How Often Should Men Change Underwear?

Studies have shown that some men don’t pay enough attention to their underwear, confirming some of the worst male hygiene stereotypes.

You’re probably reading this because you’re a fashion-conscious man who cares about your underwear as much as your shoes and tie. You’re also fussy about your appearance. You may wear ergonomic underwear. Some studies show that while you may not mind cleaning and changing your underwear daily, other men may.

Mintel reports that “one in five males do not change their underpants daily”. According to Marks & Spencer, a third of men only change their underwear every two to three days. Finally, a Clorox poll indicated that one in eight men wear their underwear twice or three times before washing it.

Given that underwear is an intimate garment that is not frequently visible and that these surveys’ respondents probably have little motivation to lie, these studies’ troubling assumptions should be taken without question.

Single men rarely expose their underpants, despite our hopes. Thus, some men only change underpants on exceptional occasions. This is also due to guys not being raised to wash their own laundry.

Another cause is buying undergarments. Men don’t buy underpants until their twenties or late teens. Washing and buying underwear is generally taught later in life by accident and improvisation rather than experience or expertise. Especially since most men won’t discuss their underpants.

Because of this, too many men groom like fraternity boys. Why clean or change underpants if there’s no motivation?

Five Steps in Underwear Maintenance

If you’re still unsure about how to improve or fix your underwear purchasing habits, here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Change your underwear after strenuous physical activity and before going out to social gatherings, preferably straight after showering.
  2. You should change your underwear every day, period.
  3. Consider replacing your underwear completely once a year.
  4. Stained underwear should be discarded as soon as possible. You don’t want to create the appearance that your sphincter control is lacking!
  5. Attempt to spice up your personal life by purchasing underwear at least once a month. You might get a pair of pouch underwear or more complex shapes like bikinis, thongs, or jockstraps.

You now understand. If I were you, I would distribute these tips at random; you never know who is wearing dirty underpants!