7 Strongest Anime Grandfathers, Ranked

These anime characters may be old, but their powers are still formidable.

Strongest Anime Grandfathers not only are some of the most iconic elderly men in anime formidable fighters, but they are also grandfathers who have been honing their skills for decades, and in some cases even centuries. Although some of these imposing combatants have lost some of their vigors over the years, the majority of them have just grown even more powerful with the passage of each year.

While watching anime based on fighting games, fantasy stories, and epic action shows with unforgettable battles, monsters, warlocks, and all sorts of supernatural creatures with unique powers, anime fans had the opportunity to get lost in the stories of a large number of great and powerful characters. Anime gave fans the chance to become completely immersed in the worlds of these characters. However, these courageous grandfathers fought each and every evil creature head-on and demonstrated to all of them that becoming older does not


Happosai – Ranma 1/2

One of the most undervalued shounen anime series is Ranma 1/2, and Happosai, the series’ most strong and hilarious fighter, is one of its main characters. This grandfather, who appears to be frail and small, is actually a tremendous warrior who is also a grandmaster and the founder of an esteemed martial arts school. Many of the world’s most accomplished fighters have attended his school to learn everything they know about the art.

Not only did Happosai possess an enormous amount of raw power and a tremendous battle aura, but he also possessed excellent fighting abilities, which he used to personally train a good number of these warriors. Not only did he have a vast knowledge of traditional martial arts techniques, but he was also able to invent his own while using them in combat. Anyone that dared to challenge him, be it a monster, another fighter, or even a human, would be quickly defeated by him. On the other hand, he was infamous for his pervy behavior at times, and he was easily sidetracked by women’s underwear.


Hiruzen Sarutobi – Naruto

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Hiruzen Sarutobi was not only one of the most powerful characters in the Naruto series, but he was also one of the most knowledgeable anime elders throughout the entire story. Because of his exceptional fighting skills and abilities, Hiruzen became one of the youngest Hokages when he was still a little child. He was a terrific fighter from an early age.

Even though he grew frailer as he got older, he was still a powerful warrior who was revered by everyone. He possessed one of the most powerful chakras in all of Naruto and was also one of the most powerful users of the shadow clone technique. He was also quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and he had the ability to shoot flames from his hands and to conjure a dragon by employing a technique involving mud.


Joseph Joestar – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

Joseph Joestar evolved over his life, and in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, he was a weaker but wiser character. As a grandpa, Joseph switched to Hermit Purple Stand from Ripple.

This anime featured some of the most powerful and dangerous villains, heroes, and characters who died multiple times, and Joseph was able to hold his own during battles despite being a grandfather. He was always one of the smartest warriors, and he was also able to use his Hermit Purple Stand as a weapon

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Zeno Zoldyck – Hunter x Hunter

In addition to being the most powerful grandfather in the Hunter x Hunter series, Zeno Zoldyck is also among the most dangerous grandfathers in the annals of anime history. This cunning assassin is one of the most feared characters in the series, despite the fact that there are a number of terrible and lethal hunters in the story.

Zeno was one of the most powerful and skilled Nen users in the Hunter X Hunter series. He was capable of doing extraordinary things with his special talents due to his proficiency with the Nen. Not only was he able to vanquish some of the most formidable Hunters, but he also had the ability to fire blast aura from his palm and to construct dragons with his aura, which he could use to attack his opponents or ride on to go around.


Makarov Dreyar – Fairy Tail

One of the most formidable Guild masters and wizards in Fairy Tail, Makarov Dreyar possessed a wide range of impressive and potent magical abilities. Even with his advanced age and diminutive stature, he remained one of the most powerful characters to ever possess ice-related abilities.

Even though there were a lot of strong villains and heroes in this anime, there were only a few of them who were able to beat this elderly little man. Makarov possessed enormous magical powers, all of which he had honed to the very pinnacle of their potential. In addition, he possessed incredible strength and durability, and he possessed the ability to exert control over the elements. Makarov was also one of the wisest and most intelligent fighters, which truly transformed him into one of the most formidable opponents of all time in the history of anime grandpas.


Goku – Dragon Ball

Goku is most likely the best-known anime grandfather. Even as a grandfather, he is not only the most powerful warrior in the Dragon Ball universe, but also one of the most powerful characters of all time. Goku’s God-like talents, fighting prowess, and unrivaled love of conflict earned him the title of one of the most revered and beloved characters.

He has the ability to manipulate items and others, heal himself and others, and absorb massive amounts of energy. To combat his extraordinarily powerful opponents, he employs a variety of energy and martial arts skills. Goku never stopped training and perfecting his techniques, eventually mastering the Ultra Instinct form.

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Zeus – Record Of Ragnarok

The most powerful granddad in an anime probably resembles Zeus, the most powerful of the gods. The huge and powerful God from Record Of Ragnarok was truly crowned as the mightiest God after he won the Titanomachy Tournament, when he competed against his father Titan as well as Kronos, and conquered both of them. Even though Zeus would have the appearance of having aged, he would nonetheless be just as powerful.

As a god, Zeus possessed a wide range of physical abilities that rendered him unbeatable even by his fellow deities. These skills included godlike strength, speed, stamina, and intelligence, amongst a great number of others. Despite this, he was a competent fighter who had learned to use many different fighting tactics throughout the course of his career as commander of the gods.

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