Hollywood Men’s Fashion Style in The 60s Through The Movie Once Upon A Time

Leather jackets like ‘Leo’s’ exude sheer class, as Teeanime can attest. This was the first thing we noticed in Tarantino’s film, thanks to its elegant structure and delightful tone. Granted, black leather jackets look amazing, but a brown leather jacket will have you looking like a Sixties Hollywood fantasy. In terms of denim, Brad Pitt is embracing it (double talk), and you should be as well. A denim shirt or jacket should already be in your closet (it’s on the necessities list), but for a modern twist, try Arket’s organic design, teamed with denim pants and suede chelsea boots for maximum effect. What about a homage to Leo’s leather? The Hoffman jacket by Cromford Leather is our current go-to: a safari-inspired shape with back embellishments that improve the silhouette. Dress in brown and mustard tones like DiCaprio for a clear message of old-school dressing.

The buzz around Quentin Tarantino’s eighth picture, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, is as intense as the sun in Los Angeles right now. It opens today in theaters and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt as two upstarts seeking success in the final years of Hollywood’s Golden Age. You’ll have to go to your local screen to find out if they succeed. What is evident is that they both excel in terms of style. We were able to find five faithful substitutes to the best pieces from the film after extensive searching (and we learned a few style lessons on the way too). Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is now in theaters.


We’re nearing the end of summer, so there’s no reason not to wear a Hawaiian shirt. Yes, it’s risky, but it’s also a piece you can easily pull off if you take a page from Brad Pitt’s book of nonchalance. We recommend this printed poplin shirt by Prada for a modern makeover this season; merging the traditional bowling style with a high fashion touch, it will bring a piece of California to Britain.


£735. prada.com


Aviators were the last touch. In the movie, both DiCaprio and wear them, so they’re a sign of good taste in 1960s Hollywood. Don’t worry about that—they’re always a sign of good taste. Tom Ford seems to agree: these Anthony aviator sunglasses have a simple look that makes a big impression. Pair them with the casual tailoring shown below, and you’ll be ready to fly to the Hollywood hills. Don’t forget your travel essentials.


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It’s 1969, and Los Angeles is hot, so you stick to simple tones. The blazer that Leonardo DiCaprio is wearing here is a nice touch on top of his simple shirt and tie. It’s safe for a formal touch and comfortable for dancing (which you should also embrace, FYI). Ermenegildo Zegna’s camel hair blazer is the best addition to your wardrobe this season. Pair it with black tailored pants for a classic look. What can we say about simple tones? They are right all the time.




We can assure you that leather jackets like Leo’s are fashionable. This was the first thing we noticed in Tarantino’s film, and its clean shape and appealing tone contributed greatly to that. Although black leather jackets look wonderful, a brown leather jacket will make you look like a fantasy from the 1960s. Brad Pitt is wearing denim, and you should too. You should already have a denim shirt or jacket in your closet because it is essential. Arket’s organic style, which looks excellent with denim jeans and suede chelsea boots, is a modern twist. How about mentioning Leo’s leather? Cromford Leather’s Hoffman jacket is currently our fave. The safari-inspired cut and back embellishments enhance the silhouette. Brown and mustard colors, like as those worn by Leonardo DiCaprio, are unmistakably vintage.






What’s the greatest approach to round out a late-sixties take on Western style? That is via chestnut boots. What else would Brad Pitt use to anchor his ensemble? Throughout the film, he wears suede shoes with exposed stitching and engraved metal buttons. In short, he’s channeling a modern cowboy. Barbanera’s Stendhal chelsea boots, with their superb cuban heel and arrow side elastic panel, are your best chance for a faithful replica. You’ll seem hip and intellectual with straight cut jeans and a graphic t-shirt (yep, in that bright yellow tint). What else is there to style?