Everything You Need to Know About Working in the Fashion Industry

You can’t really know what it means to work in fashion until you’ve done it. But if someone wants to work in this field, how can they learn how it works? From the outside, the business seems interesting but unknown.

You only know the basics: a designer comes up with a line of clothes, someone makes them, there are fashion shows, and the clothes are sold in stores. But in reality, there is a lot more. This is one of the biggest industries in the world, and it’s not just Vogue, Fashion Shows, and sales.

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that once you’re inside, your view of the outside world changes.

At Glam Observer, we want to show you how this industry works, what’s behind it all, and what kinds of jobs you can get in this glamorous business. We want to show you that it’s not just about clothes, shoes, and accessories, but also about a lot of numbers and people who work hard.

Today Teeanime want to share with you eveyrthing you need to know about working in Fashion:

1. You don’t need to study Fashion to make it

As soon as you start working in a fashion company, you’ll notice that there are more and more people who don’t have a fashion background than people who have gone to Fashion School. A lot of people end up working in fashion because they have no choice. Others like this industry and want to be a part of it, but not in the creative field, so they study business or something else that has nothing to do with fashion. Even if you haven’t studied fashion, you can still work in this industry.

I think that if you want to work in the creative field, you don’t need a background in fashion, but you do need to know the theory. I think that if you want to become a designer, photographer, or stylist, for example, you need to take a course to learn the basics and techniques that you can’t learn at your university or school.

2. An internship is your starting point

If you want to work in this industry and get your dream job, you have to work hard and start at the bottom. The best way to do this is to get as much experience as you can (also Serena who works at Vogue confirmed this). You can’t get your dream job right after school if you haven’t worked in this field before. Everyone wants you to know how a fashion company works, so you will have to start with an internship or help someone before you can become a manager.

Even if you don’t like your first internship, you’ll definitely learn something you can use at your next job.

Do internships while you’re in college, during the summer, and whenever else you can. You’ll learn how this industry works and what your future career could be because you’ll see what everyone in a company does every day and know what’s behind a job title and description.

3. Career switches are frequent

People rarely stay with the same company for more than 3 years in this industry. You will change jobs a lot, especially when you first start out.

4. Excel is my (and your) best friend

Some individuals work on it all day, others once a week. You’ll love Excel and numbers. Even creative jobs will suffer. Buyers, merchandisers, marketers, and financers use it every day.

You’ll get along with excel immediately. After being told about the company on the first day of your internship, you will be shown an Excel sheet. Don’t worry. Knowing the figures can help you comprehend people’s actions. Even if your business is built on appearance, most judgments are based on numbers. In a few weeks, you’ll be an Excel master.

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5. It’s a fast-changing industry

The moment a designer leaves, everything changes. It’s a billion-dollar enterprise, yet we don’t save lives. Take a deep breath and remain calm. Spread calm to coworkers. When panic comes, someone will always be more anxious. Being upset doesn’t get you anywhere, so be cool. One problem at a time will always yield a solution.

6. Networking is key

More than in any other field, contacts are very important in this one. You might meet someone who can help you get a job at the company of your dreams, or you might meet someone who can help you solve a problem. Everyone wants to know as many people as possible, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to others. They will be glad to meet someone new, too.