7 Most Iconic Sages In Anime

These sages in anime are some of the genre’s most famous.

Every novel is a journey, and while the protagonist is on that journey, they will run into an endless array of individuals who are waiting by the wayside. Even though the role that these unknown individuals will play in the journey that is still to come could be anything, it will almost always fit the archetype that is linked with them.

Only two of the many archetypes that may be found in anime are the tsundere and the edgy rival. Anime is full with these types of characters. The popularity of several of these characters can be attributed to the medium of anime. On the other hand, it also has a number of archetypes that have survived the passage of time, such as the sage old man. Sages have been shown in various cultures and time periods throughout history as characters who are endowed with profound insight, as well as authority or influence, and who play the role of a teacher or guide. There are numerous different types of wise characters that appear in anime.


Moro – Princess Mononoke

Moro’s primary function in the universe of Princess Mononoke is that of a guardian, despite the fact that he is shown as being fairly dangerous and aggressive during the events of the movie. She is a goddess that has been around for hundreds of years and utilizes her great wisdom to guard the forest and all of its people against the influence of humans.

In spite of the fact that she despises humans, she did bring up San, a human girl, as if she were her own daughter. This demonstrates that her maternal instincts extend even to the thing that she detests the most in the entire universe. She doesn’t do things the way everyone else does, yet she still manages to fulfill a lot of the criteria for a wise character.


Kagaya Ubayashiki – Demon Slayer

While there are well-defined features that usually make up a sage character, there is also a sort of unspoken energy about them. Comparable to a religious figure, sages are often characters who attract great respect and adoration from those around them. This is something exemplified by Ubayashiki.

Since he is in charge of the Demon Slayer Corps right now, it seems likely that he will have responsibilities similar to those of an army general. Instead, Ubayashiki’s power as a leader comes from the constant glow of kindness that surrounds him. Even the strongest fighters treat him with an almost religious respect. Even though he is still very young himself, he helps all of the people who fight demons and acts as a substitute parent.


Isaac Netero – Hunter x Hunter

The “Nen” system used in Hunter x Hunter is without a doubt one of the most intricate and intricately detailed power systems used in all of anime. Even learning how to use it is a difficult task, much less the years of practice needed to become an expert. Since Netero is the most skilled user of Nen in the world and also the chairman of the hunter association, he is without a doubt the most knowledgeable character in the Hunter x Hunter series.

Even though he is very wise and powerful, he still helps and teaches new people like Gon and Killua when he can. He has a religious side to him because he uses Buddhist symbols and mythology in both his design and his abilities.


Master Roshi – Dragon Ball

Master Roshi.

Source: Hayden Tenno

Roshi, who is without a doubt one of the most recognizable anime characters of all time, easily deserves to be in first place. He embodies the qualities of a sage, wise elder, or mentor that one would hope to find in a character. He is experienced, knowledgeable, and devoted to guiding and instructing others. Particularly with regard to the transmission of his home-grown fighting style and tactics.

He is Goku and Krillin’s original martial arts teacher, and he made a significant impact on the future heroes’ growth as people and as martial artists. In addition to that, he is the origin of the legendary Dragon Ball move known as the Kamehameha. The only aspect of Roshi that could be considered unsagely is his long history of being an unrepentant sex pest, which is also true of Jiraiya.

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Kisuke Urahara – Bleach

Urahara is a remarkably non-traditional figure for the role of a mentor. Although he does teach Ichigo the methods of a soul reaper, he doesn’t nearly put as much effort into his duty as All Might or the other people on this list does, even though he does teach Ichigo those ways. In most situations, he would rather be left to his own devices, delegating the more significant tasks to others while he observes from the sidelines.

Urahara is deserving of the label of sage despite the fact that he is still relatively young looking. His wisdom is nearly limitless, and he is willing to teach and assist others during the course of the novel. It’s not uncommon for characters with a sage-like status to have healing powers, and while he doesn’t use his bankai very often, it does give him the ability to recreate anything, including his own bodily parts.


Enya – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

It is possible that Enya the hag is one of the most subtly impactful characters throughout the entirety of Jojo. She is personally responsible for advising Dio himself in addition to being responsible for the growth of stands throughout Parts 3 and 4 as a result of her purchase of many stand arrows from Diavolo.

It’s interesting to note that Enya is a rare example of a sage who acts evil. She possesses all of the characteristics of a wise person, such as age, experience, and a guiding purpose, but she employs them for Dio’s sake in order to give him the greatest possible advantage. Even more explicitly, we see her instructing Dio about standing and his own capacity to halt the passage of time.


Jiraiya – Naruto

In Naruto’s world, “sage” is a title that is given to a few different people over the course of the series. Like the classic definition, it is given to people who are wise, powerful, or holy. Even Naruto becomes a sage in the end, but Jiraiya is a sage from the beginning of the series and is much more like what you might expect a sage to be.

Jiraiya is one of the three best ninjas in Konohagakure, so he knows a lot about the different ninja arts. He has been teaching young ninjas for a long time. He taught Naruto and his father, Minato, himself. Even though Jiraiya’s lechery is not typical of a sage, no one can doubt that he is a good mentor and teacher.

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