Dragon Ball: The 15 Most Powerful Humans, Ranked According To Strength

In the world of Dragon Ball, many humans are capable of standing their footing while lacking the brute strength of many aliens. Here are the series’ top entries.

Dragon Ball, a combat franchise, contains many martial arts-savvy characters. Many are Saiyans or aliens. Their special biology allows them to be stronger and battle longer than their fellows. Humans are at a disadvantage in this cosmos, but you shouldn’t count them out.

Dragon Ball has many fierce Earthlings. Some of these homegrown humans can beat the universe’s best. This makes them more impressive as arena fighters.

Dragon Ball has been around for over 30 years and boasts one of the most iconic anime protagonists. Goku was raised on Earth, where he became foolish and friendly. He’s one of Universe 7’s strongest characters now that he can use Ultra Instinct.

Goku grew up on Earth, where most humans are weaklings who can’t fly or use Ki, but a handful are strong and skilled. Longtime fans know the strongest people in Dragon Ball, but there are more.


Mr. Satan

  • Debut Arc: Dragon Ball Z – Cell Games Saga
  • Most Powerful Attack: Hercule Kick

Mr. Satan, sometimes known as Hercule, is a tall, muscular man with a curly afro. He can’t fly without a jetpack, and he can’t employ Ki blasts. Having said that, he has won the World Tournament, indicating that he is a skilled martial artist.

He is capable of dragging up to four buses on his own and has punched through one of them. He promised to defeat Cell, but he was easily knocked away and into a mountain by Cell. Mr. Satan survived this onslaught, indicating that his physique is surprisingly resilient.



  • Debut Arc: Dragon Ball Z: World Tournament Saga
  • Most Powerful Attack: Crash Launcher

Spopovich had previously fought Mr. Satan and lost humiliatingly, but he got much stronger after meeting Babidi, a wizard who influenced him and given him strange power. As a result, he gained the ability to fly and use Ki blasts, as well as becoming significantly more aggressive and bloodthirsty.

He also gains muscle mass, goes bald, and develops greyish skin. He fights Videl in the World Tournament and is mostly impervious to her attacks. He was about to kill her when he was stopped. When Babidi decides that Spopovich is no longer helpful, he bombs him up.



  • Debut Arc: Dragon Ball Z: World Tournament Saga
  • Most Powerful Attack: Energy Drain

Yamu, like Spopovich, worked for the wicked wizard Babidi and was charged with gathering energy at the 25th World Tournament. Yamu was more intelligent and rational than his ally, indicating that he was able to regulate his unusual powers.

He prevented Spopovich from killing Videl, and when he told him to simply throw her out of the ring, he did so without issue, and they afterwards absorbed Gohan’s energy. When Babidi turned against them, Yamu attempted to flee, but was killed by Pui Pui, a minion who was eventually destroyed by Vegeta.


Mercenary Tao

  • Debut Arc: Dragon Ball – Commander Red Saga
  • Most Powerful Attack: Super Dodon Wave

Tao, a master of the Crane martial arts, is the Red Ribbon Army’s most lethal warrior. He’s a brutal assassin, and his fighting style reflects that. He moves very little since he typically stays stationary until he strikes.

This gives his assaults lethal precision, allowing him to take out even the most powerful targets before anybody notices. That includes Goku, which is more than the rest of the Red Ribbon Army can say. He can also toss a wooden pole and hop on it to travel miles in minutes, which is both amazing and ridiculous. It’s just a shame he lost his dignity as a cyborg.



  • Debut Arc: Dragon Ball – King Piccolo Saga
  • Most Powerful Attack: Iaigiri

This ronin may not appear to be much, and he truly want nothing more than to lounge around and eat. He will, however, go to any length to attain his objectives. If it means facing a demon or two, he’ll unsheathe his sword without hesitation.

He’s a walking contradiction from the moment Goku meets him. He’s a big grump, but he dispatches Cymbal, one of Demon King Piccolo’s servants, in no time. Keep in mind that these beasts have already proven to be capable of annihilating the greatest martial artists on the planet. Yajirobe, on the other hand, kills and eats one without hesitation. That’s commitment to the essentials!

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  • Debut Arc: Dragon Ball – Emperor Pilaf Saga
  • Most Powerful Attack: Spirit Ball

People mock Krillin for his many defeats, but Yamcha is considerably more ineffective in the face of major challenges. The freak of the week consistently defeats the former desert bandit.

Having said that, he’s demonstrated a surprising capacity to keep up with the other Z-fighters, at least to some level. Not to mention that he was able to take on the Ginyu Force, and he frequently trains at the same level as his teammates when the circumstance calls for it. This implies that he is enormously stronger than the typical Earthling.



  • Debut Arc: Dragon Ball – Emperor Pilaf Saga
  • Most Powerful Attack: Blazing Aura

When the daughter of the powerful Ox-King decapitates a T-rex with a single toss of her blade, she makes quite an impression. She may appear to be a flighty little girl, but when provoked, she can be a lethal force of anger.

This comes to a head when she grows up, fighting Goku at the World Martial Arts Tournament for forgetting his promise to marry her and later joining him on a quest to retrieve the Bansho-fan. Despite quickly settling into domestic life, she never forgets how to handle herself. She even teaches her younger son Goten martial skills, encouraging him to become a Super Saiyan. Not everyone can keep up with, let alone challenge, members of this warrior race. As a result, when Chi-Chi disables the world’s most formidable warriors, you know it’s not just hot air.



  • Debut Arc: Dragon Ball Z – Great Saiyaman Saga
  • Most Powerful Attack: Videl Rush

Videl, the daughter of alleged World Martial Arts champion Mr. Satan, grew up learning the art of combat. She quickly surpassed her showboat father as a fearsome boxer. She was put to the test when she consistently fought crime while in high school, probably due to the enthusiasm of youth.

She actually takes off when she learns from Gohan how to harness ki energy. She gets more motivated by patience and precision rather than rash fury. She can even channel it effectively enough to fly, which few Earthlings have done. The fact that she was able to achieve this goal so fast demonstrates her ability and determination.


Grandpa Gohan

  • Debut Arc: Dragon Ball – Fortuneteller Baba Saga
  • Most Powerful Attack: Kamehameha

Gohan may appear to be a weak old man, yet he actually nurtured the Saiyan newborn Goku and taught him survival and martial skills. Anyone who can make that claim definitely has a lot of stamina and combat skill.

He was trained by Master Roshi, thus he’s a top-tier fighter, and he shows it when he serves as Fortuneteller Baba’s mightiest warrior. He confronts his adopted grandson here, matching him blow for blow even after Goku has grown stronger from his escapades. When the monkey-tailed hero names his son after his grandfather, it feels right because of this wonderful man’s vital contributions and hard-earned mastery of his art.



  • Debut Arc: Dragon Ball – Tournament Saga
  • Most Powerful Attack: Destructo Disc

Many jokes revolve around this bald-headed monk. However, it is important to remember that he is still a strong combatant when left alone. A quick glance at any World Martial Arts Tournament reveals him sweeping the floor with ordinary Earthlings. Not only that, but throughout each party’s invasion, Krillin wipes out all of the Saiyans’ Saibamen and takes on hundreds of Frieza’s forces.

He’s only been defeated when up against the big baddies, which is a difficult test in and of itself. He might be knocked out, but it doesn’t mean he’s out. In reality, his cunning allows him to outwit his opponents on occasion. In the Universal Survival Arc, he eliminates several rivals. Viewers must give this small boy credit for attempting, especially when he succeeds.

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Master Roshi

  • Debut Arc: Dragon Ball – Emperor Pilaf Saga
  • Most Powerful Attack: Kamehameha

Roshi, sometimes known as the “Turtle Hermit,” is already a well-known person when Dragon Ball begins. Even the most dangerous warriors, such as the Ox-King, are humbled in his presence due to his renowned martial arts achievements. This is not surprising given that he invented the Kamehameha, a catastrophic energy wave that became a series feature.

He may not appear to be much, yet he has the ability to bulk up to gargantuan proportions and brawl with the best of them. That, combined with a lifetime of experience (maybe more thanks to the Immortality Elixir), elevates Roshi to the ranks of the most respectable fighters on Earth and across the 12 universes. During the Tournament of Power, he even fought and defeated several opponents.



  • Debut Arc: Dragon Ball – Fortuneteller Baba Saga (filler)/ Tien Shinhan Saga (official)
  • Most Powerful Attack: Neo Tri-Beam

Tien, although being good friends with the rest of the Z-fighters, is the only Earthling character that continues to train during periods of peace. When it comes to martial arts, he’s no slouch. His focus, precision, and ability to channel ki make him a significant threat to individuals far stronger than him.

This three-eyed fighter is capable of channeling massive amounts of energy into lethal attacks, often at the expense of his own life. One of his finest achievements is when he takes on Cell and manages to keep the villain at bay for several minutes before blacking out. Who says Goku has to have all the heroic moments?

Source: DBS Uploads


Androids 17 & 18

  • Debut Arc: Dragon Ball Z – Androids Saga
  • Most Powerful Attack: Self-Destruct

This may be a bit of a stretch, but these twins were previously human before Dr. Gero converted them into cyborgs. This transformation transformed them into very powerful killing machines capable of easily defeating the Z-fighters (in two separate timelines).

They can strike as fiercely as any Super Saiyan and have an endless amount of energy. This can be incredibly beneficial in holding down their opponents and pelting them with ki blasts before delivering the killing blow. If their opponents try to retaliate, 17 and 18 are always protected by their energy shields. This implies they have the best of both worlds in terms of offensive and defense.



  • Debut Arc: Dragon Ball Z – Other World Saga
  • Most Powerful Attack: Chasing Energy Ball

The Other World Tournament featured a number of deceased fighters, including Olibu. As an Earthling, he was subject to King Kai’s jurisdiction in the northern region of the universe, and King Kai himself stated that Olibu is the best fighter he has ever trained, aside from Goku.

He has long blond hair, purple eyes, and dresses in Ancient Greek robes. Olibu may have lost to Pikkon, but he put up a valiant fight, especially considering Pikkon was able to defeat Cell in his Perfect Form with only two hits.



  • Debut Arc: Dragon Ball Z – Kid Buu Saga
  • Most Powerful Attack: Chocolate Kamehameha

Kid Buu’s benevolent rebirth was bound to be one of the best. It stands to assume that this country boy possesses the same raw power as Goku, but buried behind a hesitant veneer that Goku pledges to shatter. This gradually gives rise to an uncontrollable primitive wrath. Despite Goku’s years of training, Uub still outperforms the Saiyan.

Following the events of Dragon Ball Z, Uub enrolls as Goku’s student in order to utilize his innate abilities. This apparently makes him a better warrior both mentally and physically. Given the events of Dragon Ball GT, he buffs up even more. He can now stand up to the most severe dangers after reconciling with Majin Buu, the good-hearted half of his old self. Greatness can emerge from the most basic of beginnings.

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