How old is bulma in dragon ball

In the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly, we finally find out what Bulma would do with the Dragon Balls if she had a free wish. She wanted to be five years younger instead of wishing for world peace or an end to famine. Bulma is proud of how young she looks for her age. This makes many people wonder how old Bulma is.

Bulma was born in the year 733, which means she is 16 years old when she first encounters Goku in the year 749. When they first meet on Namek, Bulma is just 28 years old, but she is 45 years old by the start of Dragon Ball Super.

How much older is Bulma than Goku?

While Bulma entered the world at the age of 733, Goku arrived in the world at the age of 736. Taking into account the time of year as well as the dates of birth of each of these characters, this would put Bulma around three years ahead of Goku in age. Because Saiyans don’t age until they reach maturity, it’s possible that Goku will seem younger than Bulma when they are both adults. They don’t begin to exhibit any indications of aging until they are a very advanced age. People who hear this might get the impression that Goku is a lot younger than Bulma, but in actuality, there is only a three-year age gap between the two of them.

How old is Bulma in Dragon Ball?

The events of the first Dragon Ball series take place between the ages of 749 and 756. At the age of 749, Goku has his first encounter with Bulma. At the age of 756, Goku has his first victory over Piccolo Junior. According to this, Bulma is only 16 years old when Dragon Ball begins, but by the end of the series, she is 23.

How old is Bulma is Dragon Ball Z?

When Raditz first sets foot on Earth, the year is 761, making Bulma 28 years old at the time. Trunks is born in the year 766, making her 33 years old when she becomes a mother for the first time. After they have vanquished Majin Buu and the series Bulma has come to an end, Bulma has reached the age of 41.

How old is Bulma is Dragon Ball Super?

It should be easy to figure out how old a character is, but with Bulma, it’s not nearly as simple as it should be. If you do some simple math, you can figure out that Bulma would be 45 years old when Super starts. On the other hand, at her birthday party, she tells everyone that she is 37. Since some women lie about how old they are, it’s possible that Bulma is doing the same thing. She does say, though, that one of her goals is to use the Dragon Balls to turn back time and get younger. Would it have been possible for Bulma to use the Dragon Balls to make herself look eight years younger?

How old is Future Trunks Bulma?

We have discussed the Bulma from the primary timeline; nevertheless, who could forget the Bulma from the Future Trunk’s timeline, who constructed the very first time machine? In the year 785 of our current timeline, Future Trunk achieves victory against the androids in his own time. This would make Mum Bulma, the mother of Future Trunks, 52 years old. In the year 796, when Bulma is 63 years old, Goku Black reappears and resumes his reign of terror over the universe. The fact that Bulma was able to live to be 63 years old in such a dangerous environment, where dreadful things are always occurring to people from Earth, is worthy of a great deal of praise.

Since the beginning of the Dragon Ball franchise, Bulma has played a significant role. Her brilliant innovations and dogged, unyielding resolve have been instrumental in the series’ numerous successes, both on Earth and throughout the cosmos.

These are the facts about the relationship between Vegeta and Bulma.

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Bulma’s Unsettling Vegeta Dreams

Because Bulma was aware of Vegeta’s lethal potential, it is easy to comprehend why she would have an immediate and deep-seated distrust of Vegeta.

Vegeta is following Bulma for the Dragon Balls, as seen by Bulma. It comes to an end just as he is about to attack her on Namek. As Bulma continued to concentrate on Frieza, her dreams rapidly passed.

On the other hand, this was not the final time that Bulma had a dream about Vegeta. When Vegeta finally makes his way back to Earth, the first person to greet him is Bulma.

She falls so hard for him that she tells Yamcha she dreamed of making out with a Saiyan. Yamcha and Bulma’s presence made the situation awkward. The dream seems to predict future occurrences.

Chi-Chi offers Bulma an Exchange of Husbands

It’s easy to lose track of the fact that this cameo role appeared in Dragon Ball. When you watch the Buu saga again, the scene in which Bulma, Chi-Chi, and Goku are together is sure to give you a good chuckle.

Chi-Chi notices that Bulma appears to be quite concerned about Goku as they are waiting for Goku.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are attracted to one another because they have known each other since they were children, yet Chi-Chi reads this as a romantic interest.

Although it is meant to be humorous, Chi-Chi proposes that Bulma find another man to marry.

She acknowledges that Vegeta is dependable despite the fact that he is not nice.

Vegeta is there for the auction, and he cannot contain his laughter.

When you consider that the ladies and the Saiyans share comparable relationships, it would not appear to be such a strange thing.

In addition, when Goku was younger, he possessed a natural talent that allowed him to have sexual contact with Bulma.

Vegeta accuses Bulma of being pushy.

What is with Vegeta and visual gags in DBS lol.

Vegeta acknowledges it in Super. However, because his speech was so brief, it is easy for people to overlook that he verified something we already knew about Saiyans, namely that they are drawn to partners who have a strong will and are independent.

Many individuals have found humor in the fact that Chi-Chi and Bulma are both aggressive and commanding in their interactions with others.

It is really intriguing to hear Vegeta publicly declare that the reason Bulma appealed to him so much was due of her resistance.

It is unclear if Vegeta is merely expressing his own preferences to all Saiyans or if he is speaking on behalf of all Saiyans.

According to the evidence that we have, Goku’s parents, Bardock, Gine, and Gine, do not appear to share a strong genetic connection to Vegeta.

Gine is shown more as a housewife than a fierce fighter in the narrative. On the other hand, Chi-Chi and Bulma both take care of their houses, so it’s possible that Gine has a more merciless side than we’ve seen thus far.

Bulma Attacks Never Destroyed Vegeta

En una relacion con Brief bulma diosa de la destrunccion.

Vegeta, unlike Goku, is uninterested in pursuing a job. Training suits him better. Despite the fact that Vegeta has no prior experience in the sector of defense, he believes that his employment contributes to the family’s financial stability.

Vegeta’s actions have proven both his fondness for Bulma and the nature of his relationship with her.

This is illustrated as early as Dragon Ball Z, when Bulma, Trunks, and their allies are on the verge of being annihilated by Android 20.

Vegeta makes little of an effort to save them. Vegeta’s thirst for vengeance against Bulma has not decreased despite his maturation and humanitarianism over the years. He was unable to take vengeance against Bulma and execute his sentence when Bulma was killed by Buu.

Everyone remembers Vegeta being furious at Beerus for punching Bulma. Regardless, Vegeta was quickly destroyed in the fight.

Vegeta managed to escape the blast, but when Frieza emerged in Super, he was far too powerful for him to defeat.

Bulma claimed to be drawn toward Zamasu in an attempt to take him down, but Zamasu knocked her out and took control of the situation.

Vegeta was unable to vanquish Zamasu, and he has a poor track record of keeping his wife safe.

Bulma’s daughter’s name

Bura Bra Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball GT


Akira Toriyama is a well-known author whose characters have names based on themes. For example, all of Frieza’s races have names that have something to do with cold.

But you might have skipped this episode if you don’t like vegetables.

When Bulma told Vegeta and her daughter that they would be named Bulla, Vegeta was upset at first.

He says he wants to call her Eschalot, which is a name from a Saiyan story.

Even though most people have never heard of it, it is a simple onion.

All of the pure-blooded Saiyans in Dragon Ball are made of plants, so this makes sense.

Bulla isn’t a pure Saiyan, which is easy to see, so this will be closed.

Even if you don’t know what an Eschalot is, many people thought Bulla’s head looked almost like an onion. So everyone gets the joke.

Even though Bulla means “bra,” Eschalot would be a better name since everyone in Bulma’s family is named after their underwear.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Bulma may be much older than the age of 47 that is written down. No one knows how often or if Bulma has ever wished she was younger.
Since the dragon balls can still be used if and when they are needed, it is unlikely that she has done it more than once.

1. What is the age of Bulma and Vegeta?

When Vegeta turned 30, he had already lived for 29 years. Because of Vegeta’s dedication to his training, there is now an additional five-year gap in age between them.

In the timeline of the Universal Tournament, Super Bulma has now reached the age of 47, while Vegeta has reached the age of 53.

2. What is the age of Bulma or Goku?

The story is said to have been written about the same time as the first chapter of Dragon Ball, which would make it approximately 10 years prior to that event. In comparison, Goku is just three years old whereas Bulma has already reached the age of five.

When the manga first begins, both Bulma and Goku have just become sixteen years old.

3. What is the age of future Bulma?

When the narrative of Trunks first began, Future Bulma was probably between the ages of 45 and 47. Since then, she has reached the age of 37.

4. What is the age of Goku at present?

It is essential to keep in mind that Goku has not visibly aged in the past seven years since, strictly speaking, he has never existed in the first place.

Goku would have been 37 years old at the time of his death, however in the Dragon Ball Universe, he hasn’t been alive for eight years. According to his death, Goku’s age is 37.

5. Does Vegeta Love Bulma?

Vegeta adores Bulma. Vegeta has also mentioned that Bulma is appealing to him not just because to her authoritative personality, but also due to the fact that she possesses a stunning appearance.

They start a family together by getting married and having Bulla.

Last Words

We have uncovered some pretty fascinating information on the past relationships of Bulma as well as her age. In the Tienshinhan Saga, Bulma was 19 years old, and in the Piccolo Jr. Saga, she was 22 years old.

When she had Bulma, she was 16 years old. Since the first Dragon Ball Z episode aired, she has turned 27. She has been in Vegeta Saga for 11 months, so she is probably 28 years old at this point. She is now 29 or 30 years old. This is because she spent another year and a half in the Namek or Frieza sagas. This makes her age 29 or 30 all together.

After a further three years have passed in the Android Saga, she has now reached the age of 32 or 33. The Buu Saga has continued for another seven years, bringing her age up to 39 or 40.

Bulma turns 45 four years after Majin Buu’s memory is erased from the minds of people on Earth. Bulma’s memory of Kid Buu is also erased after another half year.

Between the events of War of the Gods and Resurrection F, she will have reached the age of 46. As a result of Pan’s demise and Resurrection F, she has now reached the age of 47.

By the time Mega was through, she had reached the age of 47.

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