get you to think about them.

Check out some of our ideas for how to wear the correct pair of socks below, from making sure you have the right material for the temperature to some basic cleanliness tips.

Choose the Right Length.

Everyone has a favorite pair of socks they wear every day. Some people wear crew-length socks and hike or bunch them depending on their shoes. Some prefer ankle or no-show socks. No-shows might come off mid-step, making them difficult to wear. I want my socks to stay there till I take them off at night, not slide and adjust all day.

No-show means this, not these insane stuff. Those should never be worn with sneakers. You shouldn’t wear low-cut socks with high-top sneakers like Dunk Highs or Air Jordan 1. It looks odd and may bother your ankles without the cotton barrier. If you must wear sneakers without socks, slather up on powder. Try it—you’ll thank us.

Before checking out, double-check the socks’ sizes. I’ve bought size six-to-eight shoes when I wear size 11. You cannot easily use it. If you have a smaller foot and unintentionally buy a bigger size, the socks won’t fit as well. The extra 0.5 seconds to check the packing is worth it.

Pay Attention to the Materials.

When deciding which socks to wear, the right height isn’t the only factor to consider. There’s actually a lot more to consider depending on the season and activities. For example, in colder weather, you may want to invest in some thicker wool socks to keep you warm on your outdoor adventures. On the other hand, you should definitely keep the trekking socks in your drawer come summer. Instead, there are numerous thin, moisture-wicking choices available. We understand that for some people, it is unavoidable, but please make an attempt to reduce your sweating.

Activities can also influence your sock choosing. A regular day of errands calls for regular cotton socks, but if you’re going to the gym or the local basketball court for a couple of hours, you might want to consider some sort of performance socks, which are designed specifically for movement to provide extra protection in certain areas of the foot or aid with impact absorption. It may sound ridiculous, but trust us. You will notice a difference if you try on a pair. Also, please keep a pair of dress socks in your drawer for weddings and other formal occasions. Nothing is more embarrassing than wearing Nike socks with your suit. Please don’t be that man.

You Can Never Go Wrong With White or Black Socks.

This may sound apparent, but there are a lot of socks available these days. Pay attention the next time you’re out and about. Many folks decided it would be more appropriate to wear Rick and Morty socks rather than keep it simple, and they look silly. When it comes to something as simple as socks, there’s no need to overthink things. If you find yourself overthinking what socks to wear with an outfit, chances are you should just throw on a pair of white or black socks.

They go with almost anything. Is it tedious? Kinda. But socks shouldn’t always be the center of attention. White socks are appropriate for casual settings, whereas darker socks are appropriate for more professional settings. It all boils down to personal opinion when it comes to whether to wear white or black socks with your sneakers. If the fit has darker tones, opt with black socks so the socks don’t stick out. If it’s brighter, use white.

There’s Plenty of Colorful Options Too.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of wearing more colored socks. Some folks simply love to wear a rainbow of hues. Go nuts if you’re one of those folks. If you generally wear white T-shirts and black trousers or shorts, a bright pair of socks is an easy way to add a modest flash of color. Various tie-dyed variations have recently gained popularity. If you want to experiment with other colors, stores like Uniqlo provide an entire wall of socks in hundreds of hues for dirt cheap. Socks are a terrific way to add accent colors to an ensemble without looking like you stole the entire thing from a mannequin.

Please, Keep Them Clean.

Please, and this should go without saying, wash your socks. Only one wear. Place them in the hamper after one wear. DIRTY SOCKS SHOULD NOT BE USED AGAIN. People, please. Basic hygiene is essential. There’s a reason why Hanes and Nikes come in multiple-pair packets.

While we’re on the subject, if you can see your toes, heel, or any other portion of your foot when you put on socks, it’s definitely time to chuck them and start over with a new pair. We understand that sometimes no one will see you without your shoes on, but you never know. Do you really want to meet someone for the first time and learn you’re wearing nasty socks? We didn’t believe so.

Do Your Best to Prevent Excessive Pilling.

Pilling is a pain. You know, those lint balls that accumulate around the heel of your shoes after a few wears. It’s unavoidable, however if you want to make it less visible, attempt to match the liner to the color of your socks. As a result, no white socks with a black liner or vice versa. A lint brush is a good way to clean up any pairs that have already been affected by the vexing occurrence, but it is far from a permanent solution.

Socks With Sandals? Sure.

There are undoubtedly still some individuals who think this is a no-no, but we have definitely reached the stage where it is acceptable to wear your slides with socks. It’s usually preferable that way anyway, unless you’re pampering your feet with a new pedicure. Nobody likes to see your messy toes in public. The adoption of socks and sandals also provides an excellent opportunity to show off any outlandish socks you may have acquired. With less materials protecting your feet, you might be able to justify spending $50 on a pair of socks you thought were great the last time you browsed MR PORTER.

Rep Your Favorite Brand.

Packs of Nike or Hanes socks are the gold standard for many individuals. They put very little thought into their socks. They are simply an essential undergarment. However, some people may want to stand out even more by wearing socks from their preferred brand. Socks are also a cost-effective approach to support a brand whose garments are now out of your price range. You might not be able to rationalize a $500-plus coat from Human Made right now, but a $30 pair of socks seems feasible.

That Kapital patchwork denim is fantastic, but those $50 socks with the cheerful face heels are definitely less expensive. You’ll acquire the major goods one day. It all comes down to balance. Yes, some people may still think it’s crazy to pay that much for a single pair of socks when a six-pack of Hanes is around $12, but it’s good to know the option is there if you ever want to step up your sock game and have something on your feet that not everyone else has. Stance and Bombas are two additional wonderful locations to explore for something a little more approachable while still providing plenty of colorful options.

Nike With Adidas? No.

Do not wear your Air Jordan 1s with Adidas socks. Wearing Stan Smiths with a visible Nike Swoosh is not acceptable. Who cares if you’re wearing pants and no one can see them? But don’t do this if you’re wearing shorts in the summer. Some would tell you that this is a silly rule to follow. And, of course, if you choose to do this, you are free to make your own decisions. But we want to keep things sacred around here. One of those things is mixing Nike and Adidas socks and shoes. There’s also no justification for doing this. Target, Walmart, Uniqlo, Foot Locker, and other retailers. All of these stores sell generic black and white socks. Invest in a couple pairs to avoid this awful problem when getting dressed.