Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: The 10 Best Support Characters

The RPG component of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle lets users to create one-of-a-kind teams. These are the best support characters in the game.

Fans of Dragon Ball Z can now use Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle to create their favorite Dragon Ball Z matches. Dragon Ball fans may have Goku and Vegeta team up with fearsome opponents like Frieza and Cell thanks to this team-based RPG. While Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle appears to have simple matching-game rules, its unique RPG component allows players to form some very unusual teams.

However, as with other RPGs, the Dragon Ball Z characters in Dokkan Battle teams are only as strong as the members of their support team. Support Characters are the backbone of any squad, in charge of healing or buffing the rest of the team. With so many great options in the game, players will need to do some research to determine which support character in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is the finest.


Explosive Evolution Turles

When Turles finally eats the Power from the Tree of Might, his might will almost certainly surpass that of any other being in the entire galaxy. This causes him to undergo a transformation in the game play of Dokkan Battle, becoming Explosion Evolution Turles. Explosion Evolution Turles is undoubtedly one of the finest beginning Support Units in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle upon achieving Extreme Z-Awakened State.

His presence alone provides a significant boost to the team’s Attack, Defense, and Ki thanks to his Passive ability, “Universe Destroyer’s Ace in the Hole,” and this ability is enhanced when the team is up against a Super Class foe. Not only that, but his Leader Skill enables him to increase the same stats for either Movie Bosses or Extreme Class friends, making him ideal for use on teams that focus on a particular class of characters. His Super Attack (Meteor Burst Extreme) not only deals enormous damage to foes but also improves both his Attack and Defense stats and has a chance to stun them as well.


Fierce Focused Attack Hyper Meta-Rilldo

Despite being a minor enemy in Dragon Ball GT’s Baby Saga, Meta-Rilldo has evolved into a formidable cyborg foe of Goku and his pals. Fierce Focused Attack Hyper Meta-Rilldo offers a threat in Dokkan Battle gaming, notably with his capacity to potentially debilitate opponents.

His Passive (General’s Order) can increase the ATK and DEF of Extreme AGL allies while also converting Ki Sphere Types to AGL. When activated, his Super ATK (Hyper Meta-Rilldo Punch) not only offers him a large ATK and DEF increase, but it may also seal opponents’ Super Attacks. This provides his comrades plenty of room to finish off opponents and prevent them from regaining the edge.


Dimension-Breaking Roar Buu (Super)

When the infamous Dragon Ball villain Evil Buu absorbs Good Buu, he transforms into the hulking Super Buu. Super Buu reaching his full potential in Dragon Ball Legends transforms him into Dimension-Breaking Roar Buu (Super), who becomes one of the best Support Units in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle due to his survivability.

His Passive (Evil Shout) alone increases the Ki, ATK, and DEF of other Extreme PHY Types. Not only that, but he can convert Ki Spheres into PHY to fully exploit them. Furthermore, his Super ATK (Vice Shout) deals devastating damage to a target and can help Buu recover 18% of his HP, making him ideal for outlasting opponents in combat.

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Heartless Destruction Buu (Kid)

Fans of Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Z are afraid of him until he achieves his child-like form, which turns out to be Buu’s original and most destructive form. Heartless Destruction Buu (Kid) enjoys utter mayhem, as his name implies in Dokkan Battle, and he has the same skills in the game.

For example, his Passive (Planetary Destruction) delivers a large bonus to friends, increasing their ATK and DEF by 50% as long as Buu’s HP is 80% or above. Similarly, his Super ATK (Planet Burst) is a similarly devastating attack, dealing supreme damage while also lowering enemies’ DEF, rendering them far more vulnerable than expected.


Evolution To Match Strength Hit

Hit, hailed as the strongest assassin in the multiverse, quickly becomes one of Goku’s most formidable opponents in the Dragon Ball Super tale. Hit is so well-known that his Evolution to Match Strength Hit version in Dragon Ball Legends becomes one of the game’s most efficient Support Units. His Leader Skill alone offers Extreme STR benefits to Ki, HP, ATK, and DEF to team members.

Furthermore, his Passive (Resistance Through Evolution) grants greater boosts to Ki, ATK, and DEF for allies of the same kind, as well as the ability to turn Ki Spheres into STR variations. Finally, his Super ATK (Time Skip) will boost his DEF and deliver massive damage to foes, with a good probability of stunning them. Hit’s hard-physical attitude encourages players to get up close and personal with opponents without fear of punishment.


Ingenious Scientist’s Sorcery Demon Goddess Towa

Towa of the Demon Realm, introduced as the antagonist of Dragon Ball Online and the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series of games, is hell-bent on gaining as much power as possible in order to control the multiverse. Her evil personality paradoxically makes her an excellent Support Unit in Dokkan Battle, thanks to her Leader Skill, which increases the Ki, HP, ATK, and DEF of Dragon Ball Heroes characters.

Furthermore, her Passive (Destructive Sorcery) provides her allies with a huge increase in ATK, DEF, and Ki, as well as a high possibility of delivering additional buffs to ATK and DEF. This Towa variant is also more receptive to Extreme Class friends, giving them a bonus in ATK and DEF as well as a once-per-match fast health replenishment when health goes below 50%. Finally, her Super ATK (Inferno Bullet) not only causes massive damage to opponents, but it also debuffs their ATK and seals their Supers.

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Power Beyond Right And Wrong Toppo (God Of Destruction Mode)

Toppo of Dragon Ball Super may seem like a kind guy at first, but he actually has a dark side that he doesn’t want anyone to know about. Toppo’s true identity as a God of Destruction apprentice has been revealed, and he has the potential to reach a level comparable to that of Beerus if he can abandon his sense of justice. This is manifested in the form of Power Beyond Right and Wrong Toppo (God of Destruction), one of the simplest Support Units in Dokkan Battle.

All of his comrades will benefit from an increase in Ki, HP, ATK, and DEF thanks to his Leadership Skill. Power from Confirmed Resolution, his Passive ability, not only increases the ATK and DEF of allies, but also halves the DEF of opponents. Finally, his Super ATK (Sphere of Destruction) deals tremendous damage to the enemy and temporarily increases the ATK of all allies, making it ideal for sneaky comebacks.

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Roar Of Rage Gohan (Kid)

Over the course of Dragon Ball Z’s Frieza Saga, Gohan gradually realized his full ability as a Saiyan. Roar of Rage Gohan (Kid) is like a tool in Dokkan Battle; it reflects his determination to aid his teammates when they’re in trouble and gives him an advantage in combat. Both his Leadership Skill and his Passive (Outburst of Rage) have the effect of increasing the Super INT type’s Ki, HP, ATK, and DEF.

Additionally, this Passive can convert Ki Spheres into INT, making it a good choice for INT-heavy builds. His Super ATK (Masenko) isn’t simply devastating to his foes, though. In addition, it boosts his attack and defense by 30% for up to nine turns, making this version of Gohan incredibly durable.


Sacred Power Of Time Supreme Kai Of Time (Power Of Time Unleashed)

Dokkan Battle’s Sacred Power of Time Supreme Kai of Time (Power of Time Unleashed) is further proof that even time has a protector Supreme Kai assigned to it. The Supreme Kai of Time, unlike other Support Units, does not function as a backup tank but rather as a massive support juggernaut.

Her Leadership Skill increases her teammates’ Ki, health, attack, and defense, while her Passive (Power of Time’s Radiance) increases her friends’ critical hit chance. She can do devastating amounts of damage with her Super ATK (Ultra Time Judgment), while also receiving a big boost to her DEF for a turn and sealing the enemy’s Super ATK.


Budding Heart Piccolo

It’s after Piccolo took a hit meant for Gohan during Frieza’s horrific arc that Dragon Ball fans recognized the character had finally become one of the good guys. In the gameplay of Dokkan Battle, this becomes highlighted with Budding Heart Piccolo, who is undoubtedly one of the best Support Units in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

His Leader Skill only improves HP by 150%, which won’t offer much if players are just seeking for explosive bonuses, but can be a significant value when it comes to enhancing survival. Even more impressive is that his Passive (Trustworthy Warrior) grants enormous DEF buffs to friends. Piccolo is a formidable opponent in battle thanks to his Super ATK (Hellzone Grenade) and Ultra Super ATK (Don’t Underestimate Earth!) attacks, which can inflict enormous and astronomical amounts of damage, respectively.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle was released for Android and iOS

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