Dragon Ball: Who Was Demon King Piccolo?

Piccolo may appear to be a filler character now, but he used to play a far larger role in the series.

Piccolo, along with Krilin and Tien Shinhan, may be unfamiliar to new Dragon Ball Super fans. He is one of the few persons Goku summons whenever a new threat threatens to destroy the world. Piccolo’s strength is nothing to brag about when compared to Goku and Vegeta.

Old Dragon Ball fans who have been following the series since Goku was a wild toddler with an ape tail on his backside remember Piccolo as a major deal. He may now be just another fodder figure, but he was once renowned as the Demon King Piccolo. So let’s take this opportunity to revisit Demon King Piccolo.

The Demon King Piccolo

The character Demon King Piccolo first featured in Dragon Ball’s fifth story arc. Piccolo was a man in the story who was known as the Demon King Piccolo. He posed a great threat to humanity and was practically unbeatable. Until Master Roshi’s teacher arrived and imprisoned him inside a rice cooker.

Unfortunately, Pilaf and his crew get their hands on the rice cooker and liberate Piccolo, who has now turned into a wrinkled old man. When Piccolo enslaved them instead, their scheme swiftly backfired. Fortunately, the newly resurrected Piccolo has almost no energy left. When Pilaf told him about the Dragon Balls and their potential to fulfill wishes, Piccolo rejoiced and dispatched his subordinate on a mission to find the rare Dragon Balls. He wishes to reclaim his magical and physical abilities. He wishes to reclaim his youth.

When Goku, who had just completed the 22nd Strongest Under the Heaven Tournament, learned of this new threat, he promptly faced Piccolo. Goku lost their first fight, but as with his previous fights, Goku rose to his feet and trained to become stronger, with the God of Earth (Kami) as his new tutor. Goku defeats the Demon King Piccolo in their second battle. Or does he?

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The Demon King Piccolo 2.0

Demon King Piccolo’s capacity to generate live beings from the egg he spits out of his mouth is one of his special abilities. He usually used this talent to produce loyal warriors with varied degrees of power. When Piccolo realizes Goku is ready to beat him in their second fight, he does something he has never done before. He builds an egg holding a miniature version of himself and throws it out of Goku’s sight just before he dies.

Nobody knew about this young Piccolo until a few years after the old Demon King Piccolo died.

Goku has matured into a proper adolescent, and he wishes to compete in the current Strongest Under The Heaven Tournament.

That’s when Goku and his pals notice that a young guy who looks exactly like Demon King Piccolo is also competing in the competition. He is now simply known as Piccolo. While this Piccolo is much calmer, he still maintains the wrath and desire for vengeance toward Goku that he received from his former existence.

As it turned out, Goku and Piccolo met in the tournament’s final. They are engaged in one of the tournament’s most dramatic battles in its storied history. This young Piccolo is even more strong than his last incarnation. With one of his assaults, he even managed to impale Goku’s chest. Never one to give up, Goku mustered his last strength and defeated Piccolo with a full-force frontal attack.

The Truth about Piccolo

As you may have noticed, Goku did not kill Piccolo at the end of the competition in the previous segment. The reason for this is that if Piccolo dies, the aforementioned God of the Earth will also perish. Because they are both the same person, separated into two people.

Piccolo is actually a Namekian who was taken to Earth from Planet Namek as a youngster by his parents to avoid Frieza’s attack.

He had a difficult childhood, but he found a wonderful master who guided him down the path to become the God of Earth. To be a God, though, he must shed his bad side and become a pure manifestation of goodness. And it was then that the Demon King Piccolo was born. When Kami becomes a God, he constructs the Dragon Ball and watches over the globe, whilst Piccolo builds an evil empire and wreaks havoc on the earth.

Until the Androids arrive, the two of them remain distinct persons. Piccolo, unable to face this new and overpowering power, decided to unite with his counterpart. Fortunately, another Namekian named Dende is ready to take over as the new God of Earth, which means that when Kami vanishes, the Dragon Ball will not be destroyed. When they ultimately merged again, Piccolo not only regained the other half of his might, but Kami’s magical power, wisdom, and knowledge also surged into him, erasing every trace of evil from his heart. That is how the Piccolo we know today was created.

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