Guide Styles : How to Dress in Your 60s For Men

60 old

After 60, many men try to look younger by buying a sports car (recommended), dating a younger woman (encouraged), or looking like a teenager (nope). Remember: dressing younger means dressed properly for your age, not like a younger man. Teeanime can help you dress in your 60 and beyond. After 60, you’ll hopefully have more spare time and a great income, so you’ll want to have fun and dress comfortably. After 60, invest in sleek, multitasking separates instead of suits.

It’s casual, but don’t ditch your tailoring. Instead, a blazer and elegant chinos will be your wingmen for decades as they will work for almost any function.

It’s okay to wear straight-cut pants with a broader thigh. You don’t want to squeeze into your clothes.

Never wear anything too baggy. Keeping in touch with your tailor will help you seem younger.

Get savvy about materials this decade. In warmer months, you’ll be less likely to wear shorts, so buy trousers in different fabrics to cover all weather (linen mixes for summer, lined wool and tweeds for winter). Shirts, knitwear, jackets (half- and fully-lined), and (cotton mixes for summer, cashmere and Merino wool for winter).

If your hair is thinning, buzz it off, but that’s all the more reason to grow your beard again.

Avoiding ruts is extremely crucial. As trends change, update your clothing by adding a seasonal color, not drop-crotch joggers.

Well-dressed British men in their 60s and beyond:

Morgan Freeman, 82

He’s played God, his voice may have supernatural abilities, and he clothes like a fashion deity. His sense of style is as smooth as the slick wetness of melting polar ice caps. We should use all of our combined powers to immortalize him, just as the polar ice caps do. His clothing are an expression of his personality: unaffected and relaxed. Morgan Freeman, who is rarely seen without a suit and never overdoes it, should be the arbiter of style in your golden years.

Bill Nighy, 70

We’re half inclined to blame Bill Nighy’s design sense on his oversized sunglasses. Those spectacles are guaranteed to add at least two style points to any outfit. But, in reality, Bill Nighy does well because he keeps on the formal side of casual by wearing a lot of fitted pieces and thus always looks respectable. I recently spotted him on the streets of Soho and can confirm that he looked quite cool. His exquisite suit was nicely tailored, and he paired it with a long trench coat. If your clothing can exude a tenth of Nighy’s panache, you’re on the right track. Aside: Bill Nighy, like Morgan Freeman, demonstrates that we can ditch the tie and enjoy post-office, post-tie formalwear.

Bryan Ferry, 74

The suit, shirt, tie, and V-neck sweater combo is an outfit you’ll see more of in your sixties than most. It’s simple and doesn’t take much creativity. Despite the fact that it seems derogatory, it isn’t – that’s alright, just turn to Bryan Ferry for inspiration on how to wear it. Ferry understands the importance of formality, and he frequently wears a three-piece suit, a double-breasted dinner jacket, or a plain, cool tuxedo. If there is one thing we can learn from the legendary frontman, it is to go formal when in doubt.

Ian McKellen, 80

60 old

We adore that Ian McKellan enjoys wearing outlandish scarves. It demonstrates a sense of style that should be valued beyond the 1950s. Wear mismatched waistcoats with jackets, colorful scarves, panama hats, green shoes, red shirts, and white suits. Not necessarily all at once, but just have a little fun with it.

Daniel Day Lewis, 62

60 old

The retiring acting king dresses stylishly. He wears double denim, crooked farmers’ caps, trilbies, small scarfs, and anything thespian-looking. On the red carpet, Daniel Day Lewis looks smart in a black or dark blue tuxedo and his ruffled silver hair. He expresses himself in casual situations and clothes for important occasions.

How to dress in your 60s: six golden rules

60 old

1) Look for structure

Unless you work out 24/7, you’ll likely gain a little weight around the midsection. Look for casual outfits that give your body shape. Wear more button-downs and polo shirts with seams to define your shoulders and enlarge your arms (go for polos with tighter arm holes and roll up shirt sleeves to bulk up your biceps). Look for T-shirts with baseball-style raglan sleeves, which will expand your chest and back.

2) Neutrals are your new friend

On paler, more aged skin, black can be a harsh color. Instead, choose for warmer neutrals such as light grey, navy blue, brown, and camel.

3) Buy flowers for your wife, not your wardrobe

Keep your clothing simple and add pattern with little bursts (a floral tie, a striped silk scarf or spotted socks, for example).

4) Don’t go straight for the tuck

Untuck casual shirts, T-shirts, and polos unless you have a washboard stomach. Just obtain the correct fits for this: Buy slim-fit polos and trim button-down Oxfords with a curved hem that hits midway down your fly.

5) Let it go

Man’s hair loss beyond 60 is sad. Shave it all off if baldness starts. If you’re nervous, remember that bald males are considered as more manly than their hairy counterparts.

6) Keep it simple

David Gant, a Models 1 actor and model, says, “My golden guideline for dressing is keep it simple. Wear a grey, blue, red, or white jacket pocket handkerchief with a black jacket, trousers, and polo neck.

“Do not wear brown shoes with black unless they have black shoe laces,” he advises.

Items you should buy in your sixties

Loafers and monk-straps

For formal wear, wear single or double monk-straps, while for informal wear, wear deck shoes in summer and Chelsea boots in winter.

A hat

Thus, wearing a cap in elderly age signifies hair loss. Perhaps? Wearing a hat protects your hair if you still have it. It’s chic. Look at Morgan Freeman’s red carpet flat cap, Ian McKellan’s panama, or Daniel Day Lewis’ trilby. Embrace the bald when it happens and wear a hat if your hair is sparse to prevent sunburn, but why not make it appear elegant?

A quality wallet

You’ll squander your life’s earnings after 60. Upgrade your wallet as you’ll be using it often. We recommend a larger one for everyday use and a small card holder for nights out that won’t damage your blazer.

A light scarf

A soft scarf gives a bohemian look and hides wrinkles. If the financial burden has eased, you can finally pursue your artistic dream as a poet/painter/gnome-carver with this scarf.


The skin south of your face may become looser as you age. Screw the surgeon; there’s nothing a well-fitted black rollneck can’t solve, and you’ll look like a cool Michael Caine anytime you wear it. Slip them under your blazers and suits, or even a crew neck knit, for added warmth.

Blazers in every colour

As noted, blazers are ideal for wearing in your downtime after 60. The shoulder pads will make you look larger and stand straighter, and a blazer may be worn with jeans at the pub with friends or at brunch with your lover. Just make sure you buy blazers, not suit jackets (which are too formal), and choose comfy weekend materials like wool, cashmere, cotton, or linen. Avoid corduroy unless you want to look like dad.


Choose knee-length wool or cashmere top layers for winter. These are stylish, comfy, adaptable, and windproof.