How to Know She Likes You? 20 Signs That She Likes You

Even if you think you’re a smart guy, it can still be hard to figure out if a girl likes you or not. After all, she might just be nice, honest, or even a little flirty because that’s how she is.

As a gentleman, you don’t want to make a wrong guess about what she wants because you don’t want to cross her boundaries. And of course, no man wants to end up in the friend zone.

So how to know she likes you?  Go with Teeanime for all your doubts!

How to Know if a Girl Likes You

In this article, I’ll give you 20 signs to help you figure out if a girl likes you and may be hiding it.

1. She’s easy to please

A girl who likes you will be fascinated by whatever you say or do. It doesn’t take much to impress or attract her attention.

You don’t even have to be particularly skilled at what you’re doing; what counts is that it comes from you. Make a cat sketch for her and she’ll keep it close to her heart. Recommend a movie to her and she’ll enthuse about it the next time you meet.

She appreciates the countless tiny favors you do for her and overlooks your blunders. She’s in love, and she may not even realize it.

2. She always finds a way to be near you

Even though you know she’s busy, she manages to log in to your group chat and speak with you on the side. She needs to complete something by Monday, so she’s working alongside you.

And it doesn’t stop there. It would also appear in her willingness to attend gatherings that she definitely would not go otherwise. For example, if you tell her you’re going to a concert she’ll be there even if the band isn’t her type.

She craves your company, therefore it doesn’t matter if the odds are stacked against her. She always finds a way to be in your presence, whether in person or on the internet.

3. She laughs at even your dumbest jokes

She laughs when you tell a joke, no matter how funny or bad it is.

All of your other pals may roll their eyes at you, but you always manage to make her laugh.

“If you want a woman’s heart, make her laugh,” as the adage goes. Not only is this true, but it also works the other way.

It suggests she’s at ease and comfortable around you. It could be due to your compatibility, or it could be because she is madly in love with you.

4. She can’t keep her eyes off of you

When you’re in the same room as her, she keeps staring at you. She looks at you for far too long and far too intently for her glance to be merely “nice.”

You swear to God, she’s virtually attempting to undress you with her looks. That, or she’s looking directly into your soul.

One of the most obvious physical signals that a lady is interested in you is flirtatious eye contact. It’s not always easy to spot, considering that most gazes are “harmless,” but the Don Juans among us can detect it right away.

Give her the same kind of stare she gives you to see how far you can both go with eye contact.

5. She gets playful and touchy with you

When she speaks, she touches your arm or brushes her foot against yours. Without thinking about it, she gives you a hug and a pat.

And she manages to brush up against you virtually every time she walks by. It’s almost as though she’s deliberately doing it.

And it’s most likely because she likes you. She may not even realize it, but her body is drawn to yours, and she ends up touching and bumping against you without thinking.

6. She asks for your help

She’s been asking you for favors large and small—she needs help with her paper, she wants to know how to say no to a guy. It’s become so clear that you’re beginning to wonder if she’s simply doing it for the sake of being together.

You’re probably correct if she exhibits the majority of the symptoms on this list.

Women who take dating and online dating seriously understand how men want to feel needed.

When she asks for your assistance, it’s conceivable that she’s only trying to arouse this basic urge in you. She wants to play “damsel in distress” so you’ll like her unconsciously. Furthermore, it is a wonderful method for you to spend time together.

7. Her mood changes when you’re around

Assume she has been bored and quiet all morning. But the instant you walk in, she transforms into a cheerful girl full of energy.

Or suppose she talks a lot. She becomes instantly quiet when you enter a room. She even appears to be annoyed by your presence.

What is going on?

She’s most likely nervous. She is so taken with you that she doesn’t know what to do while you’re around.

Another explanation is that she wishes to pique your interest. She understands that being cheery or particularly quiet can both draw your attention to her.

8. She gets self-conscious

When you get close, you can feel her tense up. She flutters her fingers, rubs her head, straightens her shirt, and fidgets.

And the more time you spend with, the clearer it becomes that she’s just a nervous wreck.

She’s most likely madly in love with you.

She is this way because she is hyper-aware of herself in your company. It causes her to be concerned about a variety of issues, like “Does my hair look good?” “Is my breath okay?” and “Can he already tell that I like him?!”

She probably feels awful about herself for acting this way around you and will punish herself when she’s alone.

9. She mirrors your actions

You cross your arms and smile at the same time, and she does the same. You nod, and she reciprocates by tipping her head.

But it’s most likely deliberate. It would be weird to consciously replicate another person’s gestures.

Mirroring, a psychological term, can presumably explain what’s going on. To establish a connection, the subconscious reproduction of another person’s body language is used. We all do it in our daily contacts, but it’s more noticeable when we’re talking to someone with whom we want to connect on a deeper level.

It’s possible that you feel good with her because she’s been doing this. Even if you weren’t paying attention to it while it happened, your subconscious will have noticed and understood it.

10. She always “gets” you

Others frequently misinterpret you, and many of your contacts with others require you to explain yourself just to be understood. But this gal understands you.

You don’t need to elaborate because you’ve finally discovered someone who speaks your language.

And it’s not like she’s faking it or nodding along because she’s not simply there to listen. She interacts with you and demonstrates that she understands.

It won’t surprise you if this girl becomes your “ride or die” one day because she not only understands but admires how your thinking operates.

11. She doesn’t leave you hanging when texting

This is probably one of the clearest signs that a girl likes you over text.

She will not make you wait. In fact, she really wants to keep talking even after midnight.

It’s possible that she’s just nice to everyone, but what if she tells you that she’s not a “texty” person or that you don’t always see her on her phone, but she always answers your messages?

Then don’t act like a fool. She likes you, of course. Or, at the very least, she likes you a lot. No woman would keep talking to a guy she doesn’t like.

12. Her friends pay more attention to you

The way a person’s friends act can tell you a lot about who she is.

If she’s been telling them about you, it’s likely that at least one of them will check you out. They’ll think, “Huh, I don’t get what our friend liked in this guy.” or “Do they really go well together?”

So they’ll try to figure out what kind of person you are and what you’ve been doing in real life and on social media.

Some might even just follow you or try to send you a friend request without trying to be sneaky. And if they catch you flirting with another person… Then it’s likely that she’ll hear about it.

13. Her friends stop talking when you’re near

At first, this might seem bad. The only logical conclusion is that they were probably talking about you and didn’t want you to hear.

But gossip isn’t always a bad thing. Maybe they were bragging to each other about how great you are for their friend, and they just don’t want you to hear it.

No matter what they’re talking about, it’s clear that you’re someone important to their friend. And it doesn’t have to be because their friend told them. Sometimes friends can figure out how someone feels without being told.

14. She tries to match your interests

You told her you like tennis. A week later, she shows up with a tennis racket and asks you to teach her more about the game.

Or maybe you told her you like jazz, so she asks for suggestions and listens to them at her office.

She listens carefully to what you say, especially what you like, and you can see that she likes the same things.

She’s doing this so you can talk about things you both like, because she likes you, of course.

15. She can’t stare at you for too long

I know I said a girl who likes you will look at you a lot. But if you look back at her, she will be the first to look away.


Well, (drum roll, please) that’s probably because she likes you. In fact, one of the first signs a woman likes you is when she looks at you and then looks away.

She looks at you because she can’t help but want to know more about you, but she looks away because she doesn’t know you that well and doesn’t want to be caught staring.

After all, staring is a sign of attraction, and she might not want to scare you off or make her feelings too clear.

16. She knows a lot of things about you

You didn’t tell her anything, so you’re surprised that she already knows some things about you.

“How’s your trip to Peru going?” she asks. when you didn’t tell anyone but your closest friends. Or she says, “Hey, I bought some macaroni and cheese. “, even though you never told her that it was your favorite.

Most likely, she looks at your feed and asks around to learn more about you. And, of course, she notices you more in real life.

And yet, no matter how careful she thinks she is, she will still find out more than she should.

If you told her, she would blush and feel weird. You saw her doing something sweet for you, so you know she really likes you.

17. She pays attention to your quirks

If a girl likes you, she will notice things about you that other people don’t.

She watches how you do things, like how you wince when you take a sip of hot coffee or how you tap your arms on things when you’re upset.

She thinks your funny habits are cute and would find a way to tell you. She might say, “When you drink coffee, you’re like a baby.”

And when she thinks you’re “cute,” it’s likely that she likes you.

18. She posts about the stuff you have in common

I already told you that a girl who likes you would be interested in the same things you are. She won’t stop there, either.

She will point out the things you have in common, like your interests, so you can see how well you fit together. And of course, so you’ll leave a comment, send a message, or talk about it in person.

If you both care about Abortion Rights, she will post about it and tag you or send you a message with a link to the campaign.

If you both like dogs and talked about it earlier today, she posts about it while your conversation is still fresh, hoping that this small connection will lead to something bigger.

19. She tries to stand out in a group

When you’re around, she laughs out loud. She would even look at you while she was laughing to see if you were looking at her.

She finds a way to talk in a group so you’ll notice her and, hopefully, think she’s smart.

Yes, a woman who loves someone can be a bit needy. But isn’t that how we all are?

She tries to shine and stand out when she’s with other people, not so they’ll like her, but so you’ll notice her and talk to her.

20. She reciprocates your advances

If a girl likes you, you get back what you give her and more.

When you’re together, you don’t have any awkward silences, and you don’t have to work hard to keep the conversation going.

She’d be happy to talk to you. She was laughing, telling jokes, answering your questions, and then turning around and asking her own.

When you try to make her blush, she doesn’t mind if you flirt with her back. She might flirt back even harder, leaving you speechless.

If a woman likes you, she will show that she is interested. She doesn’t see any reason why she shouldn’t go out and have fun with you.

Bottom Line

If you want to know if a girl likes you, these 20 things in the article are a good place to start.

You might not be able to decide anything from just one of these. But if she does at least three things, you know she likes you for sure. And the more the better, of course.

But just because you know she’s interested in you doesn’t mean you can move on right away. No, if you want to be a real gentleman, you should let her come to you at her own pace and meet her in the middle.