8 Most Iconic Anime Dragons, Ranked

Dragons are frequently seen in anime, but these lizards are the most well-known examples.

Dragons have always been revered in many cultures, even though they don’t exist in real life. This is because being a big, flying, fire-breathing lizard with wings is a pretty cool thing to be. No matter what media they’re in, they’re sure to make waves and be the center of attention. A lot of anime with dragons can be described in the same way.

In most anime, the best dragons are shown as gods or all-powerful beings who can do the most amazing things. Sometimes, they are independent, stubborn creatures that don’t care what anyone thinks, so whoever earns their loyalty is sure to be someone special. Because of this, the following dragons have stood the test of time and are now important symbols in anime.

Kanna Kamui – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

There are many different kinds of dragons, and not all of them have to be terrifying godlike entities capable of unimaginable destruction. Some of them are actually just naughty little brats who like to play pranks and hide behind the appearance of being shy and adorable like a toddler. The character in question is Kanna Kamui, who appears in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

Because of her childish attitude and her tendency to act like a pet, this dragon from the anime soon rose to the top of the fan favorite rankings. Despite this, there is no question that Kanna can transform into a powerful creature when she has no other choice. She is a great deal older than all human people, despite the fact that her look does not reflect that. This is the case with a large number of older characters in earlier anime series.


Igneel – Fairy Tail

When it comes to the dragons that appear in anime, Igneel is one of the more typical examples. In the manga and anime series Fairy Tail, he is referred to as the Fire Dragon and even The Fire Dragon King. Igneel is a kind-hearted giant, despite having a name that could lead one to believe otherwise. In fact, he is the one who is responsible for the upbringing of Natsu Dragneel, who goes on to become one of the most important characters in the book.

Igneel has a propensity towards attending to matters that are of a higher rank and more significance to dragons, despite the fact that he is exceedingly protective of his kind. When he isn’t being a father, he’s capable of being furious and aggressive when necessary, like fire. It’s also fortunate that Igneel took Natsu in as his own child. He gained an appreciation for lower beings, including humans, as a result of his time spent with the youngster. Igneel stands out like a beacon in the night in a world where there are more malicious dragons than there are good ones.


Bahamut – Rage Of Bahamut: Genesis

Are you sick of rescuing dragons? Let’s see, a biblical dragon with all the makings of a nasty guy. Bahamut is portrayed as a dragon in the anime Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, whose waking will lead to the end of the world. As a result, it is up to a team of bounty hunters to track down the villains responsible for breaking Bahamut’s seal.

Why Bahamut needs to be imprisoned is obvious. His entire identity is built around the idea of destroying things on the spur of the moment. Anyone who dares to try to rein him in will pay a heavy price. It took the deaths of gods like Zeus and Satan back then to permanently shut off this massive danger.

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Kaido – One Piece

Source : GameSpot Universe Trailers

Kaido of the Beasts takes on the role of the biggest and baddest threat in One Piece. He is known and respected throughout the world as the strongest creature in existence, and he is the leader of the Beasts Pirates. Kaido was a human soldier at first, but he gained power after eating a mythical Devil Fruit.

This allowed him to transform at will into a powerful Azure Dragon, which is quite unfair in terms of Devil Fruit powers. Kaido has since risen to become a global power in One Piece’s mythological world. After several rematches, only the Straw Hat Pirates were able to scratch him and eventually defeat him.


Haku – Spirited Away

Because fire dragons are too simple, here’s a water dragon to balance things out. In the film Spirited Away, Haku is a water god. His original form appears to be an Asian dragon. Haku is adaptable and agile, just like the values he represents. He even acts and speaks in a calm and peaceful manner.

Haku can also be powerful and chilly, like roiling seas. But what makes him famous and unique is that he has always looked out for Chihiro since he spotted her confined in the Spirit Realm. He turns out to be a river god that everyone can trust if they have noble intentions.


Blue Eyes White Dragon – Yu-Gi-Oh!

Blue Eyes White Dragon from the old Yu-Gi-Oh! had to be here since dragons like to hang out with special and trustworthy friends. It has always been one of the most interesting and memorable dragons in pop culture, ever since it first showed up. Because it was so rare and had a silly name, it was a big hit.

Blue Eyes White Dragon is a strong monster and one of the ones with the most attack power in the collectible card game that is not based on the anime. In the anime, only a few duelists like Seto Kaiba have the skill and temperament to use something like this dragon.


Shenron – Dragon Ball

Shenron, the fan-favorite long-boi, is by far the most well-known of all of the dragons that have appeared in the Dragon Ball saga. None of the others come close. He is one of the most notable dragons in the book since he continues reappearing and has brought too many characters back from the dead at someone’s request. This makes him one of the most notable characters in the series.

When he was ultimately enhanced to his most powerful incarnation, Super Shenron, Shenron received the recognition he deserved. This golden version is so wide that it encompasses multiple universes. In all certainty, its power is close to boundless because, in addition to being capable of almost everything, it also has the ability to fulfill wishes.

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Charizard – Pokemon

Even if Charizard isn’t as powerful as some of the other dragons in this area, he has still managed to win many people’s hearts, which is more than enough. Charizard is one of the original Ash’s most powerful Pokemon, despite the fact that Charizard’s fiery nature makes it difficult for Ash to make him heel or give him directions. Despite this, Charizard is one of Ash’s most stubborn Pokemon (no pun intended).

The amusing thing about Charizard is that his base form, Charmander, may give Pikachu a run for his money because he is just about as cute as the lightning rodent. This is the reason why Charizard is so popular. In addition to being more imposing and powerful, Charizard naturally possesses the ability to fly. However, only due to his personality, he will always be remembered. This lizard is so choosy that it won’t let anyone handle it if they don’t meet his exacting standards (in badges, usually).

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