Best Korean Men’s Fashion in 2022

I’ve written a lot about fashion in Korea, but I just realized that I’ve never done an article on Korean men’s fashion. This is mostly because I had a hard time finding people who could help me put together an article like this. I wanted to make sure that this article was as accurate as possible, so I talked to a lot of fashion experts and friends who love Korean men’s fashion.

Because of this, it took me a few weeks to make this list, which looks simple. I talked to a lot of people to make sure that what I talk about in this article is what Korean guys are actually doing right now.

In this article, Teeanime will talk about the biggest Korean fashion trends for men in 2022. I will talk about not only the biggest trends of the year, but also some of the smaller trends and outfits that you can see all over Seoul.

I’ve also put in links to websites about Korean fashion where you can buy any of the clothes on the list. Feel free to check out the websites for yourself if you’re interested in a certain type of clothing or a certain style.

Korean fashion is unlike other countries’. Korea has its own unique fashion trends, unlike most countries. This applies to men’s and women’s fashion.

Due to this and the fast rate at which the hottest trends shift, Korean men’s fashion has a few special qualities compared to other fashion. I’ll generalize ‘other fashion’ as I can’t compare Korean fashion to every other country separately – that would be an essay!

Men’s fashion in Korea is highly accessorized. Bags, scarves, and other accessories are more common. Also, caps and spectacles (not just sunglasses). Complex Korean men’s attire has more components. Minimalist clothing is trendy. Later, though.

Men’s fashions vary widely. In every country, there are different styles. Men’s fashion in Korea is quite diversified and there are many popular trends. Simple clothing, Korean streetwear, athleisure, and formal/casual coexist.

I like that formal and informal clothing aren’t clearly defined. Many guys combine formal and casual pieces to ‘tone down’ their appearance while still seeming polished.

These are the greatest differences I’ve noticed in Korean male fashion this year. Any more differences in Korean fashion? If so, please comment below.

There are many men’s fashion trends in Korea this year, but a few stand out. These are the overarching fashion trends that influenced some of the ensembles below.

Korean Men's Fashion 2022 - Popular Korean Outfits for Men 4

Minimal clothing is quite popular and will most likely be the largest Korean men’s fashion trend in 2022. This is a broad style, but it often consists of two or three-piece suits in a simple color scheme of black, brown, grey, navy blue, or other muted colors. These outfits are popular because they are simple yet trendy.

These ensembles frequently feature slacks or ankle pants paired with a t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, or collared shirt Plus long-sleeved shirt. When put together correctly, this outfit offers a simple yet clean look that is both comfortable and easy to wear.

Because of its versatility, this costume can be worn virtually all year. While winter in Korea is too cold to go without a jacket, the simple attire is ideal for all other seasons. A simple t-shirt and slacks can be worn in the summer. In the spring and autumn, a long-sleeved top (typically knitted) can replace the t-shirt, or a collared shirt can be worn with a long-sleeved shirt on top.

It’s also useful to have muted pants and shirts for combining with other outfits. As a result, the basic dress remains a staple in many people’s wardrobes. With all of these advantages, it’s simple to see why this Korean costume for guys is so popular – and so timeless!

Korean Men's Fashion 2022 - Popular Korean Outfits for Men 5

This one is a bit wide, but bear with me. I thought it was worth mentioning because simple colors are trendy in a lot of men’s fashion, particularly minimal fashion. While brightly colored clothing is becoming more popular, maybe due to the prevalence of streetwear, muted and plain color clothing remains popular.

When you search ‘Korean men’s fashion’ on Pinterest, Google, or any other search engine, you will most likely be confronted with a variety of outfits in black, grey, brown, white, and muted colors like beige, cream, and more. These subdued hues are very popular for pants and trousers.

Many people argue that this is true everywhere; after all, black, brown, white, and grey clothing is always popular since it can be matched with a variety of other colors. However, these colors, along with muted colors, are still quite popular in Korea, particularly in modern Korean men’s trends such as the minimal look.

Fashion cycles tend to reoccur every 20 to 30 years, as many of the current most popular trends in Korea demonstrate. I recently mentioned how tie-dye clothing is making a big comeback, and baggy apparel is following suit. This is especially true in the case of pants!

However, the trend is not confined to pants, and you will see a lot of oversized shirts, jerseys, and trousers being worn in Korea. In many ways, the recent spike in popularity of oversized apparel is linked to the growing popularity of street-wear fashion.

Another popular look is to pair an oversized shirt with regular-fit pants or jeans. It looks fashionable, and the outfit is comfy and simple to wear. It’s also a largely perennial style, much like minimalist clothing. If you’re seeking for a fashionable Korean men’s outfit, it might be worth adding some big items to your collection.

As I mentioned right at the start of this article, accessories are one of the most interesting aspects of Korean men’s fashion. Accessories are quite broad, and there are a ton of elements that you can add to your outfit. However, two that I want to mention in particular are clutch bags and scarves.

Clutch bags are stylish sleeves that can be used to hold any range of small items. Usually, they don’t use a handle but are rather held in the hand. They are a great way to complement many outfits, especially if you are going for a formal or semi-formal look. They work great with loafers (which are also very popular!).

Scarves are another accessory that is very popular in the bitter cold of Korean winters. While they are used for their functionality (who doesn’t love a warm scarf?) scarves are also a great way to add a touch of colour to an outfit or to complement another element of an outfit.

Men’s outfits in Korea often utilise a range of accessories and scarves and clutch bags are barely scratching the surface. The key takeaway here is to not be afraid – see what works well with your outfits to add an extra touch!

While street style is fairly broad, and this is true in Korea as well, this particular style has been quite popular in the last year. Instead of the more popular large street style, this outfit opts for a more conventional fit.

The pants are the focal point of this style, and they must be perfect because the top and shoes are interchangeable. You can choose between athleisure pants with a tight ankle fit and track pants with socks pulled up over the pants. However, finding track pants that match the look might be difficult.

Any shirt in a darker or more muted color can complement the ensemble. For the upper part, something dark but not black works great. Black shirts are less flattering since they are less defined and draw attention away from the jeans.

Accessories, as with any street dress, can greatly accentuate such an outfit. Because the style is black-based, any black accessories will look great. Masks, bucket hats, caps, backpacks, and other accessories can make an outfit stand out.

I don’t exactly know what to call this style, but I’m going to go with ‘street formal’. It’s a pretty cool look that epitomizes Korean street fashion in many aspects, but it also incorporates more formal features like loafers or business-type shoes. It’s an intriguing contrast, and one I never expected to work… However, it does!

This all-black look is popular in Seoul’s hipper neighborhoods. While every individual dresses their attire individually, there are two basic styles (shown above). One wears a denim or leather jacket, while the other wears a long-sleeved shirt.

These look great with a pair of full-length black jeans, either straight or skinny. They should fit as long as they are a similar shade of black. Accessories such as bags, caps, and jewelry can also help to complete the look.

Korean Men's Fashion 2022 - Popular Korean Outfits for Men 31

This is another intriguing one since it is another trend that has returned to popularity due to the fashion cycle. Straight cut jeans have become one of the most popular Korean men’s fashion trends in recent years.

Straight cut jeans have also collided with another cyclical style, ripped jeans. Ripped jeans have made a significant comeback after being extremely popular in the 1980s. While they never completely disappeared, they have certainly acquired a new level of popularity in the last year.

While not all straight cut jeans are ripped, you can readily encounter Korean men wearing both ripped and non-ripped jeans. There is also a variety of styles. Standard jeans are a good option if you want something straightforward. There are several alternatives with added styling such as huge pockets, zips, hemming, and much more if you desire extra detail.

Hemming reminds me of something else. If you’ve been reading this post in order, you’ll recall that I mentioned ankle pants before. I also mentioned that the design was popular with jeans, which is especially true for straight cut jeans. There are many ankle-length straight cut jeans available. A number of them also have external hemming as an extra detail.

I won’t lie: the first time I saw a trench coat and fell in love with the style was while watching Sherlock. If you’ve ever watched the show, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. If you haven’t already, you should go watch it right now. Remember to return to this post once you’ve finished devouring it!

It wasn’t until I arrived in Korea and noticed how fashionable trench coats are that I decided to purchase one. In 2019, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone wearing a trench coat. These coats are still extremely fashionable a few years later and are growing more sophisticated with time.

These coats are often fairly heavy, and they are not worn until the cooler months of spring and autumn. When winter arrives, they tend to return to the wardrobe as heavier jackets are taken out to deal with the chilly winter weather that Korea experiences.

While trench coats come in a variety of styles, there are two in particular that are extremely popular in Korea. The first look is beige with brown or black buttons. The other has a crisscross line pattern and comes in a dark/light grey hue mix.

While these jackets can be worn with a variety of outfits, the most common Korean outfit for men consists of a tucked-in polo (or other collared shirts) and ankle-length jeans. Belts can also be used to complete an ensemble; just make sure the color matches your shirt and jeans.

What’s the Biggest Men’s Fashion Trend of 2022?

The leading fashion trends for Korean men in 2022 include minimal, street-formal, and athleisure.

Where Can I Buy Korean Men’s Fashion?

If you want to buy Korean fashion for men, you should check out Kooding and W Concept.

How Is Korean Men’s Fashion Different From Other Countries?

Korean fashion is often very different from other countries’ styles because Korea is usually at a different point in the fashion cycle. So, men’s fashion in Korea tends to be very different from other countries.