Dragon Ball: 7 Weak Characters With Overpowered Abilities

Even though these Dragon Ball characters are known for being weak, they have a few skills that make up for it.

Dragon Ball is a popular shonen anime. Dragon Ball Z allowed a new generation to witness some of the greatest anime moments, confirming Dragon Ball as a famous series that would remain relevant for a long time. Saiyan power growth throughout the series was exciting.

Some important Z Warriors characters were left behind because they couldn’t compete. Despite their low power, these fighters have powerful skills that can turn the tide of battle. Some weak Dragon Ball characters have superpowers.


Tri-Beam (Tien)

Tien is a powerful human who gave Goku a run for his money during Dragon Ball. However, with the arrival of Dragon Ball Z, it became evident that Tien’s power was simply too low to compete with more formidable warriors.

For what it’s worth, Tien did end up practicing to boost his power level at times. His Tri-Beam technique profited the most from this, as it drew his life power to deliver a devastating hit that could knock out many strong warriors.


Destructo Disc (Krillin)

Krillin is a fighter who many people like mocking. The character trained with Goku under Master Roshi, but Goku’s origins as a Saiyan meant that his strength ceiling was on an entirely different level. As a result, Krillin was left in the dust, and his lack of power was even mocked in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

However, claiming that Krillin is utterly worthless in battle is a huge mistake. When the scenario calls for it, he can undoubtedly pull his weight, with his Destructo Disc being highly useful to take out adversaries and keep them on their toes, considering the incredible cutting power of this particular strike.


Kamehameha (Master Roshi)

One of the most powerful moves in Dragon Ball Z is the Kamehameha. Master Roshi taught this technique to his students, and Goku uses it to beat the strongest enemies by putting as much energy as possible into this attack.

Master Roshi was mostly retired and didn’t take part in many of Dragon Ball Z’s fights. But in Dragon Ball Super, he became an important part of the Universe 7 team. He used this move to knock out fighters before he himself was knocked out.

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Transfiguration Beam (Majin Buu)

Majin Buu was one of the most dangerous adversaries at the end of Dragon Ball Z, with his rampant and unnecessary destruction being quite frightening to witness personally. However, it was discovered that this character really didn’t know any better and only wanted to eat well and sleep as much as possible.

This resulted in him becoming a good character who is now somewhat irrelevant with the release of Dragon Ball Super. He’s still rather powerful, with his Transfiguration Beam capable of transforming even the toughest opponents into chocolate or candy, depending on his desires.


The Gotenks Fusion (Trunks And Goten)

Trunks and Goten were obviously Saiyans with a lot of potential, but it was clear that their combined strength wouldn’t be enough to defeat a danger like Majin Buu. Piccolo decided to teach them the Fusion Dance in order for them to combine their strength levels and battle Buu on equal footing.

This Gotenks fusion transformed two unskilled warriors into one of the planet’s strongest individuals. Since the Buu Saga, this fused character has been rare, yet a fusion of this caliber is bound to be powerful.


Spirit Cannon (Bardock)

Goku’s father is a fantastic character who gets his due in The Episode of Bardock. He’s clearly a powerful warrior, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t compete with Frieza’s might.

The Spirit Cannon was one of Bardock’s devastating attacks, and it is easily his signature attack by a country mile. While it didn’t stop Frieza’s massive planet-destroying attack, his move can still be quite dangerous when directed at the source.

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Body Change (Captain Ginyu)

The Ginyu Force was one of the most powerful threats in the Namek Saga at one point. Vegeta was shivering at the sight of this elite force that could decimate most of its enemies with the greatest of ease.

Captain Ginyu led a powerful troop, but they were no match for Goku after he landed on Planet Namek. Using Body Change, he took over the Saiyan’s body and wreaked havoc before his threat was cancelled.

So that 7 weak Dragon Ball characters have incredibly powerful abilities !

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