Dragon Ball: 7 Best Character Arcs

Here are some of Toriyama’s most memorable character arcs from Dragon Ball.

The Dragon Ball Series is well-known throughout the world as one of the most iconic action anime series, with incredible heroes and villains. This clever and very amusing anime had a plethora of fascinating characters with imaginative and complex backstories, as well as memorable character arcs.

While the Dragon Ball universe is full with memorable characters and some of the smartest anime characters, there are a few key characters whose storylines genuinely made an impact not just in the Dragon Ball universe but also in the world of anime. These inspirational and lethal Dragon Ball characters had the most well-crafted and inventive character arcs of all time, motivating and inspiring anime fans and artists for decades.



Frieza is one of Dragon Ball’s most terrifying and well-crafted villains. He was fascinated with power and enjoyed not only defeating but also tormenting his foes emotionally and physically before killing them. Frieza became Emperor of the Universe and had his own army due to his incredible power and abilities.

He appeared unstoppable for a long time, but he was eventually defeated owing to Goku and Future Trunks. He was one of the most iconic and greatest villains in Dragon Ball, with some of the most intense and remembered character arcs in the series.


Master Roshi

Master Roshi is a smart and entertaining character who lived an interesting life and trained many of the anime’s best fighters. He became one of the best martial arts teachers of all time by training his entire life.

Many of the characters Master Roshi taught went on to become iconic fighters, including his most well-known mentee, Goku, who went on to become one of the most formidable warriors in the Dragon Ball universe. Master Roshi is one of the most entertaining and fascinating characters in Dragon Ball, and despite his immense talents, he never takes himself too seriously.



Dragon Ball had a plethora of memorable characters, including classic anime dragons, space creatures, and some of the most cerebral anime characters of all time. Bulma rose to prominence as one of Dragon Ball’s most successful and influential scientists, embarking on numerous incredible adventures in search of the legendary dragon balls.

Bulma is one of the most dramatic and amusing characters in the series, and while she lacks the magical combat talents that most characters do, she is nevertheless capable and capable of protecting herself. She’s also one of the few characters who had a somewhat dramatic personal life as well as an adventurous career, and she ended up marrying Vegeta.



Piccolo is a popular Dragon Ball character who began as a villain but subsequently became one of Goku’s most powerful allies. Because of his talents and Namekian physiology, this mighty warrior had some of the strongest transformations in Dragon Ball and fought many great warriors.

He’s one of Dragon Ball’s grumpiest and most pompous characters, preferring to spend his time alone. When fighting, though, he becomes rather chatty and enjoys humiliating his opponents. Piccolo, on the other hand, evolved into a lot more honorable and comfortable guy along the way, even cracking a light-hearted joke or two.

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Despite his diminutive stature, Krillin is one of Dragon Ball’s toughest warriors and one of Goku’s most devoted companions. Despite being merely a human, he managed to become rather powerful, and some of Krillin’s best battles are among Dragon Ball’s most memorable and entertaining.

Krillin is also one of Dragon Ball’s kindest and bravest characters. While he was one of the most bashful characters who was uncomfortable about women, he finally married Android 18. He has one of the most well-crafted character arcs in Dragon Ball and is one of the most likeable and lovely characters.



Vegeta is without a doubt one of the most conceited characters in Dragon Ball. However, he is the most popular character after Goku. Prince Vegeta began as a cold-blooded killer who humiliated and murdered his opponents with his tremendous strength and superhuman talents.

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Vegeta was a proud character, but he was also one of the most hardworking characters in Dragon Ball, constantly improving his abilities and skills. Vegeta is undoubtedly the most evolved character in Dragon Ball, becoming an honorable warrior, a husband, and the father of two children with Bulma.



He is one of the silliest yet most kind-hearted warriors in anime, dedicating his life to being the greatest fighter of all time. Goku gradually improved his powers, becoming not only a master martial artist but also reaching enormously strong forms. His positive attitude and unrivaled willpower assisted him in defeating many adversaries and achieving his objectives.

Goku is also one of the most well-known and inspiring anime characters of all time, as well as a devoted friend, a devoted husband to Chi-Chi, and a loving father to his children. His character, on the other hand, is never boring, and because of his adventurous and competitive attitude, he has been through numerous life-changing adventures and even death conflicts that have continually shaped his personality and helped him become a stronger warrior and person.

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