Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – Gohan’s Best Moments In The Movie

Dragon Ball Super: Superhero finally gives Gohan the attention he deserves, with moments of brilliance and power

Since the Majin Buu arc ended, the Dragon Ball franchise has been all about Goku and Vegeta. Every other supporting character with superpowers has been relegated to a small part that doesn’t do them justice. Fans have been pretty vocal about this, and they have criticized the writers for not putting enough effort into developing characters and telling stories. Except for the Zamasu arc, most of Dragon Ball Super has been about Goku and sometimes Vegeta.

Before Dragon Ball Super started, almost everyone thought that Gohan was the strongest character who wasn’t fused. After the Cell arc, the character became a fan favorite. He was the first Saiyan to break through the barrier and reach the Super Saiyan 2 form. He beat Cell in a legendary fit of pure rage. At the end of the Majin Buu arc, he trained with the Supreme Kais on their planet. He used the Z-Sword to unlock his full potential and reach the super-powerful Mystic form.

At this point in the series, Gohan was clearly the strongest character. He gave Majin Buu a good beating before he tricked everyone and ate Gotenks while they were fused, giving him the upper hand over the young Saiyan. With the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan is finally back in the spotlight, and his fans can cheer him on during his moments of glory.


When He Terrifies A Soldier By Turning Super Saiyan

Even though Super Saiyan doesn’t show much power in the Dragon Ball series anymore, it does for Gohan as a character. We know that he doesn’t like to fight and would rather live as a human than as a Saiyan warrior. After the Majin Buu saga, he stopped training completely, and by the time he had to train for the Tournament of Power, he had forgotten how to turn into a Super Saiyan.

During the time between the Tournament of Power and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan went back to being a normal person and stopped fighting. So, when a Red Ribbon soldier took his daughter Pan as a hostage, he used his power to turn into a Super Saiyan right away. In the movie, this was the moment when he took back control. Gohan’s easy transformation into a Super Saiyan showed that he hadn’t been as lazy as the audience probably thought.


When He Reveals That He Has Been Training

Before his big fight against the Androids, Piccolo and the others pretty much gave up on Gohan. Everyone just thought that he hadn’t been training as hard as he should have and was back to living a normal life. The movie shows that he is up against impossible odds because he has stopped fighting and lost all of his power. Piccolo thinks he needs a push to get back to his full potential, so he comes up with a plan to get him to fight the Androids.

At the end of the movie, he tells Piccolo that he has been secretly training all along, which is how he has kept being able to change into Super Saiyan and Mystic forms. Since he could use those transformations, he was closer than anyone thought to unlocking a new one. This also fits with what he said at the end of the Tournament of Power, when he said he wanted to reach his full potential and find a form he can call his own, like Goku did with Ultra Instinct or Kefla did with the controlled Berserker form.


When He Transforms Into His Mystic Form

Gohan reached a new Super Saiyan form when he utilized the Z-Sword to train with the Supreme Kai in the Majin Buu storyline. Akira Toriyama said he was the series’ strongest non-fused character, establishing his strength. It was a new and interesting manner for him to transform because his hair didn’t turn yellow. Super Saiyan 3 Goku couldn’t beat Super Buu, but he did. It’s considered one of the best series makeovers. During Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power, he reached this form and beat some formidable opponents.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s Gohan was set to lose to Gamma 1. He didn’t train after the Tournament of Power, so he lost. When he sensed Pan’s life in risk, he attacked the Android in his Mystic form. It was interesting to watch him stand up to Gamma 1 when Piccolo was struggling with Gamma 2. It also surprised the Red Ribbon Army chief and Dr. Hedo, proving they hadn’t considered this shift.


When He Unlocks The Beast Gohan Transformation

In the film’s penultimate scene, Gohan unlocked his latest transformation. Like Goku’s Ultra Instinct or Vegeta’s Ultra Ego, this transformation has no “Super Saiyan” moniker. The fanbase considers this form Gohan’s final Mystic state, and it’s powerful. Unlocking this form helped Gohan defeat Cell Max.

Most impressive about this transformation is the circumstances. Gohan thought Cell Max killed Piccolo, which calmed him down like the original Cell did when he destroyed Android 16’s head. The animation of Gohan’s eyes turning a feral, rage-induced red was magnificent, and viewers knew he’d steal the show. His attitude became more brutal with Cell Max, evoking his Super Saiyan 2 transformation against Perfect Cell in Dragon Ball Z.

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When He Launches The Special Beam Cannon

When Gohan had to finish off Cell Max with one last charged attack, most viewers would have expected him to use a Kamehameha wave or maybe even a Masenko, since this movie was supposed to put him in the spotlight. But he chose to shoot the powerful, angry giant with a Special Beam Cannon. This was a great way to end a movie that went out of its way to show how close he was to Piccolo.

It also made sense in the story to use this attack, since the Kamehameha wave and the Masenko are big, powerful attacks that blast a wide area with a big explosion, while Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon is a focused beam that does a lot of damage to whatever it hits. They needed a powerful charged attack to beat Cell Max, and this was the perfect time for Goku to remember how much Piccolo taught him about fighting and how good he is at it. At the end, the two characters also talk about it in a good way.

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