8 Funniest Low Blows In Anime

Low blows are common in comic genres, including action, as evidenced by these funny low blows in action anime.

The average anime male is sturdy and durable; they can take regular tsundere beatings or survive terrible edgelord backstories. Despite their toughness, they have the same biological weakness as their real-world male counterparts: testicles. And testicles are two of the most delicate things on the planet.

Unfortunately, this does not deter certain anime offenders, both male and female, from using this fabled weakness. Even in action anime—especially in action anime—cheap shots via low blows have always been a spectacular norm. These tried and tested testis terminators will provide a good tip for an unnecessary battle as well as a hearty supply of laughs for those who don’t mind some dirty fighting.


“Denji’s Descendant Destroyer” In Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man, the Fall 2022 sensation, is the latest among the funniest anime marble-mashing examples. Denji, the protagonist, was just introduced to an arrogant and irritable devil-hunting companion named Aki, who also disclosed that he is Denji’s competition for their prospective girl.

Aki was about to abuse Denji, but Denji was no pushover; he instantly leapt at Aki and gave him a good old-fashioned groin hump-humbling with his shin… repeatedly, till Aki got the point. And, because Aki is a human, it’s safe to say that he now has a low probability of ever fathering children, among other spoiler-laden tragedies.


“Gintoki’s Gonad Genocide” In Gintama

Gintama has no shortage of hilarious classics, but a battle in episode 197 or thereabouts transformed Gintoki into the butt-end of the joke once more, or was it the groin-end? In any event, during the bout with Douman, Gintoki was positioned to crotch-first land his opponent into an upright spiky club.

However, Douman vanished from Gintoki’s grasp, plunging the latter and his wide-open groin straight down the spiky club instead, annihilating whatever was in the nether regions. Even crazier, Gintoki’s family jewels literally fell off (with the appropriate degree of censorship); he had to fight for them after his competitor joked with his disembodied scrotum.


“Samurai Sack Splitter” In Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin is filled with lopsided “David vs. Goliath” battles, most of which include the main character. But Kenshin had enough class and fighting abilities to avoid delivering cheap strikes. His young pupil, Myjin, on the other hand, didn’t know how to fight until later in the anime, notably at his entrance.

So, when he faced a much larger and older opponent, Myjin remembered Kenshin’s own fighting advise to not match strength with strength. Myjin’s execution, however, lacked refinement because it involved kneeing his opponent’s private regions. Technically, it’s still a good follow-through on Kenshin’s fighting counsel; after all, all is fair in love and war.


“Ding Dong Ditch” In Samurai Flamenco

When it comes to samurai, Samurai Flamenco has a unique take. Actually, the samurai in this anime is simply a superhero name, since this anime has a slew of vigilante gangs vying for their own brand of justice. The Flamenco Girls are one of these groups, a female idol group by day and ball-busters by night.

Despite their adorable appearance, they have a brutal and cruel approach to dealing with criminals. When they apprehended a lone male criminal on the loose, these super hero trio understood exactly where it hurt the most. As a result, they continued to take turns brutally ringing the unfortunate man’s “doorbell” with their feet. And “doorbell” is a more appropriate euphemism in this case, as the anime delightfully replaced the kicking sounds with actual doorbell ringing.

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“Spud On A Spike” In Ixion Saga DT

The majority of the low blows here have been blunt-force traumas. But Ixion Saga DT brought low-blow comedy to the next level by incorporating spiked boots into this unholy and unexpected combination of hard and soft elements. Erecpyle Dukakis is the unfortunate recipient of this demonstration (a fitting name as far as word plays go).

He is the haughty commander of the Incognito military faction. During one of his battles with Kon Hokaze (the protagonist), Erecpyle was a little too showy in front of Kon, who was wearing golden spiked boots. So, seeing an opportunity, Kon impaled Erecpyle’s acorns with his boot spike, effectively ending their struggle and denying the audience the chance to see Erecpyle perform.


“Ninpou Nutcracker” In Naruto Shippuden

Of course, Naruto would be there; this ninja used to be a joker, and what goes around comes around. It did come up in one of the filler episodes of Naruto Shippuden when Naruto was on a mission with Sakura to help a town full of mischievous children.

One of the mischievous children just approached one of Konoha’s most formidable ninjas and nonchalantly launched the more painful, frontal version of the “Thousand Years of Death” Jutsu. Naruto’s pained writhing and wiggling looked surprisingly genuine. Boruto would not have happened if the youngster hadn’t done so much harm.


“Yamcha’s Yolk Yeet” In Dragon Ball

There are lots of low-blow and cheap shot moments in the Dragon Ball franchise, one of which is in Team FourStar’s Return of Cooler series’ unauthorized Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movie. Even that parody wasn’t necessary, because Dragon Ball has been making fun of its male characters’ flaws since the days of young, tailed Goku.

Yamcha damaged his reputation as a fighter back then by attempting to fly-kick his tournament opponent. Unfortunately, his opponent ducked, and Yamcha’s crotch collided with his opponent’s head, scrambling the whites with the yolk. Yamcha had not yet died here, but his aspirations of raising a family with Bulma had.


“One Punch Un-Manned” In One Punch Man

While we’re on the subject of fighting anime, One Punch Man couldn’t resist the appeal of the low blow. During Saitama’s battle with Sonic, the ninja supervillain used a variety of dazzling attacks against the bald superhero. And, as with all obnoxious foes, the protagonist inevitably finds a way to destroy their graceful dance.

Source: The Anime Star

Sonic, like Yamcha, kicked a little too wide and enthusiastically in this scenario, landing his crotch on Saitama’s fist. Saitama had no intention of going there. Needless to say, the combat was cut short far too soon, with Sonic fleeing with his “tail” tucked between his legs.

These are the top 8 most funny low blows in anime.

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