10 Anime Villains Who Would Be Heroes In Another Show

Some anime villains have personalities and motivations that make one think they might have been heroes in another world.

There are a lot of colorful, memorable characters in the world of anime. Even though most of these fictional characters may fall into one or more cliches, there’s no denying that certain characters in each show are still memorable for one reason or another. From a group of likeable heroes who fight against evil to villains with a lot of depth, anime has it all and more.

Speaking of villains, there’s no denying that some anime characters have been immortalized because they’re so amazing and memorable, even if they’re bad guys. In fact, some villains in anime have such well-written characters that, in different situations, they could have been heroes on their own. The most important examples in this context are listed below.


Madara Uchiha – Naruto

Madara Uchiha is one of the most infamous characters in the Naruto universe. His insatiable desire for power led to countless clashes in Naruto’s past and present, making him a force to be reckoned with.

However, the hatred in the Uchiha clan, combined with the war-torn region in which he was born, resulted in his evil side manifesting itself more frequently than not. Hashirama’s company was influencing him, and having more kind people around him could have transformed his life for the better. He is one of the iconic anime villains.

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Griffith – Berserk

Miura drew on his own friendships to anticipate what might happen if a buddy deceived him and led him astray. Griffith’s acts during the Eclipse were vile, but they were a culmination of the horrible experiences that forced him to such a desperate option.

Guts leaving the party could have changed things. Losing what he wanted most devastated him and made him impulsive, leaving him tormented for a year and dependent on the Behelit for a fresh body and powers.


Lelouch Vi Britannia – Code Geass

Lelouch’s tale is sad. Lelouch seeks his birthright after attaining Geass power. Even after losing his powers, he reclaimed the throne.

In his thirst for the crown, he performs heinous atrocities, turning him into a monster who must die for world unity. This renowned anime character may have fared better at the end of Code Geass’ tale if his childhood and deeds had been better.


Light Yagami – Death Note

There’s no doubting that Light’s acts as the owner of the Death Note were very harsh. However, his first impression and the sincerity he displayed after forgetting about the Death Note revealed that he had a good side.

The Death Note’s power corrupted him for the better. Things could have been very different for this character if he had been able to control his superiority complex or simply did not obtain the Death Note in the first place.


Shinobu Sensui – Yu Yu Hakusho

In a strict sense, the younger Toguro could also be on this list. Toguro still chose to go down a dark path, but Sensui was almost forced to do the same after she saw how bad people could be.

This made him give up on the world and think that people are the real danger to the forces of good. Fans understand why Sensui was upset after seeing these murders, and they think that maybe things would have been different if Sensui had never seen these tragedies.


Zeke Yeager – Attack On Titan

Zeke’s mentality is really fascinating, with his goals for achieving his goal deriving from his hatred for his father. Grisha’s heart was in the wrong place when he reared Zeke, and he tried to right his wrongs by raising Eren correctly.

Unfortunately, the arrival of the Attack Titan sent Eren on a dark path as well. If Zeke had a better childhood, he would have been fighting for the greater good rather than attempting to euthanize all Eldians in order to avoid this cycle of hatred from ever starting in the first place.

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Shigaraki Tomura – My Hero Academia

For a long time, many thought Tomura was nothing more than the devil himself. However, it wasn’t until his past was revealed that audiences realized how awful his story truly is.

Shigaraki might have been on the path to become a superhero if he had had a better childhood! Unfortunately, All for One got a hold of this promising young man before he could receive the assistance he required, and the rest is history.


Dio Brando – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure includes additional sequences to emphasize Dio’s transformation into a power-hungry sociopath. Dio’s villainy, like that of the most of the people on this list, is a result of his background and the poverty in which he was raised.

Dio, frustrated by the hand fate had dealt him, sought power by all means possible. It’s possible that Dio would have turned out differently if he had a different childhood and wasn’t constantly humiliated.


Broly – Dragon Ball

Broly is one of Dragon Ball’s most interesting bad guys. Even though his villainous beginnings in the Dragon Ball Z movies aren’t very strong, the canon Dragon Ball Super movie does a great job of showing Broly as the kind giant he should have been from the start.

Broly became such an angry and shy person after he crash-landed on a planet with a father who controlled him at every turn and forced him to do what he wanted. He might become a hero in Dragon Ball Super, which is great news.


Gin Ichimaru – Bleach

Gin is technically a double agent, but he definitely belongs here. Aizen killed him before he could reveal his motives to the good men.

Gin’s passion for Rangiku overshadowed all else, and he plotted revenge against Aizen when he hurt her. Gin was a wonderful person who could’ve fought Aizen if he hadn’t gone too far in his drive for retribution.

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