7 Strongest Anime Grandmothers, Ranked

The following is a ranking of the most formidable grandmothers that have ever appeared in anime.

It just so happens that some of the most fascinating and impressive female anime characters also happen to be grandparents. Nevertheless, in spite of their advanced age, these women retain their strength and speed, and they are more than capable of simply outsmarting anyone who seeks to cause them or their loved ones damage. Some of these formidable grandmothers are endowed with supernatural and magical abilities, while others have worked diligently to hone their combat skills and become adept warriors.

Fans of anime can lose themselves in the realms of the best action animes as well as the most thrilling fantasy shows and meet these famous anime grannies who have become some of the most loved characters in the history of media. However, not all of them are nice and helpful; fans of anime can also encounter some extremely unusual, cunning, and lethal grandmas who possess some truly terrifying abilities.

Genkai – Yu Yu Hakusho!

Despite losing some of her powers and becoming significantly weaker in comparison to her younger self, Yu Yu Hakusho!’s Genkai could still hold her own in battle. Genkai possessed numerous superhuman abilities, including superhuman strength and speed, and was able to save many lives through her healing abilities.

However, Genkai’s true strength lay in her intellect, as she was not only a skilled but also a highly intelligent fighter who could easily outwit her opponents. So much so that her opponents had to use brute force far greater than Genkai’s in order to stand a chance against her during a fight.


Cologne – Ranma ½

Some people might be fooled by Cologne’s small size and cute appearance at first, but Ranma 12’s grandmother is one of the strongest in all of anime. She is not only a great martial artist, but she is also the trained leader of the strong Chinese Amazons. Before Shampoo, she taught many great warriors how to fight.

She is a good fighter, but she is also smart and knows how to trick her enemies and use everything to her advantage. She is still one of the strongest characters in the anime because she has superhuman strength and can control chi.


Chiyo – Naruto

Chiyo is highly regarded both within the Naruto universe and among the millions of people who watch anime throughout the world. She is not only powerful, but also well-liked, owing to her ability to be both knowledgeable and kind. The Naruto series had a variety of intriguing character arcs, and hers is without a doubt one of the most compelling.

Despite appearing weak in compared to many of the Naruto series’ renowned warriors, she is nevertheless one of the most powerful medical ninjas in the whole Naruto series. Chiyo is a grandma, yet she is still fairly fast and strong for her age, and she can defend herself during conflicts if necessary. However, she uses her knowledge as a healer and poison specialist the most of the time. She is the type of anime grandmother with whom no one wants to argue.

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Tsubone – Hunter X Hunter

Tsubone is Hunter X Hunter’s most powerful grandma and an experienced butler for the notorious Zoldyck family. While she would be destroyed by the best hunter characters, she may easily use her exceptional stamina against weaker hunters and other adversaries.

She’s one of the fastest, scariest, and most powerful anime grandmothers, and she can do tough conjurations. Tsubone can readily transform her body into complicated vehicles, although she does require a rider to do it. She’s also one of the scariest anime grandmothers, always ready to follow orders and do anything the Zoldyck family asks of her.


Chi-Chi – Dragon Ball

Even at her advanced age, Chi-Chi remains the most powerful woman in the Dragon Ball universe. She is one of the characters who fights with little more than their bare fists, and she is very skilled at it. Chi-Chi was endowed with superhuman levels of strength and speed, and she developed into a formidable and skilled combatant as a result of her training with her father.

Despite the fact that Chi-Chi made the decision to give up her career as a professional fighter in favor of a life as a mother and housewife, she remained one of the most powerful characters throughout the series. She has demonstrated on multiple occasions that she is an intelligent and capable fighter, including the fact that she once defeated a T-Rex and that she demonstrated her skills during a tournament fight against Goku himself. In addition, she educated her boys, who went on to become some of the most formidable fighters in the series.


Enya the Hag – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

Enya the Hag is a terrifying and powerful grandma who possesses some extremely lethal magical talents in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. She is a vindictive and belligerent person who takes pleasure in embarrassing her adversaries and has no qualms about taking lives in the name of DIO.

This legendary and one-of-a-kind animation features a wide variety of menacing characters, strong protagonists, and one of the most despicable stepfathers ever seen in an anime. Enya the Hag, on the other hand, is able to dispatch a significant number of them with relative ease because to her potent Justice Stand. This weapon grants her the ability to enter the wounds of her enemies and take possession of their bodies, and she is also capable of conjuring illusions.


Charlotte Linlin – One Piece

Source : Pramish Paudel

Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom is one of One Piece’s most iconic and wicked villains. This lethal grandma has eighty-five children, many of whom have their own children. Big Mom is also one of the strongest female characters with the largest bounty, trailing only Kaido’s in the anime.

She also has the ability to manipulate human souls and is one of the most powerful and ruthless Devil Fruit users. Linlin can not only steal her victims’ souls, but also their lifespans; she can also construct homies by taking their souls and transferring them to an object to create servants, or she can use her own soul to create special homies capable of lethal and nearly unstoppable attacks.

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