Chris Evans: Falling in Love With Captain America’s Elegant and Stylish Fashion Sense

As Captain America, Chris Evans transforms from a patriotic weakling to a Nazi-whupping weapon of mass destruction. Here, in our annual fall fashion preview, he shows you how to go into the night in the kind of heroic clothes that will help you take over the world

1. The Year’s Biggest Reboot

The trends in these pages are the result of extensive research: Teeanime scoured the runways, raided showrooms, grilled countless designers, and double-checked our notes. And the fall 2011 sensibility is, in a word, swanky, with origins in the lu-iest, lounge-iest sensations of the ’70s. The colors are inviting, the textures are seductive, and the aim is to wear confidently. So, when late summer rolls around and this gear hits the streets, act like a superhero and bring the boom! The wham! , as well as the_ pow! _____Will Welch_

Forget Captain America, this year’s fiercest avenger is the double-breasted suit. This is the first time we’ve featured one on our cover since 1998.

2. Say, Man—What Gauge Is That Turtleneck?

Want to be the center of attention? Try an exquisite (yes, we said elegant) fine-gauge turtleneck. Boost your confidence, and the reaction you receive will more than quadruple your return.

Dressing up Chris Evans:Turtleneck, $895, by Giorgio Armani. Armani Jeans, $215. Tom Ford Loafers, $1,390. Sunglasses by Dolce Gabbana.

3. Feel the Need (The Need for Tweed)

Sorry, cheap hunters, but this tweed suit will not be found at a dusty vintage shop. There’s a new breed out there that’s less hot, less heavier, and as cool as your beloved flannel.

4. We Were Shocked

The tracksuit is no longer an easy target. Sorry! Wear this perfectly cut logo-free version out on the town, to the gym, or to the airport without looking like an off-duty pornstar.

5. Say It with Rose

The season’s dress shirt is similar to the pink one we’ve been praising for years, but it’s been filtered through this fall’s dustier 1970s lens.

6. Putting the “V” in “First Avenger”

A basic wool sweater isn’t your worst enemy, but think about a sexier (and yes, more expensive) formfitting V-neck in merino wool, silk, or cashmere.

7. Who You Callin’ Junior Varsity?

It’s your felt-and-pleather high school letter jacket, but in leather.

8. The Tan That Never Fades

The camel coat is a timeless item of menswear that may be a dull drag or the swankiest piece in your closet. Its shape should cause you to blow out your chest.

9. It’s Shawl You’ll Need This Fall

Want to torch a black-tie event? Be the man in the tux with the slimmer (and hence less Rat Packy) shawl collar. When everyone else is sporting a notch lapel, it will set you apart.