How to Use Hair Gel for Men. Here are the 5 Steps to Applying Hair Gel. 

With the five steps below, Teeanime will show you how to apply hair gel like a pro:

1. Decide on a Hairstyle

Let us face it…

A journey cannot begin without a destination, correct? Similarly, you can’t accomplish this unless you have a hairdo in mind.

What’s the significance of this?

Not all hairstyles, however, necessitate the same amount and type of gel.

So, what exactly will it be? A untidy, casual appearance; a side part; a pompadour; a slick-back (one of the best gel hairstyles for long hair); or spiked hair?

Whichever option you choose, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead of time.

2. Choose a Hair Gel

Before you can learn how to use hair gel, you have to find the one that works best for you.

There are now tens of thousands of different styling gels on the market.


Which one will work best for your hair?

To answer this question, you need to know what kinds of hair gel are out there.


Gels are grouped by how thick they are and how well they hold.

From these two things, we can say:

  • Light, foamy gels are great for people who want to look messy and fun.
  • Medium-Hold Gels: These are great for anyone who wants shiny spikes in their hair. It’s not as soft as light gels.
  • Thick gels are great for styles like the side part and the slick-back. Most of the time, these gels keep your hair in place for hours or even days. Once the hold kicks in, it will be hard to run your fingers through your hair if you use thick gels.

The best thing is that most gels have labels that tell you what kind they are. So, it won’t be too hard to find one that works for your hair.

3. Wash Your Hair

If you want to know why you should only use hair gel after washing your hair, read on.

Well, there are a lot of answers…

  • First of all, the gel is easier to put on when your hair is damp. Basically, it’s harder to put gel on dry hair.
  • It’s clean, good for you, and well-kept.
  • When applied to dirty, greasy hair, gel may not work as well or look as good.

So, let’s move on to the next step.

4. Apply the Gel on Your Hair

In this step of this tutorial on “how to use styling gel,” you finally get to put gel on your hair.


Start by putting a little gel on each of your fingers.

Then, rub it between your hands and put it on your hair like you would with shampoo.


For an even spread, you should use the right amount of gel for your hair. If you use too much gel, you’ll have to wash your hair again and start over.


Experts say that you should:

  • A dime’s worth if your hair is short (for those trying to learn how to gel short hair for guys).
  • A quarter-sized amount is enough for people with hair that is about shoulder length.
  • Lastly, people with long or thick hair should use two or more quarter-sized amounts.

Get it?

How to use the gel:

  • Apply the gel just above your hairline to start.
  • Then, use your fingers to rub the gel into the roots of your hair.
  • After a few passes, the gel should be evenly distributed through your hair. You can use a comb to get the gel deeper into your hair.
  • After that, you can brush your hair or shape it however you want.

5. Finish Up


It’s time to finish your outfit.

That means you have to finish styling before the gel sets.


Most gels have alcohol in them, so they dry out faster.

However, some take time.

Watch the video below to learn how to use hair gel:

Source : Ben Arthur

Bottom Line

How to use gel on dry, straight hair is the same as how to use gel on curly hair; the steps are the same.

Now you know how to apply hair gel in your hair.

It’s not hard, is it?