Dragon Ball: Vegeta’s Best Tsundere Moments

Despite his tough and prideful exterior, Dragon Ball’s Vegeta does have a soft side hidden underneath, as proven by his best tsundere moments.

Dragon Ball is one of the most well-known shonen anime franchises of all time. The story of Son Goku and his companions as they repeatedly safeguard Earth from a variety of perils is a lot of fun to watch, with the show evolving and embracing more modern elements over time as it developed.

Vegeta joined the Z Warriors when the Saiyan race was introduced in Dragon Ball. This haughty warrior may seem filled with wrath and envy, yet his time on Earth has softened him. Here are some of the most noteworthy times Vegeta has used his tsundere side in Dragon Ball.


Getting Angry After Beerus Knocked Bulma Out

Vegeta’s most iconic moment comes after Beerus knocks down Bulma for reprimanding him for his filthy behavior. Vegeta’s rage gives him the strength to hit Beerus, which is a magnificent feat.

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After all, not even Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 form was capable of accomplishing the same thing. The fact that Vegeta’s love for Bulma caused him to become so enraged demonstrates that Vegeta has truly evolved from his days as an intergalactic destroyer into a more compassionate person.


Sacrificing Himself To Save Earth And His Family

After going through a midlife crisis and allowing Babidi to take over his body to increase his might, Vegeta realized his mistake as Majin Buu emerged for the first time. Vegeta chooses to atone for his misdeeds by destroying himself in a large and memorable explosion.

Vegeta acknowledges, just before dying, that the relationships he formed on Earth were really real. He bids farewell to Trunks, Goku, and Bulma before breathing his last for quite some time.


Acknowledging That Goku Is One Of The Strongest Beings Around

Near the climax of the Buu Saga, Goku and Kid Buu engage in a climactic battle, while Vegeta watches from the sidelines after being pummeled. For the first time in the series, Vegeta realizes Goku’s true strength and commends him.

It’s a significant and humanizing moment for a character who initially despised this inferior warrior. One of the most enjoyable arcs in anime history is watching his character grow into a sympathetic and decent guy.

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Lamenting The Loss Of His Son At The Hands Of Cell

Near the end of the Cell Saga, the nasty villain goes insane and unleashes a devastating strike that kills Future Trunks. This terrible tragedy is heightened by Vegeta’s real grief as a parent who has lost his son.

This is a watershed moment for Vegeta, who hasn’t revealed much of a fatherly side in a long time. To see him cry for his fallen kid is heartbreaking, as it demonstrates that Vegeta did care about Trunks despite his harsh demeanor virtually all of the time.


Dancing To Distract Beerus And Preventing Him From Destroying The World

Vegeta isn’t a figure that many people associate with being a comic presence in Dragon Ball. However, there’s no doubting that Battle of the Gods gave his character a new twist that was quite amusing to watch.

Vegeta was the only character that understood just how powerful Beerus was at the time. He was the only one who could truly protect Earth from this Destroyer God, and he went above and beyond to protect the planet he’d grown to love… even bursting into song and dance to distract Beerus from any rage he might’ve been feeling at the time.


Getting Worked Up After Being Called A “Softie”

Dragon Ball Super delves into Vegeta’s life as a father, including a trip with his wife and son. It’s a really lovely moment in the series that includes a rather amusing scene in which Bulma refers to his hubby as a softie.

Given Vegeta’s huge ego, it’s only natural that he lashes out here against being referred to as anything other than a powerful and fear-inducing warrior. However, this interaction only serves to highlight Vegeta’s status as a tsundere.


Praising Goku While Giving Him His Energy During The Universal Tournament

The Universal Tournament is by far one of the most exciting parts of Dragon Ball Super. Watching the world’s strongest fighters compete in this strength gauntlet was a lot of fun, and the tremendous stakes linked to this event added to the gravity of each triumph and defeat.

After being eliminated from the tournament, Vegeta chooses to give the remainder of his energy to Goku in a last-ditch attempt to win the entire thing. While doing so, he respects his compatriot’s power and the impact he’s had on Vegeta’s life, which is a fantastic moment.


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