How To Wear A Tuxedo Correctly. The Ultimate Man’s Guide

“It’s simple to appear easy as a man. All you have to do now is learn how to wear a tuxedo, and you’re practically done with semi-formal attire.” This is a sentiment shared by men all around the world, and it is mostly accurate.

However, donning a tuxedo is not magical. It takes a lot of planning, much more than typical men’s clothing. You’re in for a surprise if you don’t know how to wear a tuxedo.

Tuxedos, fortunately, are time-consuming but not overly complicated. This means that practically anyone can learn how to wear a tuxedo. They must comprehend how each component of the tuxedo functions in men’s fashion, and this tuxedo guide is all they require. Let’s get started with Teeanime.

When to Wear A Tuxedo

Before you learn how to wear a tuxedo, you need understand when it is appropriate to wear a tuxedo. The vast majority of tuxedo-required events will be branded as “black tie” events. These formal parties include separate dress codes for men and women, with the males wearing a well-fitted black tuxedo.

Outside of these events, you may wear a tuxedo. However, choose your location carefully because wearing a tuxedo to a casual affair is just as horrible as showing up to a formal occasion in a black leather jacket and ripped jeans.

To recap, tuxedos are the best option for black tie parties, but they may also be worn to most business casual and smart casual gatherings with slight adjustments. These modifications can be drastic, such as putting a turtleneck under a tuxedo suit jacket. They can also be as simple as changing the bowtie for an ordinary necktie.

What to Wear with A Tuxedo?

The next step in learning how to wear a tuxedo is to comprehend the possibilities available to you. There are three primary factors that must be considered both individually and as a group.

Shirts to Wear with Tuxedo

The shirt is undoubtedly the most significant aspect of tuxedo fashion trends, and you have a number of excellent options to pick from.

Pleated Tuxedo Shirt

The pleated shirt is one of the world’s most popular tuxedo shirts, if not the most popular. Its distinct pleated design contrasts nicely with the tuxedo jacket’s elegant shape and fit. When paired with a bow tie, this shirt feels the most complete and stunning.

Plain Front Tuxedo Shirt

The plain front shirt is a button-up that is intended to be as simple yet stylish as possible. Even the buttons on this garment are covered to avoid drawing attention to themselves. These are the most versatile and can be worn with outfits other than a tuxedo, such as under a leather jacket.

Pique Bib Tuxedo Shirt

The pique bib shirt falls somewhere between the pleated and plain shirt categories. It lacks the clearly recognizable front of the pleated shirt, but it also lacks the vacant front of the plain tuxedo shirt. The advantage of wearing this over a plain shirt is the extra clean attitude it exudes, as well as the stiffer, more organized-looking front.

Tuxedo Vest Style

Next, layer a tuxedo vest and jacket. Tuxedo vests have a deeper collar cut than standard suit vests. Tuxedo vests have expressive, not flat, fitting. A tuxedo vest can also be worn with black blazers.

Vest Vs. Cummerbund

The cummerbund, a much less well-known alternative to the vest, is also a popular choice. A cummerbund is a wide band that goes around your waist, hiding the seam where the trouser meets the shirt. Cummerbunds became popular during military meals in British India.

A semi-formal dinner party is the greatest venue to wear a cummerbund. It’s difficult and generally not advisable to replace ordinary tuxedo vests with cummerbunds.

Tuxedos Without Vests

Vests are an essential aspect of men’s tuxedo appearances and style, and they cannot be separated. To put it another way, the answer to the question “should I wear a vest with my tuxedo?” is almost always yes. All you can do is replace the vest with a cummerbund.

A tuxedo without a vest or cummerbund, on the other hand, will look incomplete. If you’re thinking about skipping the vest because the occasion isn’t so formal, you’re better off wearing something more casual but still stylish, like a peacoat.

What Shoes to Wear with Tuxedo

The final step in pulling off a whole tuxedo is selecting the appropriate footwear. Shiny leather oxfords are in a class by themselves among the many formal-level possibilities. Leather tuxedo shoes, polished derby shoes, and leather loafers are other popular options.

How to Choose A Tuxedo

Most tuxedos appear to be very identical at first glance, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find a plethora of possibilities to pick from based on two important factors.

Tuxedo Collars

There are several varieties of tuxedo collars available, but three stand out. There are three types of collars: the notch collar, the shawl collar, and the peak collar.

The shawl collar is well-known for its distinct shine and unified vibe. This is also the simplest collar to remove.

The peak tuxedo collar is much wider than the other alternatives while yet preserving the sleek tuxedo design. These are ideal for weddings and other occasions where you must wear a tuxedo pin.

Finally, the notch collar sits between the shawl and the peak. It has a suit collar design but the sleek profile of a tuxedo.

Tuxedo Colors

Black tuxedos are the best choice without a doubt for most formal and semi-formal events. But wedding parties and other events give you the chance to show off your style with suits like the navy blue tuxedo.

It’s still as sharp as a black tuxedo, but it makes you stand out a bit more. Also, if you don’t want to wear any other color, a black suit with brown shoes is a good way to add color to your outfit if you don’t want to wear any other color.

How to Dress Down A Tuxedo

The first thing that most people think of when they think of casual layered clothing is an outfit with a leather jacket. Many individuals are unaware that a tuxedo can also be worn informally. It may not be as spectacular as, say, a suede aviator jacket, but it is nonetheless fashionable in its own right.

The trick to toning down a tuxedo is to surround it with casual accessories that can substitute the conventional shirt, shoes, and pants. According to this logic, a hoodie under a tuxedo is unacceptable, but a well-fitted white Henley t-shirt is acceptable. The same is true for footwear, where basketball shoes are not appropriate but ordinary high-top sneakers are.

How Is A Tuxedo Supposed to Fit?

A tuxedo’s overall fit is tighter than that of most other outfits. Its form also features more curves than standard straight-cut suits.

When it comes to the length of each component of a tuxedo, the jacket should sit just where your hips begin to curve inward. The jacket’s hem should reach the middle of your hands. To keep the tux from seeming boxy, the shoulder appears to sit directly above your shoulder curve.

Remember that these standards must be followed while also adhering to the suit buttoning rules. You can also wear tuxedo suspenders with a vest to keep the look elegant.

You can now look for an off-the-rack tuxedo that suits your figure exactly. This strategy, however, is not encouraged, and you will have difficulty finding a tuxedo that fits you perfectly. Getting a custom-made tuxedo is a superior option. It will be more expensive than the ready-made solution, but the ultimate result will be worth it in the long term.

Hats to Wear with Tuxedos

Hats used to be an important part of tuxedos, and knowing how to wear them was an important part of knowing how to wear tuxedos. But in the last few decades, they went out of style along with every other piece of men’s headwear. But you can bring them back if you wear a humbug with your tuxedo. If you’re wearing a tux in a casual way, a fedora is also a nice touch.

FAQs – How To Wear A Tuxedo

Do you have to wear a vest with a tuxedo?

Yes, you must wear a vest with your tuxedo. Vests are an important feature of tuxedos since they make the outfits look more coherent and controlled. If you don’t want to wear a vest, a cummerbund is a good substitute.

When do you wear a tuxedo?

Tuxedos are typically worn at black tie events. Weddings, government ceremonies, and professional office parties are examples of such occasions.

Can you wear a tie with a tux?

Yes, you can wear a tie instead of a bow tie with a tuxedo. If you go this way, choose a narrow silk necktie in simple colors (black is your safest bet).

Do you wear a belt with a cummerbund?

No, you don’t wear a belt with your cummerbund. The cummerbund must be tight enough to function as a wide belt.

Do patent leather shoes go well with a tuxedo? 

This is entirely up to personal preference. These shoes are extremely gleaming. If you’re okay with that, you can wear patent leather shoes with your tuxedo.

Final Words

Wearing a tuxedo may appear to be a quick way to look like a polished gentleman. That, however, is not the case. Tuxedos necessitate a lot of good judgment and hard work, but it’s all worth it in the end. Furthermore, understanding how to wear a tuxedo will improve your overall fashion sense.