Dragon Ball: 20 Strongest Transformations, Ranked

Several characters transform in the Dragon Ball series, but these transformations stand out among the rest.

The Dragon Ball series is certainly one of the most high-octane and epic shonen series out there, with a multitude of fantastic battles and awe-inspiring power-ups that have become legendary in their own right, with the Super Saiyan transformation being one of the most famous mentions in this regard.

The original Super Saiyan form has now been completely dwarfed by the following 10 transformations, which are commonly considered to be some of the strongest transformations in Dragon Ball history.

Dragon Ball is a series filled to the brim with many powerful forms and transformations that have become synonymous with the series. It’s easy to see why so many people loved watching Dragon Ball while they were growing up, with each arc offering up amazing battles, huge power boosts, and memorable character interactions. Of course, the transformations in this series have grown in power over time, and here are the strongest forms in Dragon Ball that can wipe out the majority of villains in the series with ease.


Super Saiyan 3

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At one point, many people thought that the Super Saiyan 3 transformation was the best part of the show. This form’s amazing change and iconic look have helped it leave a lasting impression that can still be felt today.

But since Dragon Ball Super came out, the Super Saiyan 3 transformation has lost a little bit of its importance. Even though it might be one of the weaker changes now, it’s still a lot of fun to see.


Strongest Form 1

In Dragon Ball GT, the Tufffle Parasites were introduced, and Baby was the most famous of them. These parasites can take control of Saiyans and make them even stronger.

This makes Strongest Form 1, which is a very unique transformation. It’s too bad that this change was only mentioned in the old Dragon Ball GT and the unnecessary Dragon Ball Super Heroes.


Super Saiyan 4

Even though many people don’t think the Super Saiyan 4 transformation is canon, there’s no denying that this particular power-up is very strong on its own and deserves to be on such a tough list.

Dragon Ball Heroes has made it clear that the Super Saiyan 4 transformation is no slouch by any means, being on par with transformations that use god ki, even if this might not be a canonical representation.


Super Saiyan God

The concept of a new Super Saiyan transformation in the Dragon Ball universe attracted fans, and the Super Saiyan God transformation was a perfect opportunity for Saiyans to obtain additional power.

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Although this form was overlooked after its first appearance, its strength is undeniable. A person undergoing this metamorphosis may not look physically formidable, but the power gain makes up for it.

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Golden Frieza

Fans of the series were thrilled to see Frieza return. Fans knew they were in for a surprise when Frieza unlocked Golden Frieza’s strength.

While some may say that this form isn’t all that formidable compared to how far Dragon Ball Super has come, Golden Frieza is a fierce warrior who can easily take care of himself in this state.


Super Saiyan Rage

During the Future Trunks arc in Dragon Ball Super, Trunks felt like a fighter who had to take a back seat most of the time. But after getting beat up physically and emotionally, he finally got the strength he needed to break through his limits.

This made Super Saiyan Rage, a more powerful version of Super Saiyan 2, which let him fight on the same level as fighters with god ki. The fact that this person was able to reach this level of power through sheer willpower shows how strong he is.


Super Saiyan Rose

When Goku Black first took on the Super Saiyan Rose form, it was a real treat to see. It also showed that the bad guy wasn’t a pushover and could beat both Vegeta and Goku.

His powers were very different and violent, which made the Super Saiyan Rose form even scarier. It’s too bad that the form was only used for one story arc before it was put away for the time being.


Super Saiyan Blue

The Super Saiyan Blue form, which also goes by the long name Super Saiyan God Ascended Super Saiyan, is by far the most popular form in the entire series. It has been used many times in many different story arcs.

Some might say that this form has lost some of its shine because of the different ways in which fighters who used it were slowed down or beat, but there’s no denying that Super Saiyan Blue is still a very powerful form that deserves a lot of credit for once again opening the door to new levels of power in Dragon Ball Super.

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A great example of this can be seen in the next transformation on this list.


Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken

After Goku was defeated by Hit and his Time-Skip, he came to the conclusion that he needed to draw from a significant power reserve in order to compete on an equal footing with this formidable adversary.

He was able to accomplish this by combining the limitless might of Super Saiyan Blue with the power of the Kaio-ken, which resulted in an exponential increase in his power and enabled him to triumph against Hit in a fight that will live on in the annals of history.


Destroyer Form

Top was a tough foe who held absolutely great power reserves in store for him. It is a tribute to exactly how powerful Top truly was because Jiren was the only fighter in Universe 11 who was more powerful than him.

Through the use of his Destroyer Form, he was able to wield the abilities of a God of Destruction and wreak havoc on anyone who opposed him. If Vegeta hadn’t awakened his own power during the Tournament of Power, Top might have easily vanquished him in his original form, and Vegeta would have been doomed to fail.


Orange Piccolo

The episode Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero does a fantastic job of shifting the focus away from Goku and Vegeta and onto some of the other characters in the series. Piccolo and Gohan finally got their chance to shine against the surviving members of the Red Ribbon Army thanks to this movie.

In this film, Piccolo expresses a desire to realize his unrealized potential by granting himself a wish, and as a result, he emerges as a formidable opponent. In addition to that, Shenron empowered Piccolo to transform into what he calls Orange Piccolo by bestowing upon him a special ability that allowed him to do so.

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Gohan Beast

During the events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan once again neglected his training. Piccolo decided to trick Gohan into thinking his daughter had been stolen by the Red Ribbon Army in order to allow this Saiyan to attain his full potential once more.

This set off a chain of events in which the Z Warriors had to battle Cell Max’s creation. This kaiju wrecked havoc and nearly killed Piccolo, causing Gohan to unleash a new form that allowed him to completely wipe Cell Max off the face of the earth with his own Special Beam Cannon.


Super Saiyan Blue Evolved

During the Tournament of Power, Vegeta realized that he needed to reach a new level of power without doing what Kakarot did. With the Super Saiyan Blue transformation, the Prince of all Saiyans turned his strong mind into physical strength and reached a new level of power.

Super Saiyan Blue Evolved is a very powerful change that gave Vegeta the upper hand in battle against Top and helped him beat him. No one knows what role this change will play in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super.


Legendary Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is probably the best Dragon Ball movie ever made. It has an interesting and misunderstood villain who goes through one of the most powerful transformations ever.

Dragon Ball Super definitely tried out the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation, and Kale was the first and best example of this. But Broly showed what this transformation could really do. He became so powerful that Goku and Vegeta had to use the Fusion Dance to even the odds.


Ultra Instinct Sign

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is probably the best Dragon Ball movie ever made. It has an interesting and misunderstood villain who goes through one of the most powerful transformations ever.

Dragon Ball Super definitely tried out the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation, and Kale was the first and best example of this. But Broly showed what this transformation could really do. He became so powerful that Goku and Vegeta had to use the Fusion Dance to even the odds.


True Ultra Instinct

In the manga, Goku attempted but failed to perfect the Ultra Instinct form. The form’s tranquility was difficult for Goku to learn because it contradicted his inherent impulses as a warrior.

Rather than forcing himself to fight differently, Goku decided to use a new form of the Ultra Instinct that was more in tune with his fighting style. This resulted in the birth of True Ultra Instinct, which depicts Goku in one of his most powerful forms.

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Super Full Power

Jiren is one of the most formidable fighters the Z Warriors have ever encountered. His might was enormous, pushing both Goku and Vegeta to their breaking points.

His power grew even more stunning once he released a Super Full Power form that transformed him into a ruthless destroyer. It’s probable that if Goku hadn’t learned Ultra Instinct, Universe 7 would have lost the tournament decisively.


Power Of Destruction

The latest Dragon Ball Super chapters feature a transformation that is exclusive to Vegeta. This was critical for the Prince of all Saiyans, who was attempting to outperform Goku’s Ultra Instinct form on his own terms.

This resulted in Vegeta channeling the power of a Destroyer God and gaining access to a new Power of Destruction form. While this form appears to be similar to Top’s Destroyer Form, the amount of power Vegeta holds in his palm appears to be infinitely greater.


Black Frieza

Frieza gets a new, strong form in the series. His Golden Form, while useful, wouldn’t bring him up to the level of the Saiyans he detested.

Frieza was able to morph into Black Frieza, elevating him above the Saiyans, who were previously superior to him. Frieza’s future plans to wreak havoc with this new transformation are unknown; time will tell.


Autonomous Ultra Instinct

Of course, no discussion of the most powerful transformations in Dragon Ball would be complete without mentioning the perfected form of Ultra Instinct that ultimately allowed Goku to fully outclass Jiren – a fighter whose might was seemingly unrivaled up to that moment.

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Autonomous Ultra Instinct is an astounding metamorphosis, allowing Goku to become a natural warrior with instincts so sharp that he didn’t have to think twice before joining in battle. We can only hope that Goku will finally master this form in the next chapter of his story.

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