Dragon Ball: 10 Best Characters Who Are Only In One Arc

There are various unique and interesting characters in Dragon Ball, but not all of them stayed around for too long.

Dragon Ball is a series brimming with distinct and unforgettable characters who have become enduring elements of pop culture in their own right. The sheer scale of the conflicts in this series, combined with a variety of astounding skills and transformations, has helped lift the status of Dragon Ball to a whole new level, with the series still going strong many decades after its debut.

That being said, there are occasions when particular characters don’t get their due, whether for storyline reasons or otherwise. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the best Dragon Ball characters who didn’t stick around after their arcs ended. While this may appear to be a shame, the fact that people are still talking about these characters shows how long-lasting their influence was.


Future Gohan

The History of Trunks is one of Dragon Ball’s saddest OVAs, exploring Future Trunks’ traumas before he saved everyone in an alternate reality. Future Gohan’s efforts have let Trunks stay in his timeline.

Gohan mentored Trunks before leaving to face with the Androids to save him. His death incited Future Trunks’ wrath, allowing him to transform into Super Saiyan.



Goku’s brother Raditz barely survived the first arc. Goku’s sacrifice showed how powerful the Saiyans were.

Vegeta and Nappa taunt Raditz when they arrive on Earth after his death. It’s a shame, because being Goku’s brother could have given his character a lot of promise in the anime.



Nappa is a Saiyan that is still alive and is Vegeta’s comrade. He is also one of the few that have managed to survive. After getting absolutely schooled by a super-powered Goku, Vegeta saw little hope for his teammate and immediately got rid of him all at once.

When one considers how significant the Saiyans have become over the course of time, it is not hard to imagine that Nappa could have accomplished the same degree of prominence as well. Unfortunately, his untimely demise put an end to any possibility of that ever becoming a reality.



Cell is one of Dragon Ball’s most dangerous enemies, and his Perfect form is magnificent and terrifying. His brutality inspired Gohan to attain a new level of strength.

This monster didn’t have Cell’s demeanor or attacks, despite Cell Max from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero being a throwback. Cell Max disappointed many fans, even if Cell’s character hasn’t altered.

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Super Buu/Kid Buu

Majin Buu was a monstrous and all-powerful menace until Hercule managed to soothe the monster down. However, purging all evil from Majin Buu proved to be a somewhat literal maneuver, resulting in the development of Evil Buu, who absorbed his benevolent counterpart to become Super Buu.

After Vegeta and Goku inflicted havoc on Super Buu, he changed into Kid Buu. This terrible monster was hell-bent on devastation but was eventually defeated by one of Goku’s most powerful Spirit Bombs.



Jiren is by far the most powerful bad guy that Dragon Ball has come up with so far. Even when Goku and Vegeta used their most powerful Super Saiyan Blue forms, they could barely hit him.

Source: Yk「AMV」

This enemy was so strong that Goku had to use his Ultra Instinct form to even have a chance against it. This led to the final battle of the Tournament of Power, where Jiren finally had to take all the punishment he had given throughout the tournament. In the end, Goku and Frieza pushed him out of the tournament for good.


Goku Black/Zamasu

Zamasu is a great bad guy, and he shows up in a storyline that isn’t a tournament and has real life-or-death stakes. The way he completely messes up the timeline of Future Trunks is really hard to watch, and Future Bulma’s death is especially sad.

When he and Goku Black work together, they are very hard to deal with. It is only when they fuse that a weak spot in their armor is revealed. Even back then, it took the great power of Future Zeno to get rid of this threat for good.

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Caulifla and Kale are two intriguing Universe 6 characters who participate in the Tournament of Power. They realize they are hopelessly outmatched while fighting Goku and decide to fuse in a last-ditch attempt to defeat the Saiyan.

This results in the appearance of Kefla, who manages to give Goku a run for his money in his Super Saiyan Blue form as well. It is only after Goku uses the power of his incomplete Ultra Instinct that he is able to permanently eliminate the fused fighter from the tournament.


Grand Elder Guru

The exploits of the Z Warriors on Namek represented a watershed moment in the franchise, with numerous characters gaining their own powerups. While Goku’s Super Saiyan form is the most obvious reference here, both Krillin and Goku realized their dormant power throughout this arc.

This was made possible by Grand Elder Guru’s efforts, who provided both fighters with the means to combat the many threats that beset them on their voyage. It’s a sad that this calm and compassionate elder died right after being restored, but it’s natural given his age.


Future Mai

It’s heartening to see Future Trunks build a romantic relationship, especially given how much misery he’s already seen in his life. His interaction with Future Mai is entertaining to see and lends itself to some amusing moments.

After defeating Zamasu, Mai and Trunks return to their timeline after Whis clears some things up. She hasn’t been seen since, but it’s evident that she and Trunks are finally finding happiness after years of conflict.

So those are the 10 best Dragon Ball characters who only appear in one arc.

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