Dragon Ball: 10 Characters That Are Irredeemable

Many people believe that these Dragon Ball characters are absolutely irredeemable, regardless of how much they strive to atone for their previous sins.

Dragon Ball is a popular anime series that almost everyone is familiar with. Akira Toriyama has created one of pop culture’s most enduring works, with many people believing Dragon Ball Z to be one of the most popular anime of all time. To summarize, the fact that the series had tremendous powerups, great characters, and memorable villains is a big part of why Dragon Ball is such a well-known name.

Toriyama does an excellent job at creating the numerous characters in the show, particularly the many outstanding Dragon Ball antagonists. Some of the series’ adversaries are so despicably evil that it’s amazing how many fans still love them despite the numerous atrocities they’ve perpetrated. The following Dragon Ball characters are the best instances of people that are utterly irredeemable, no matter how hard they attempt to make amends for their previous sins.



Raditz is the first Saiyan, other than Goku, to appear on the program. Despite being Goku’s brother, he lacks his sibling’s kindness and even kidnaps Gohan.

To finally eliminate Raditz, Goku must essentially sacrifice himself. There isn’t much revealed of this villain, but his complete contempt for human life and his own flesh and blood demonstrates how evil he truly is.



Nappa is another Saiyan who Vegeta quickly dispatched once he outlived his usefulness. He was a powerful Saiyan capable of decimating even the most formidable adversaries, but he was no match for Goku after his training with King Kai.

If he had been around for a little longer, fans may have watched him rise to new heights of power. As it is, he’s nothing more than an evil specter from the past who had no difficulty slaughtering people indiscriminately and beating up kids like Gohan without hesitation!



This is without a doubt the most divisive entry on this list. After all, Vegeta has repeatedly fought to defend Earth and the entire universe, so many people believe that his previous transgressions have been forgiven.

However, it’s important to remember that Vegeta has no regard for collateral damage and has killed numerous people in the past. He may now be safeguarding Earth, but there was a time when he couldn’t care less about the lives of insignificant Earthlings and slaughtered them without hesitation. He is one of the irredeemable characters.



The tyrant who ruled the cosmos with an iron fist is unquestionably one of Dragon Ball’s most wicked characters. He annihilated the whole Saiyan race without a care in the world, as well as several worlds and races. He is one of the irredeemable characters.

Frieza had no difficulty killing innocent people to attain his goals or, on occasion, just for fun. He’s a truly evil being, and even his shaky alliance with the Saiyans hasn’t helped him in the eyes of anyone, least of all the series’ fans.



Cooler is Frieza’s sibling who only appears in Dragon Ball Z films and non-canon spin-off series and games. However, this should not detract from the character’s brutality.

In his pursuit to eliminate Goku, he murders several innocent humans without a concern in the world. This disdain for the living drives Goku insane and drives him to become a Super Saiyan.

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Dr. Gero

It takes a special type of evil to develop mechanical beings intent on destroying the entire world, but Dr. Gero created just that. His drive to create the ideal fighting machine led in something genuinely terrible that nearly brought the entire world to its knees.

Poetically, he dies at the hands of one of his own creatures, which are so powerful that even he cannot control them. His intense desire to defeat Goku after the Saiyan disbanded his cherished Red Ribbon Army would go unfulfilled for the rest of his life.



He is one of Dragon Ball’s most recognizable villains. Cell is a superpowered entity capable of utilizing the abilities of all of Earth’s finest fighters. He will stop at nothing to destroy the earth and kill its strongest warriors.

The savagery of his fighting technique demonstrates how evil Cell truly is, with his Perfect form being extremely powerful. It’s simple to see why everyone rejoiced when he was killed by Super Saiyan 2 Gohan.

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Babidi decided to bring conflict back to Earth after it had entered a period of peace. This evil wizard used his magical abilities to brainwash people and dramatically increase their powers.

His promises even enticed Vegeta to the dark side, driving the dissatisfied Saiyan insane in his quest to defeat Goku and prove his superiority once and for all. Of course, like most terrible megalomaniacs, he bit off more than he could chew and was blown to smithereens by Majin Buu, who was ostensibly under his command.


Kid Buu

Even though Majin Buu wasn’t inherently bad, his evil side came out and killed this kinder side. This led to the creation of Super Buu, but this bad guy would go through another change.

After Goku and Vegeta wreck Super Buu’s body, the bad guy goes through another change and becomes Kid Buu. Kid Buu’s first bad deed as a villain was to try to destroy the whole Earth. This shows just how bad this character was and how there was no way to fix him.



Zamasu is without a doubt the most evil of all of the bad guys in Dragon Ball Super. His hatred for “mortals” got so bad that he tried to kill every single one of them with a plan called “Project Zero Mortals,” which was made by dragons.

Thanks to Future Zeno, the Super Saiyan trio of Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks were able to put an end to his reign of terror once and for all. Lastly, Beerus destroyed his current form so that his plan could never be put into action.

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