8 Most Iconic Royal Families In Anime

Many popular anime shows have featured famous and iconic royal families, including the ones listed below, which are without a doubt the most well-known among anime fans.

Everyone’s family is an important part of their lives. They keep each other safe and look out for each other. Royal families are different from other families, and this is mostly because they have a lot of money and power.

There are some bad things about being a royal. Many characters who were born into royalty had to follow a strict set of rules. If they didn’t, they got into big trouble. There are a lot of different kinds of royal families, but not all of them are well known.


Vinsmoke Family (One Piece)

The Vinsmoke Family rules over the Germa Kingdom and previously ruled over North Blue. They are led by Vinsmoke Judge, who has previously worked with Vegapunk and Queen. Judge was able to use the lineage factor to create his own army after spending enough time with Vegapunk.

Judge experimented on his children, and he used the lineage factor of other races to endow his children with special abilities. Vinsmoke Judge, Reiju, Ichiji, Niji, Sanji, and Yonji are members of the Vinsmoke Family.


Britannia Imperial Family (Code Geass)

The rulers of the Holy Britannian Empire are from the Britannia Imperial Family. The family ruled their lands with an iron fist, and most of the family members only cared about getting more power. Because of this, there was a struggle for power among the royal family.

Lelouch VI Britannia, the main character of CodeGeass, was sent into exile. When he found out what the royal family had done, he began to hate them. After getting the Geass, Lelouch finally had the power to get rid of the people in charge. By the end of the series, he had reached his goal and stopped his family from being cruel to him.


Reiss Family (Attack On Titan)

Karl Fritz was the ancestor of the Reiss family. For generations, they wielded the power of the Founding Titan and used it to safeguard the survival of the inhabitants on Paradis Island. Every 13 years, the Reiss family transferred the power of the Founding Titan.

This came to a halt when Eren’s father, Grisha Yeager, kidnapped the Founding Titan. The truth about the Reiss family was revealed until at the end of the manga. Historia is currently the last surviving member of the Reiss family.


Xing Family (Fullmetal Alchemist)

The emperor of Xing leads the Xing Family. There is no familial link, which distinguishes it from any other royal family. The kingdom of Xing is made up of fifty clans, and the emperor’s responsibility is to keep them united. To keep things fair, the emperor marries one bride from each tribe, who produces him a child; nevertheless, this breeds animosity among the clans, and they attempt to assassinate candidates from other clans in order to boost their own standing.

When the emperor’s health began to deteriorate, he assigned a duty to his children: whomever brought him the key of immortality would be granted the right to succeed him. Ling and Mei, two of them, came to Amestris in pursuit of the Philosopher’s Stone.

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Liones Family (Seven Deadly Sins)

The Liones Family ruled over the Kingdom of Liones, a province of Britannia. Bartra Liones is the family’s head, and he reigned as Liones’ ruler until the end of the series. Bartra Liones, Margaret, Veronica, and Elizabeth make up the Liones family.

Margaret and Veronica are Bartra’s biological daughters, whilst Elizabeth is an adoptive child. But this didn’t stop Bartra from caring for Elizabeth, and he always treated her as if she were her own daughter. He abdicated his throne to Meliodas near the end of the series.


Vegeta Royal Family (Dragon Ball)

King Vegeta III ruled over the Saiyans that lived on Planet Vegeta. Vegeta and Tarble were his two sons. King Vegeta ruled the world until it was conquered by Cold. King Vegeta was given authority over the world, but he had to swear allegiance to Cold.

However, when Freiza took power, everything changed dramatically. Freiza became concerned about the Saiyans’ menace and proceeded to annihilate them all. Only a few people managed to escape the devastation.

Source: Gokhan Z

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Silva Family (Black Clover)

The Silva Family is one of Black Clover’s royal families. The family lives in the Clover Kingdom and has produced some of the most famous knights over the years. Noelle, Nozel, Solid, Alicier, and Nebra are members of the Silva Family.

Most members of the Silva Family are well-known and feared by the general public. According to legend, the Silva family is involved in Anti-Magic weaponry and elves.


Zahard Family (Tower of God)

Zahard, the first person to climb the Tower, leads the Zahard Family. He obtained an incredible amount of power by conquering the tower, enough to build his own kingdom. Zahard chose princesses from the 10 Great Families to safeguard himself and his dominion.

These princesses are given Zahard’s blood, which gives them particular abilities and aids them in keeping Zahard from falling.

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