How to Avoid Being a Boring Texter and Interest Your Crush? 9 Ways to Make Conversation More Interesting

In this article, I’ll show you how to avoid being a boring texter in a few easy steps. You shouldn’t let the fact that you don’t know how to avoid being a boring texter stop you from finding interesting things to talk about with them.

Every year, millions of people on Teeanime read my blogs that answer the question “How to Avoid Being a Boring Texter and Interest Your Crush?” If you want to know how to talk to your crush, you’ve come to the right article.

How to Avoid Being a Boring Texter and Interest Your Crush

If you follow a few easy steps to learn how to avoid being a boring texter when texting her, it’s easier to come up with the right questions and topics. Take it one text at a time and don’t think too much about your first message.

Once that first message is sent, it’s a lot easier to text back and forth without it seeming forced. Instead, the conversation will flow more naturally, which will make texting more meaningful. For more ideas on what to text a girl, you can also look at these suggestions.

Step #1: Send A Simple And Casual Message

At first, it might seem hard to start texting with your crush. But it’s important to remember that if you text them something heavy or deep right away, they might feel too much and not want to answer you.

The first message you send to your crush should be something easy and fun.

Don’t send a long message right away if you don’t have to. Instead, just say “Hello:)” or “Hey, what’s up?” to start a conversation.

By doing this, your crush will feel comfortable reading your messages, which will make it easier for you to text with them.

Step #2: Make Her Talk About Herself- Family, Hobbies, Dreams

Once you’re both more comfortable texting each other, you can move on to getting to know her better by asking her questions. Make sure your questions are open-ended so that she can go into more detail about her answers.

For instance, instead of just asking “What school do you go to?” You might ask, “What do you like best about your school?”

This not only gives her a chance to talk about herself, but it also shows you want to know more about her. This is a great way to keep the conversation going and keep it from dying down.

Step #3: Don’t Ask Typical And Overused Questions

When texting your crush, it’s best to stay away from certain questions. Most of the time, these are questions that have been asked a million times before and can seem boring or not very creative. Avoid asking things like, “What’s your favorite movie?” Or, “What kind of music do you like best?”

Instead, try to think of more interesting questions that will help you learn more about her as a person. You could, for example, ask her about her favorite memory from childhood or what she would do if she won the lottery. By asking more interesting questions, you can keep the conversation going and avoid awkward silences.

Step #4: Ask Open-Ended Questions To Keep The Conversation Going

It’s important to keep the conversation going when you text your crush. To do this, you should ask questions that don’t have a simple “yes” or “no” answer. This will make her answer more fully and keep the conversation going.

For instance, instead of asking, “Do you like animals?” “What’s your favorite animal and why?” is one question you could ask. By asking questions that can’t be answered with just one word, you can keep the conversation going and avoid awkward silences. You can also ask about a shared interest or hobby.

Step #5: Send Some GIFs, Memes, And Make Use Of Emojis

In the world we live in now, there are a lot of ways to keep a text conversation interesting. Sending GIFs, a funny meme, or emojis is one of the best ways to do this. These can make the conversation more fun and silly and keep things from getting too serious.

Still, it’s important to use these tools as little as possible. Don’t send your crush a never-ending stream of GIFs or memes, as this can quickly become overwhelming and turn them off. Instead, use them sparingly and only when they fit the conversation.

Step #6: Invest Time And Energy In The Conversation

It’s important for them to remember that they are not the only person in the world. Just because you’re interested in them doesn’t mean you have to drop everything else and give the conversation all your time and energy.

Find a happy medium between being interested and too interested. If you text them all the time or are always available to talk, you might seem needy or clingy. Instead, try to have other things you like to do besides talking to your crush.

These things give you something else to think about and make you look more interesting and well-rounded.

Step #7: Text Her With A Purpose In Mind

Having a reason to text gives your crush more reasons to answer your texts. It could be anything, like asking her out on a date or just trying to learn more about her. No matter what your goal is, you should keep it in mind while you text.

Don’t just talk to someone because you want to. Most people will find that pointless and dull. Instead, try to get what you want and keep the conversation moving in that direction.

A flirty question can also be the start of a fun conversation or texting game. If you know what you want to talk about, you can keep the conversation on track and avoid awkward silences.

Step #8: Don’t Take Too Long To Reply

Replying within a reasonable time means that you shouldn’t take too long to reply to texts. If she sends you a message and you don’t answer it within a few hours, she might think you don’t want to talk.

Of course, you don’t want to be too responsive either. If you answer texts right away, she might think you’re always free and don’t have anything else going on. Try to find a happy medium between being quick to respond and giving yourself time to do so.

That balance will show her that interested you’re in the conversation but also have a life outside.

Step #9: Don’t Be Afraid To Text First

People are often afraid to text their crush first because they think it will make them seem too forward or needy. This isn’t always the case, though. If you’re interested in someone, there’s nothing wrong with texting them first.

You don’t want to be too harsh, though. If you keep texting them and they don’t answer, it’s likely that they’re not able to talk to you right now. In this case, it’s best to try messaging again in a few hours.

Do Girls Like Flirting Over Text?

Flirting is one of the oldest things to do in the world, and texting is no different. Many girls like juicy texts because they give them time to think about what they want to say before they say it. If you don’t know how your crush feels about flirting with you over text, it’s best to just ask her.

This way, you’ll definitely know, and you won’t have to worry about how to make your crush like you. But, in general, girls do like to flirt over text. It’s a great way to keep things interesting between you and your crush, and it’s also a lot of fun.

How Effective Is Texting In Getting To Know Your Crush?

The best way to get to know your crush is to text them. It lets you talk without the pressure of being in the same room, and it’s also a great way to keep the spark between you two alive. It’s also a great place to find questions to ask a girl to learn more about her.

Texting is not the same as spending time with the person you like. To get to know each other, you’ll still need to do things like go on dates and talk in person. Anyone who likes someone will still want to get to know them, their body language, and what they like.

Some Cute Yet Alluring Messages Guaranteed To Make Her Smile

Once you get to know your crush better through texting, saying cute things to her can start a long conversation and make her feel more involved in what you’re talking about. You can also send her juicy texts, which will spice up any conversation and make it more personal and close.

1. Even Over Text, You’re So Charming

It’s always nice to hear that someone finds you charming, and reading it over text gives anyone a small confidence boost that makes them feel more at ease with how the conversation is going. This small boost of confidence helps keep the conversation going. It’s also a great way to get to know her better and ask her out on a real date!

2. Getting A Text Message From You Is The Best Part Of My Day

This line is a very sweet way to win over the heart of your crush. One of the easiest ways to connect with someone and make them feel special is to let them know how much you appreciate them. If you want to show gratitude, all you need is a simple message.

3. I Could Talk To You All Day, All Night

It makes you feel good all around to know that someone wants to have meaningful conversations with you even over text. Some people worry that others will think they are boring. Sending them a message like this lets them know that you are paying full attention to them and really care about what they have to say.

4. You Make And Complete My Day

Nothing is more romantic and sweet than getting a message from someone, especially a crush, that says they like you. Let your crush know how much they mean to you by telling them that they make any day better. By telling your crush how they have made your life better, you can build a stronger bond and feel more comfortable talking to each other about more serious feelings.

How to Avoid Being a Boring Texter When You Text Her

Knowing how to text your crush without being dull also includes a list of texting no-nos. Texting excludes texting when you are unable to think properly or when your attention is too fragmented to engage in meaningful communication. In such instances, gently stating that you will message at a later time is preferable to saying or not saying anything you would later regret.

1. Avoid Texting While Drinking

Texting while drunk has resulted in several relationship-crushing scenarios that cannot be repaired. It is not worth endangering your relationship with your crush by sending a drunk message. When people are inebriated, they tend to send overly aggressive or direct messages, which will likely turn your crush off from texting you or continuing any conversation.

2. Avoid Being Too Clingy

Being overly clinging might derail a developing romance and give a bad first impression. Don’t overdo it if you like someone. Your texts to your crush should be lighthearted and entertaining. A statement that makes a person feel appreciated will be remembered. Don’t be overly aggressive with your crush.

Clinging to your crush could also make you appear needy and irritating. Instead, keep it light between the two of you.

3. Avoid Double Sending Your Messages

Sending a message twice shows your crush two things. You are impatient and have no regard for their boundaries, and you have no care for their privacy.

It is impolite to send multiple texts or instant messages to the same individual. Double messaging someone gives the impression that you are pushy and needy. It’s preferable to wait for your crush to respond.

If they do not react within a fair amount of time, you can send a casual message to check in on them to make sure everything is fine.

4. Avoid One-Word Responses

A one-word reaction suggests that you are uninterested in what your crush is saying. It frequently results in an uneasy quiet that is difficult to break.

If other tasks are taking up your time, respectfully notify them of the issue and that you will contact them in a few minutes. This demonstrates to them that you have the decency and concern to ensure that your talks remain important.

5. Avoid Overwhelming Them With Too Many Compliments

Sending a compliment now and then appears lovely and romantic. Tipping it too far in the opposite direction is not a smart idea. A wonderful conversation should happen spontaneously; forcing it with constant compliments will not work. If you feel the urge to send compliments, you should think about how and when you do so.

Yes, it’s romantic to hear every now and then, but making it the only topic of discussion may get old, and your crush may lose interest in messaging you back.


Be yourself and tell her how you feel when you text her. This is a good way to avoid being a boring texter. Use that to find something you have in common with her and ask her fun questions about what she likes. Start with a short text that sets up a natural flow if you want to keep things light and fun.

You can then have more in-depth conversations that will help you learn more about each other.

Thanks for reading!