8 Most Iconic Punches In Anime

In anime, battles are full of great fights, beautiful scenes, and some of the most iconic punches, like the ones below.

There are a lot of interesting shows and movies in anime. Viewers love the big ideas and great visuals in this anime, especially when it comes to battles. This genre is full of big fights where characters put everything on the line to beat their opponents, leading to some of the most famous anime moments ever.

Hand-to-hand combat is something that battle anime gets into on a regular basis, with the most iconic fighting moments having violent punches that end up being very epic in their own right. Here are some of the most iconic punches in anime that fans can’t stop watching.


All-Might’s United States Of Smash (My Hero Academia)

Given the show’s heavy emphasis on unarmed fighting, it’s simple to see why it makes the list. Several punches in the anime might very well be included on this list.

Most people, however, regard All Might’s final punch with One for All as one of the best blows in the entire series. The way he baits All for One before pouring all his force into his famous United States of Smash is remarkable.


The Saitama Punch That Never Landed (One-Punch Man)

This is possibly the only punch on this list that was prevented from landing. Most people believe this to be Saitama’s most severe punch attempt in the series, owing to the fact that he didn’t hold back until the very end.

Genos was luckily saved before the full power of this blow could strike him. Even after pulling back, the overwhelming destruction caused by this attempted punch revealed the actual depths of Saitama’s infinite might.


Naruto’s Uppercut On Neji (Naruto)

Naruto is a series that has a lot of memorable anime moments. Before he learned his special Rasengan, Naruto usually won fights with well-placed physical blows. Everyone remembers the powerful headbutt this Jinchuuriki gave to Gaara, which put him out of business for good.

But Naruto had already faced off against the prodigy Neji before this fight. Even though Naruto was usually on the defensive, his never-say-die attitude and determination gave him the upper hand after he dug through the ground and emerged to give Neji one of his most eye-opening punches. Genos was saved by the fact that this blow didn’t hit him hard enough to kill him. But even after Saitama pulled back, the damage caused by this failed punch showed how powerful he really is.


The 7-Page Muda (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is well-known for its memorable bouts and punches. The majority of Jotaro’s fights in Stardust Crusaders might easily be included here.

However, one of the most memorable punches in the series is a barrage of them during Golden Wind. The 7-Page Muda is legendary, and seeing it animated in its entirety is a treat in every sense of the word.

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Goku’s Dragon Fist (Dragon Ball)

It’s pretty incredible how successful Dragon Ball is that even moves that first appeared in a non-canon movie have become renowned in their own right. This is the case with the Dragon Fist, which originally appeared in the film Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon.

It’s entertaining to watch Hirudegarn get completely annihilated by Goku’s powerful punch. The Dragon Fist has appeared several times throughout the series and its games, but this is by far the greatest of the bunch.


Luffy Punching Saint Charlos (One Piece)

One Piece is a show that knows how to build up its coolest moments, as evidenced by this punch. After becoming irritated by the Celestial Dragons’ antics during the event, the audience begged for these irritating characters to be put in their place.

After a Celestial Dragon named Saint Charlos shoots Hatchan, this occurs. Luffy loses his temper completely and strikes the arrogant noble so hard that he throws him back into the manga!


Eren’s Punches As The Attack Titan (Attack On Titan)

It would be unjust to pick just one punch from the many delivered in Attack on Titan. Each measured punch by the Titans creates a tremendous and dramatic moment that serves as a show highlight time and time again.

Of course, Eren’s punches as the Attack Titan are by far the most satisfying. Even after turning a new leaf and possibly abandoning his beliefs, Eren’s attacks still carry a lot of weight and act as crowd pleasers almost every time.

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Edward Beating Father With A Well-Placed Punch (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

By far the most powerful and vile opponent in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is Father. His horrible aims force him to make several sacrifices, making him more despised with each action he takes.

Watching him arrogantly employ Greed’s power just to have it backfire and turn him into graphite was a beautiful moment. The final punch Edward delivers on this enemy to finish him down for good is the frosting on the cake.

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