Dragon Ball: The Breakers – Best Bulma Build

Bulma and Oolong are two of the most well-known characters in Dragon Ball: The Breakers. But is there a best way for Bulma to look?

Bulma, along with the create-a-character feature and Oolong, is one of the playable characters in Dragon Ball: The Breakers. Bulma is really only a skin for the player character and not a separate “character,” although she does have specific Active Skills associated with her.

So, if you’re just starting off as Bulma and don’t want to spend +10 upgrades on her Skills and would rather just play as the brilliant inventor herself in Dragon Ball: The Breakers, this is the ideal build for her.

Innate Active Skills: Single-Wheel Motorbike & Charming Pose

Bulma is born with two intrinsic Active Skills: Single-Wheel Motorbike Capsule and Charming Pose. In most cases, the Motorbike is one of the best Active Skills in the game because it has an infinite boost by utilizing the Dodge input and can outspeed the Raider or their Ki Blasts. Charming Pose is also one of the finest stun-type Skills in the game, alongside Krillin’s Shoe, Trap Device, and Solar Flare.

Both of these Skills are well worth investing Super Warrior Spirits in order to max them out or get them to +10 for usage on the create-a-character. However, for those who can’t afford it yet or simply wish to play as Bulma, here are the Passive Skills and Transpheres options that would best fit a “Bulma Build.”

Source: Somewhat Awesome Games

Passive Skill Recommendations

Some gamers may be wondering about her other two Active Skill slots, especially since two of them are Charming Pose and Bulma’s Bike. Grapple should always be equipped, and the last slot is essentially simply a question of personal preference. However, including Fake Death would be a lovely tribute to Yamcha.

Now, for Passive Skills, it’s best to use ones that work well with Bulma’s Innate Active Skills, which are the Motorbike and the Charming Pose. Because other Skills can’t do much for Charming Pose, the majority of this build is focused on making her as dangerous on her motorcycle as possible. With that in mind, these are her finest choices.

Expert Driver (Speed Boost)

The first is Krillin’s Transphere’s Passive Skill, Expert Driver (Speed Boost). This is the most beneficial skill to acquire and equip on Bulma. Bulma’s Bike will be substantially quicker with this Skill equipped and upgraded, easily leaving the Raider in the dust. Furthermore, the bike can travel from one side of the map to the other in under 30 seconds.

Barrier Auto-Recovery

Barrier Auto Recovery from Piccolo’s Transphere must come next. This Passive Skill automatically regenerates the Barrier that players lose when hit. Now, at its base level, this Barrier can take a long time to reappear, but with just a few upgrades, it’s noticeably faster.

This works especially well for Bulma because she’ll be spending a lot of time on her Motorbike anyhow, so why not regenerate her Barrier while she’s doing it?

VIP Special

Third is VIP Special. Bulma is the second daughter of Capsule Corporation’s founder. Capsule Vending Machines (presumably created by her relatives) should give her a discount.

This Skill comes from Yamcha’s Ex-Transpheres. Bulma will be rushing over the map and will meet Vending Machines often, therefore this Skill will be useful.

Hovering Device

Hovering Device seems best for her last Skill slot. Hovering Device will allow Bulma vertical mobility to complement her horizontal mobility. Using Hovering Device after a fall cancels the long landing animation, so Bulma can get on her Motorbike faster.

Transphere Setup Recommendations

Transpheres are more about which ones have the Skills they need or player bias, thus recommending specific ones for Bulma doesn’t make much sense.

If a player sought Transpheres that fit Bulma best, they would be:

  • Goku is her Level 1 since he’s her earliest friend.
  • Yamcha is Level 2 since he’s her first real “love”.
  • Vegeta is her Level 3 as he’s the father of her children and the love of her life.

Gameplay-wise, equip Krillin, Piccolo, and Yamcha with the necessary Skills.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is available for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One

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