7 Best Tips for Men on How to Dress Like a Korean

Dressing for the occasion means something different to everyone and in every country. Not everyone believes that fashion applies to everyone, especially males. However, we can meet Korean men who dress to impress and are fashion-savvy all over the world.

South Korean fashion is an ever-changing culture that is heavily influenced by street fashion. Fashion in Korea applies to everyone, including men who are fashionable in their job clothing as well as their informal wear. Korean fashion has to do more than just look attractive; it has to show individualism through specific clothing items.

Not to imply that everyone dresses the same, but each person’s style is distinct and distinct. Korean men, like women, have a variety of clothing accessories they can wear to express their style or accent their attire.

How do we start dressing like Korean men? Check out these seven short suggestions for dressing like a Korean man. So, if you have any doubts, trust Teeanime!


Depending on the event, our tops have helped set the tone for the rest of our outfits. The same thing can be said about Korean men’s tops, which show their individuality and even the style of their outfits. Korean men know how to wear each piece of clothing in a way that fits their style and the situation, whether they are going out for fun or going to a meeting.

Long-Sleeve Polo Shirt

In the West, the polo shirt was associated with golf and polo games, as well as the casual clothes of older, white businessmen. Koreans like the long polo shirt because it comes in more designs and styles and is often worn in a casual setting. Their polo shirts don’t have logos on the left side of the chest. Instead, they look like Korean streetwear.

Pattern Shirts

Shirts with patterns can also have graphics on them. T-shirt designs often have strange patterns or graphics that say something on their own. They can sometimes look like abstract art because of the pictures on them. Men in Korea often wear a button-up shirt over a shirt with a design on it.

Button-Down Shirt

More Korean men, especially Korean idols, wear button-down shirts than any other kind of shirt. We can see a wide range of shirt styles, from those with big pockets to those with Cuban designs. Cuban shirts are not made in Korea, but they are influenced by the subtropical country. Most people wear button-down shirts by either tucking half of them in and leaving the rest out or by tucking them all in.

Men in Korea have always worn long button-down shirts with slacks, jeans, or shorts. It can be worn for both business and pleasure.


Korean men have more choices when it comes to jackets they can wear for different styles or reasons. In Korean fashion, men have worn jackets as a way to show off their style or make a fashion statement. There are many different kinds of jackets to choose from. Since winter in Korea is long and cold, they can be worn for style or warmth.


Since Korea has different seasons, people have liked to wear them in the fall and winter. Coats were only worn by Korean businessmen, so they were called “business fashion.” Aside from seeing businessmen wear coats, kdramas that show businessmen and women in coats, or even rich characters, have helped to shape business fashion. If we want to look like a wealthy businessman, we should get a coat that fits our body type and goes with our outfit.

Statement Jackets

What do we mean by jackets that make a statement? Well, some jackets have strange parts that you don’t usually see on jackets. Statement jackets are meant to be bold and stand out from the rest of our outfit, whether they have an unusual design or feature.

Bomber Jackets

Pilots used to be the only ones who could wear bomber jackets, but not anymore. They are more common on the streets of Korea, especially in darker colors like black, olive green, and earth brown. If we want to look like we belong on the street, we should wear a bomber jacket with boots.

Puffer Jackets

Because kpop idols and even kdrama actors and actresses wear puffer jackets, they have become popular. But puffer jackets come from hip-hop streetwear, which has taken over Asian fashion in recent years. Korean streetwear has more influence on fashion trends that come from music or other styles of clothing. But puffer jackets do more than just follow a fashion trend. As logo fashion, they also show how wealthy someone is.


Like in other countries, denim clothes and styles are popular in Korea. But Koreans wear denim in many different ways and styles. Their denim styles, like ripped pants and pants that are too big for them, come from Korean street fashion, which is becoming more popular and is worn by kpop idols.

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are a common part of Korean fashion, and we often see Korean men wearing them. The rips in the jeans are bigger and more obvious, and they are all in the same place. When it comes to Korean fashion, the more worn it looks, the better. Most ripped jeans look faded, or they can look faded around the rips. They can be worn with a jacket and a plaid shirt or a solid-colored shirt.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans aren’t just for women. Korean men wear jeans that hug their legs just as tightly as skinny jeans do on women. Most kpop idols wear skinny jeans that are tight and come in black, dark blue, or light blue. We want to find a balance with our jeans by wearing something that makes us look slimmer or a little bit looser.

Cargo Pants

In the past, it was popular to wear pants with a lot of pockets. These pants were often worn by the military. But cargo pants are coming back as casual wear. We can see this in the street styles of Korea that are starting to become popular. People often wear cargo pants with sweaters that are too big and combat boots.

Oversized Pants

Oversized clothes remind us of the styles we wore in the 1990s, but they are starting to make a comeback in Korean fashion. How do we even begin to wear oversized pants? We want to make sure that our loose-fitting pants look good with solid colors and slim-fitting clothes that are not loose.


Athleisure is a trend that is becoming more popular as exercise clothes become more acceptable to wear every day. But no one wears the athleisure style as well as Korean men do in South Korea. Korean fashion has always been about matching or contrasting pieces of clothing. This is something that athleisure also does. Korean men often wear high-end pieces with casual workout clothes to balance themselves out. It gives us a whole new style that is both comfortable and fashionable.

Logo Fashion

Wearing logos on clothes is still a common fashion trend, but the logos we wear can be small or just the name of the company. But in Korea, logos are getting bigger and louder, which started as a street fashion trend. When wearing logos, we’ve been told to stick to one brand at a time and keep the rest of our outfits simple.

Logos aren’t just a trend, like puffer jackets, but they also show your social and economic class. The brand we choose to wear says a lot about who we are and what we like. Brands like Gucci, Supreme, and even Korean brands like Charms and D-Antidote are often seen.


The monochrome style is a good choice if we want to look stylish and easy-going in what we wear. For the monochrome style, choose a color and wear a solid color outfit with a bold accessory or piece of clothing, or wear different shades of the same color. When we wear an accent piece of clothing or a bold pattern in the same color tone, it breaks up the colors and draws attention to certain parts of our outfit.

Even though we can pick any color we want, the monochrome style is usually reserved for earth tones or darker colors. Have fun with color and patterns, and choose ones that speak to us.


Men’s Korean style wouldn’t be complete without the accessories they can wear. They have accessories that add to their outfit or even their style. This lets men say more with their clothes or show how unique they are.


In western culture, earrings have a bad reputation, but in Korean fashion culture, both men and women wear them all the time. Not to say that men’s earrings are the same as women’s, because they are not. Each person has their own style, and men can wear many different kinds of earrings. Earrings have become more popular thanks to kpop idols who wear them.

Hoop earrings are what most Korean men wear when it comes to earrings. At YESSTYLE, you can buy earrings for men that are made in the Korean style.


Men can wear many different kinds of hats, depending on their style or what they like. Korea’s street fashion for hats has given us beanies and bucket hats. Some of the most common hats we see Korean men wearing are

  • Beanies: Beanies are best for the look of a punk rocker or even just for a casual look.
  • Caps are the most common thing that kpop idols wear to the airport or when they go out in public. Most caps are darker, and the rings are often on the tip of the cap.
  • Bucket hats are coming back in style because of kpop idols. When men’s kpop idols wear bucket hats on the street or at the airport, they get more attention than when women wear them. It has a style that is casual and street.
  • Fedoras are a great way to accessorize an outfit and make it look more stylish. More and more kpop idols say they are their style, so they are becoming popular in fashion.


Shoes, like apparel, play an important role in Korean men’s outfits. Each shoe pick can make its own statement or be a preference for what matches well with the style one has. There are only a few kind of shoes that guys commonly wear, and they include

  • Dress Shoes: Most of the time, we don’t see people wearing dress shoes, but they are common in the business world and in business fashion.
  • Boots are usually worn with skinny jeans or pants. Korean men don’t mind wearing boots with heels, and they don’t shy away from different styles.
  • Bulk Shoes, or chunky shoes as they are also known, come from the street style in Seoul, Korea. Koreans like to wear the bulky shoes made by Fila.
  • Brand Shoes: We can wear brand shoes like Vans, Converse, and Nike every day. It’s not a surprise that we wear brands we like. But if we want to be logo-fashionable, we want to stay true to our brand.
  • Even though they aren’t like most sandals, sandals are becoming more popular as everyday shoes. Most sandals have a platform that keeps your feet off the ground so they don’t get dirty. Sandals and slippers are only worn at home, but people are starting to wear them outside more and more.

Korean menswear has several clothes and accessories. Its culture emphasizes clothing to impress, exhibit individuality, and ultimately oneself. Korean streetwear influences each style for Korean males.

Even though we’re unfamiliar with Korean streetwear, some styles and clothing items make it into kpop star and kdramas’ popular fashion. Korean males use vibrant colors and heels. Korean menswear is strong and distinct. What outfit would you try?