Brad Pitt: Fashion Style Does not Fade Over The Years

Whether you like his movies, his hair, his cool-dude demeanor, or just about everything about him, there’s no denying Brad Pitt is an extremely attractive man. We’ve seen the famous star rock just about anything – long hair, short hair, a buzz cut, frosted tips – you name it. And, like our emotions, his style has been on a rollercoaster. However, deep down, the Academy Award-winning actor-producer remains the same laid-back, down-to-earth person we’ve all grown to adore.

The 56-year-old actor has won the hearts of thousands of fans over the years thanks to his diverse roles, and he’s done it in fashion. As someone who has access to nearly every brand and high-end label available, the Hollywood star has had plenty of opportunities to experiment and keep his style appearing current.

And, whether it’s for a part or simply to modify his attitude to fashion, the father-of-six is the quintessential cool dad, who continues to experiment with his style and attire in ways that only he can.

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