12 Best Anime Cats, Ranked

Cats are a hallmark of anime, and these are some of the most iconic.

Anime is known for its imaginative sidekicks. A cat is a common companion for the hero. Cats are considered auspicious in Japanese culture, aside from being attractive and generally loved animals. The fortunate cat, or maneki-neko, is frequently spotted on restaurant countertops or storefronts, promising wealth and luck to everyone who come.

Cat characters abound in anime, and they can take on a variety of forms. Sometimes they are just typical lovely friends, but in anime, they can also be teachers, advisors, or powerful combatants. Every now and again, they take over the entire show, just like in real life.

It’s still all about the cuddly felines who make us their glad and loyal slaves. We decided to expand our list because the anime industry has so many cat characters that fans have grown to love. The cat always makes an impression, whether they’re the main characters, the comedic relief, in supporting roles, or just in the backdrop. They do occasionally return.


Meowth – Pokemon

Meowth isn’t a cat, according to the rules. He’s a feline Pokemon, but given how closely he resembles one of our furry pals, it’s near enough.

Meowth doesn’t have any unique abilities, yet he is one of the only Pokemon in the entire series who speaks English. He is one of the series’ key antagonists and the brains behind Team Rocket.


Nekobasu – My Neighbor Totoro

Why have a cat when you can have a cat that doubles as a bus? This character is colloquially known as the Catbus, and it appears in My Neighbor Totoro. Totoro, the local forest spirit, appears while Mei and Satsuke wait for a normal old bus.

The real-life bus is late, so Totoro summons his friend the Nekobasu to give them a rough ride to their destination to save them from the rain. It’s meant to look like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.


Pirate Cat – The Last Unicorn

Don Messick, the voice actor for this cat, was performing a Long John Silver impression while recording, which inspired his appearance in the film and his nickname. This eccentric cat appears several times in the last act, but only has one remarkable scene in which he cryptically exposes the hidden location of the Red Bull’s lair.

Pirate Cat is simply a regular kitchen kitty until one day he starts talking to Molly and teaches her much of what most people already know about cats. He remarks that Amalthea is gradually losing her unicorn self and becoming more human, which he is aware of since, of course, he is.


Blair – Soul Eater

In comparison to her surroundings, she’s a perfectly normal cat. Blair is frequently used as comedy relief in Soul Eater, and the majority of the fan service and sexual jokes are directed at or produced by her.

Maka first believes she is a true witch because she frequently assumes the form of a human. I mean, what makes sense about a nude human? This is part of the joke, as is her name, which is a play on the title of the well-known found-footage film The Blair Witch Project.


Kuro – Blue Excorcist

Friend or foe? People often asked this about the cats they kept as pets. Kuro starts out as a big monster that Rin has to defeat, but when his past is revealed, their relationship changes and Kuro becomes Rin’s familiar instead.

Kuro used to protect some silk farmers in the area, but Shiro Fujimoto tamed him and made him his familiar. After Shiro died, Kuro went wild again, and Rin’s understanding brought him back from the brink of grief and despair. It just shows that if you are kind to an animal, it will be kind back.

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Bastet – Kamigami no Ki

Isn’t every cat, in its own way, a god? Kamigami no Ki is an anime that makes fun of the ancient Egyptian god Bastet and the people who take care of her. The main character of the show is the young, naughty, but cute cat Bastet, whose daily routine will be familiar to anyone who lives with a cat.

Each short about Bastet and her fellow gods and goddesses lasts about two minutes. The cute versions of the gods, like Ra and Anubis, are fun for both adults and kids.


Jiji – Kiki’s Delivery Service

Every witch needs a cat, so it makes sense that Kiki’s cat is Jiji. He has powers, like being able to talk, and his job is to be Kiki’s familiar while she learns to be a real witch.

Phil Hartmann, who is known for voicing witty characters on The Simpsons, is the voice of Jiji in the English dub. In the American version, the character is known for being more snarky and talkative. This can be funny, but not everyone likes it.


Shamisen – The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

People frequently converse with their cats, and Haruhi Suzumiya is the type of cat owner who does so. This one genuinely responds at one point, and in a passionate tone that enjoys discussing philosophy.

Shamisen has a few peculiar characteristics, such as being a male calico cat, which is unusual among tricolor cats. “A Perspective of Existence from Shamisen” is a manga that tells the story of his life as a stray until Haruhi adopts him.

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The Baron – Whisper Of The Heart, The Cat Returns

The Baron is a statue during the day, but at night he changes into a stylish cat-like person who lives in an antique shop. Baron Humbert von Gikkingen is not only a famous cat, but also one of Studio Ghibli’s most well-known characters.

When he first showed up in Whisper of the Heart, people were so moved by him that a sequel was made called The Cat Returns. It’s worth it to watch the English version so you can hear how Cary Elwes plays the wealthy but friendly Baron.


Happy – Fairy Tail

This cute blue cat isn’t a cat at all. It’s an Exceed, a race of creatures that look like cats and were some of the first people to live in a place in Fairy Tale called Edolas. This is like Earth Land, but there are different rules for magic there.

Happy is mostly the show’s comic relief, with his funny catchphrase. He lives up to his name, and he is loyal to the other members of his party. He is about the size of a normal cat, but he knows a lot about Magic and knows how dangerous it can be.


Luna – Sailor Moon

For Usagi, it was just another day. She was late to school as usual, but a chance meeting with a stray cat changed her life forever. Luna came from the future. She used to live in the Moon Kingdom and be Queen Serenity’s advisor. When she met Usagi by chance, she was looking for her.

Except for a crescent moon on her forehead, Luna looks like any other black cat. She acts as exposition, telling the sailor soldiers and the audience what their mission is all about. She has a partner named Artemis, who is a white cat that belongs to Sailor Venus Minako. In later episodes, their daughter, a grey cat named Diana, comes to live with them.


Korin – Dragon Ball

Korin is 800 years old, lives in a huge tower, and teaches people how to fight. Goku wants a master and goes out to find one. Korin first appears in the episode “Korin Tower,” and Goku has to pass his test before Korin will let him be his student.

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This sneaky old cat also taught Yamcha and Master Roshi how to fight. Isn’t it true that every cat is really a master of martial arts?

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