Everything You Need to Know About Men’s Underwear Types

There’s something magical about wearing new jeans. The rigidity of the cloth, taught over your flesh, the subtle thwack of the waistband. It gets you ready for the day, whatever you’re doing. But things can go horribly wrong. Because there are so many various sorts of men’s underwear, determining the ideal style for you is not always the easiest chore. And wearing the wrong jeans might just as quickly ruin your day. All of that wiggling and itching is excruciating.

The problem is determining where to begin your search. Of course, Teeanime believe you’ve come to the right spot to find out. Our goal is to create the best website for men’s underwear, where you can find all of your favorite brands and their most popular styles, so we think we know a thing or two about how to choose the best male underwear styles.

Others of it is determined by body shape, and some by personal taste. Our main idea is that there are five various sorts of underwear, and when you explore through Pants & Socks, you will see a vast array of styles, organized into the following headings: Boxer, Boxer Brief, Trunk, Brief, and Thong. Once you understand this, you may think about the different sorts of fabrics and colors that are available to you.

Pants are most likely the most significant item in your outfit. They sit near to your skin and cover the more sensitive portions of your anatomy when worn every day, so read on to learn the differences between the primary men’s underwear styles and develop an understanding of what will help you look good and feel wonderful.

What are the main types of men’s underwear?


Boxer shorts are the classic underwear style, popular since your father was a lad, if not before, and named after the shorts worn by boxers. It’s simply that simple.

Boxer mens underwear type

Everlast originally advertised them in the 1920s, so we look to Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. Pure cotton boxers are loose-fitting and let air circulate and your moving parts move. They often have a button fly and sit on the hips and thighs.

Boxers are great if you wear loose trousers, like a suit or high-waisted pants, but anything too tight will bunch and show through your attire. They’re best for men with slender legs and narrow hips, so they hang rather than cling. They supposedly boost sperm count.

Boxer shorts have been criticized in recent years. They’re frequently considered old-fashioned, but we prefer to call them retro-chic. They’re perfect if you tend to overheat.

Boxer brief

The boxer brief is a modern classic. The go-to pants for a generation. Of course, Calvin Klein pioneered the stretch boxer revolution in the early 1990s, but other brands now offer boxer briefs.

Boxer brief mens underwear type

Boxer briefs are a variation on the traditional boxer but are constructed from stretch fabric, commonly cotton with elastane or modal, which is softer and silkier with elastane. Fit varies by brand. The greatest styles give greater support where it matters, superior rear definition, and thigh-hugging cuts. They sit between the middle and top of the thigh and are worn higher on the hips to show off the waistband.

If you have well-developed thighs, they may be tight at the top of the leg and the fabric may bunch up, which is uncomfortable and ugly.

Taller, bulkier guys, especially those with large posteriors, should wear boxer briefs. Stretchy additional fabric conceals and defines, while a larger waistband improves fit. The high waist helps taller men whose underwear slips when they bend. Hide it, Jack.


Men’s short is a catch-all title (and style!). The word also covers hipsters and the modern Y-front (think Cristiano Ronaldo or David Gandy) (yes, they still exist). All do the same thing.

Brief mens underwear type

The brief is made from stretch cotton or its silkier cousin modal, with a touch of elastane to increase definition and give extra comfort. The leg opening bends up towards the top of the thigh, making it ideal for men with larger thighs, as there is little chance of the cloth bunching (this is both unsightly and uncomfortable). However, if you’ve been working on your thighs in the gym, the brief is the ideal vehicle for displaying them to maximum effect. They’re also great for emphasizing a flat stomach because they sit lower on the hips.

However, it is not only about appearances (well, not really). There’s also the practical side of the pouch that cups and retains your privates – great if you’re always on the run… or working out… or so endowed that the extra support is appreciated…

Size is also significant in other areas; before purchasing, inspect the fabric on the back as well. Often, the high cut means there isn’t as much cloth towards the back, which isn’t ideal if you have a larger expanse to cover there as well.

The utilitarian aspect also contributes to the Y-ongoing front’s popularity. It’s a classic, nearly iconic. However, the design has been altered so that it no longer appears as it did in Grandad’s day. With a higher leg and a more fitting design, there is some real flair here, as well as the practical aspect of easy access.


The men’s trunk (also known as the hipster) has the best of both worlds: a pouch for comfort and to keep everything in place; a shorter leg to avoid uncomfortable bunching; and a lower rise, which means the waistband lies below the hips, allowing you to show off your six pack.

Trunks mens underwear typeThe trunk is more body-hugging than many boxer briefs (see our boxer briefs vs trunks comparison) and still provides full covering at the back. It is constructed from stretch cotton or modal, which is formed from beech tree pulp and has a smooth touch. It has gained in favor alongside the skinny-trouser trend and is great for the tall, slim guy with muscular, but not over-developed, thighs.


The men’s thong is a member of the skimpy-brief family, which also includes the jockstrap and G-string. All three contain both practical – and honest – aspects as well as artistic principles.

Thong mens underwear type

The jock strap was designed in the nineteenth century as a highly practical answer to the introduction of the bicycle: men required additional protection when sitting on a hard, narrow saddle. These cycle jockeys had a strap to protect their privates with nothing more than a pouch, two strings, and a waistline. So the same logic applies today: the thong provides comfort and support while still allowing you to be semi-commando.

The thong is often composed of cotton with a small amount of elastane added for increased comfort in the pouch. It rests low on the hips and has only a tiny strip of cloth at the back.

The major reason for the thong is, of course, the appearance – if you have a body to be proud of, this is the ideal sort of men’s underwear to show it off. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but the thong isn’t about being suggestive…

What colour is best?

All varieties of men’s underwear are available in a range of colors, with the classics being black, white, navy, and grey. To be honest, none of them will let you down.


The most popular color of underwear is clearly black, and the black boxer brief probably accounts for more trousers sold than the majority of the other kinds combined. It’s simple to see why: no one will stare at you at the gym or be disappointed when you take your trousers off – they’re traditional, understated, and trustworthy (oh, and they don’t show dirt as much).


In recent years, white underwear has gotten some bad press because everyone has been complaining about the tighty-whities they wore as kids. White, on the other hand, is very clean and simple. It tells you that you don’t have to try too hard, and, like the white-collar worker, it suggests that your life is gentle and refined, which means your pants won’t get too dirty! But when they start to turn gray, throw them away…


Grey underwear is frequently connected with a sportier appearance and promotes agility. On a more practical basis, it distinguishes itself from the ubiquitous black and is likely to outlast white (see comments above about greying – as opposed to grey – pants).


Navy underwear, or any other blue, is the ideal method to add color to your pants drawer and individuality to your pants wearing. Yes, you know the classics, but you’re also confident enough to recognize that blue can flatter and enhance in ways that black cannot.

Other colours

Of course, pants come in a wide range of other colors – virtually any color you can imagine if you look hard enough. And, as your underwear drawer grows, we encourage you to embrace color.

But be cautious: one man’s fashion statement is another’s Christmas party oddity. Consider your own skin tone – acid green does not always go well with pale and pimply skin, and bright orange requires a certain amount of confidence.


The same can be true regarding pattern – certain companies do it exceptionally well, such as SAXX. But, once again, it comes down to your personality as well as your skin tone. Indeed, we’d go so far as to suggest that pattern is for the man who dresses as much for himself as for those who might see him without his trousers.

How to choose the right type of underwear

So, now that you have all of this information, what should you do? We hope you are now prepared to become the consummate pants buyer, always at ease in your own skin and certain that when the trousers are down, you will look your finest.

If we had any final words of advise, they would be as follows:

1. Consider your body shape

Your comfort should be your top priority, so choose a style that will make you feel the best. Think legs, package, and behind.

2. Consider activity and use

Consider what you will be doing, if it all needs to be held in, and what you will be wearing. You could have several styles for different occasions.

3. Start with the classic colours

Before you step into the world of color, figure out what you look good in and what tones with your complexion.

Wearing the incorrect pants is not enjoyable. Uncomfortable underwear may really spoil your day. It cuts, chafes, rides up and slides down. In a nutshell, it makes you unhappy. So take your time finding the correct styles for you, and then step out into the world. Sexy, confident, and at ease.