Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – 8 Easter Eggs Only Die-Hard Fans Noticed

Longtime fans of the Dragon Ball franchise likely spotted these easter eggs and references in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero marks the return of the Dragon Ball franchise to the big screen. Piccolo and Gohan received much-needed attention in the film, with both fighters unlocking new forms that are brilliant to watch in their own right. Many may argue that the power scaling in this film is inconsistent, but the novelty of seeing both of these Z Fighters in a new light more than compensates for any of the film’s flaws.


Vomi’s First Appearance In The Series

Most people are unaware of the existence of Android 21. She has only appeared in video games, and her likeness was provided by Dr. Gero’s wife. Vomi makes his Dragon Ball series debut in this film, which delves into Dr. Hedo’s family tree. It’s a great, subtle nod that long-time fans of the show definitely noticed!


A Reference To The Iconic Driving License Episode

Dragon Ball Z is a pretty classic series, but it has its fair share of filler that fans had a lot of issues with. However, one of the series’ most iconic and amusing filler episodes occurs when both Goku and Piccolo decide to get driver’s licenses.

This results in a sequence of amusing mishaps, culminating with both Z Fighters smashing their cars. It’s a scene in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero where Piccolo casually says that he doesn’t have a license.

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Gohan’s Battle Against Gamma 1 And 2 Is Similar To Future’s Gohan’s Battle Against Android 17 And 18

One of the best Dragon Ball OVAs of all time is The History of Trunks. The story of Future Trunks and his mentor Future Gohan as they fight against the androids’ unrelenting destruction is engrossing.

One of the most heartbreaking scenes in the OVA occurs when Future Gohan decides to fight both Androids in one final battle, with the rain providing as an atmospheric backdrop. This sequence appears to be reproduced in the film when Gohan begins battling both Gammas.

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Gohan Missing A Sensu Bean Harkens Back To The Time When He Dropped A Potara Earring

Viewers have repeatedly noted Gohan’s nearsightedness throughout the series. One of his most egregious gaffes in the series occurs when he drops a Potara Earring that Goku hurled at him, allowing Super Buu to absorb this Ultimate combatant.

When Piccolo tosses a priceless Sensu Bean towards Gohan, the Saiyan misses the catch and drops it in a crack, this scene is recalled. It’s a fantastic scene until Cell Max enters the picture and flips everything upside down.


Gamma 1 And 2 Look Like Ultraman

It’s no secret that the concepts of superheroes and kaiju were included into Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Cell Max is the film’s rendition of a kaiju, while the two Gammas are designed to look like one of Japan’s most famous superheroes.

Gamma 1 and 2 have a similar appearance to the renowned Ultraman. This is especially apparent in the case of Gamma 2, whose two shark fins make him look like a split image of Ultraman Zero.


The First Official Mention Of The Saiyan Growth Spurt

Saiyans grow at an incredible rate, as evidenced by Goku’s own development during the events of Dragon Ball. However, many people were unaware of this information because it wasn’t properly revealed outside of conversations with Toriyama himself.

When Trunks and Goten arrived on the battlefield with tremendous growth spurts, the film had a perfect opportunity to explain this phenomenon. The characters finally disclosed the nature of the growth surge at this point, which was a clever method to canonize this vital knowledge.


The Purple Flying Nimbus Is A Reference To The First Color Panels Of The Manga

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero spends some time summarizing the Red Ribbon Army’s actions and responsibilities in both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Most people would be startled to see Goku’s Nimbus colored a bright purple instead of the yellow everyone is used to seeing throughout this montage.

This is most likely a reference to the first colored panels released for the Dragon Ball manga, which depicted Goku’s Nimbus as purple. Later, it took on the characteristic yellow color that we all know and adore.


Cell Max’s Barrage Of Purple Beams Look Like The Ones Fired By Shin Godzilla In This Movie

Cell Max is essentially a kaiju with Cell’s second form’s skin put on it. Regardless of a viewer’s feelings towards this enemy, there’s no doubting that the combat with this gigantic beast is thrilling.

Cell Max releases a volley of purple lasers from its mouth at one point, obliterating the battlefield. This is comparable to the stunt performed by Shin Godzilla in his film, in which he destroys the entire city of Tokyo.

That’s Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – 8 Easter Eggs.

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