How Old Goku Is In Each Dragon Ball Saga?

Goku and the Z-Warriors’ adventures in the Dragon Ball franchise span over three decades. The character’s age in each saga is listed below.

Goku’s Age ? 

Here is a list of all the Dragon Ball sagas and how old Goku is in each one. Dragon Ball has been around for almost 40 years, and Goku and his friends have grown up with it. There is enough information in the anime, manga, and other sources to keep track of the timelines. This is how things have gone for Goku so far.

One of the most interesting things about Dragon Ball is how Goku has changed over the course of the story. Goku started out as a child, but he grew up to be a teenager, a young adult with a family, and now, as of Dragon Ball Super, a grandfather. Even though Goku’s appearance doesn’t always match up with where he is in his life, the fact that Dragon Ball is a story where the characters get older is still something to be thankful for.

In Dragon Ball, Goku has grown up a lot, and this is how old he should be in every saga. Even though not every story says outright how old Goku is, especially in Dragon Ball Super, there is enough information in the story to figure it out. Also, it’s important to know that only canon sagas will be used as references here. This means that Dragon Ball GT and other video games won’t be used.

How Old Is Goku In The Emperor Pilaf Saga?

The Emperor Pilaf saga was the very first saga in Dragon Ball that saw Goku go on his first ever search for the Dragon Balls. At the beginning of the saga, Goku told Bulma that he was 14, but that was because Goku’s lack of education left him with an inability to count properly. After studying with Master Roshi, Goku became smart enough to at least know that 12, which was his actual age in his introduction, came after 11, and not 14.

How Old Is Goku In The Tournament & Red Ribbon Army Sagas?

The Emperor Pilaf saga was the very first saga in Dragon Ball, and it was during this epic that Goku began his search for the Dragon Balls for the very first time. Goku lied to Bulma about his age in the beginning of the story by saying that he was 14, but the truth was that he couldn’t count accurately due to the fact that he had never received an education. Goku’s intelligence increased as a result of his training with Master Roshi, and he became aware, at the very least, that 12 — his true age when he was first introduced — came after 11, and not 14.

How Old Is Goku In The Tien Shinhan & Demon King Piccolo Sagas?

Goku started his preparations for the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament after he had previously vanquished the Red Ribbon Army and retrieved the Four Star Dragon Ball. After that period of time, three more years had passed, making Goku 16 years old when he entered the competition and had his bout against Tien. In the immediate aftermath of the tournament, Goku would become entangled in the struggle with Demon King Piccolo. This conflict would mark the first time Goku actually worked to preserve the world from evil forces.

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How Old Is Goku In The Piccolo Jr. Saga?

Goku had to train with Kami for three years in order to beat him in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. This was necessary due to the fact that King Piccolo had a child produced in order to revenge his murder. Therefore, Goku was 19 years old when he battled and defeated Piccolo from Dragon Ball while finally choosing to spare him. Their battle would go down in history as the last battle of the Dragon Ball era and would also serve to set the stage for the Dragon Ball Z era as well as the remainder of the franchise moving ahead.

How Old Is Goku In The Saiyan & Frieza Sagas?

Goku will be 24 years old when the Saiyan epic initially begins, as there is a gap of five years between the events of Dragon Ball and the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. After Goku is killed, a whole year passes as everyone gets ready for Vegeta and Nappa’s arrival. This brings Goku’s age up to 25 by the time the second half of the story begins. Due to the fact that the battle with Vegeta and Nappa takes place in the same year as the drama involving Frieza, this would continue to be the case.

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How Old Is Goku In The Android & Cell Sagas?

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Two years after Frieza’s defeat, Goku, now 27, travels back to Earth where he meets Dragon Ball Z‘s Future Trunks and learns about the impending arrival of the fearsome androids. Three years pass before the androids appear, making Goku 30 at the time, and when both the androids and Cell prove to be too much for everyone to handle, the Dragon Team begins to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to gain an extra year of training in a single day. Goku, of course, is one of the people to use it, meaning that he was 31 by the end of the fight with Cell.

How Old Is Goku In The Buu Saga?

After Gohan defeated Cell as Super Saiyan 2, the canonical timeline experienced its most significant expansion to that point. Following that, seven years passed, during which time Goku made the decision to stay dead so that he might advance his training in Heaven and stop bringing trouble to Earth. Goku would be brought back to life after the conclusion of the Buu Saga in Dragon Ball Z. He would then return to Earth as a 38-year-old man, with no discernible ill effects from the time he had spent dead.

How Old Is Goku In The Battle Of Gods Saga?

So, Dragon Ball Super moves Goku’s story in the Battle of the Gods saga forward by four years, making Goku 42. Beerus, the God of Destruction, woke up from a long sleep to find the Super Saiyan God, who was the only one who could fight him. Goku wanted to become a Super Saiyan God both for fun and to stop Beerus from destroying the Earth. The rest of Dragon Ball Super and the whole franchise would be based on what happened in Battle of Gods.

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How Old Is Goku In The Golden Frieza, Universe 6, & Future Trunks Sagas?

In Dragon Ball Super, there is a gap of one year between Goku’s battle with Beerus and the appearance of Frieza, which puts Goku’s age at 43 at the time of the events.

After saving Earth from the reassembled Frieza Force, Goku and his friends fight Champa’s warriors from Universe 6 led by Dragon Ball Super’s Beerus.

Goku and Vegeta trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for three years. This means that Goku was about 46 years old when he and Vegeta fought Universe 6.

It is unknown how much time has passed before the events of the Future Trunks saga, but given that it does not appear that a year has passed, Goku’s age should remain the same.

How Old Is Goku In The Universal Survival Saga?

The events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly do confirm that Goku should have aged again, despite the fact that only a few months pass between the Future Trunks saga and the Universe Survival serial.

Since the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly take place not long after the Tournament of Power, we can deduce that at least a year has passed since the Dragon Balls were used to bring Frieza back to life.

Broly takes place shortly after the conclusion of the Tournament of Power. As a result of this, we are able to deduce that Goku is approximately 47 years old when the Tournament of Power takes place.

How Old Is Goku In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

When Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero comes out, it will be another big change in Goku’s timeline. According to official sources, Pan will be three years old in the movie. This means that there should be a time jump of about two years, making Goku about 49. Super Hero is set to come out outside of Japan on August 19, 2022, so we will have to

Why Goku Doesn’t Age

After becoming an adult, Goku in Dragon Ball seems to stop getting older. His body, strength, stamina, speed, and other skills are all just as good as they were when he was younger, even though he is getting close to 50 years old.

This is the aspect of Goku’s aging in Dragon Ball that is the most noticeable to viewers. This is because, according to Vegeta, pure-blooded Saiyans stop getting older once they reach their physical prime. This lets them fight for a longer time.

Their only change is muscle mass. 80 is considered young for a Saiyan because of Dragon Ball Super.

It is abundantly evident that Goku’s Saiyan physiology is the primary contributor to his youthful appearance.

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