7 Best Dragon Ball Crossovers

The iconic Dragon Ball franchise has crossed over with various more series that fans should enjoy.

Dragon Ball is more than simply an anime and manga series; it’s also a film and video game franchise with a thirty-year history. Its popularity cannot be understated, and it is without a doubt one of the most iconic anime series in the world.

As a result of its success, Dragon Ball has been involved in numerous crossovers over the years. Dragon Ball has frequently been included in different anime and video games due to its continuing popularity and timeless heritage. Here are some of the best Dragon Ball crossovers.


Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons is a popular smartphone game in Japan that has been available since 2012. In order to defeat waves of foes, players must match gems in a puzzle. The game is one of the most successful smartphone games of all time, and its success produced an anime series that aired from 2016 to 2018.

Puzzle & Dragons, being a successful mobile game, has had the opportunity to participate in a number of crossover events. One of these events is a big partnership with Dragon Ball, which includes the addition of dungeons, adversaries, and characters from the iconic anime series. Despite the fact that the game is available worldwide, the event was limited to Japan exclusively, but it was still a strong crossover.



Fortnite, a battle-royale shooter with building components, is one of the most successful video games in the previous ten years. The game, which was released in early access in 2017, is well-known even outside of gaming circles and is continuously updated.

Fortnite has frequently partnered with other franchises, with Dragon Ball being the most recent addition. Players can obtain skins of characters like as Goku and even use the Kamehameha in battle. The crossover is extremely intense, and even those who aren’t Fortnite enthusiasts may find it interesting enough to check out. While it may not be the same as really controlling the character as in other games, many players delighted at the chance to play as Goku in Fortnite.

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Battle Stadium D.O.N

Crossing across numerous hit manga titles is usually a fan favorite, and Shueisha, the company behind the manga anthology Weekly Shonen Jump, is well aware of this. That is why there are infrequent attempts to cross across the various Jump manga series, generally in video games.

Battle Stadium D.O.N, a platform combatant starring characters from Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto, was one of these attempts. The game is similar to the Super Smash Bros. series in gameplay, with 20 characters from the three franchises available to play. Despite the fact that the roster and scope pale in contrast to later Jump crossovers, this is still an enjoyable game to play, despite the fact that it was never distributed outside of Japan.


Dream 9 Super Collaboration Special

This animated special features characters from Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Toriko, yet another crossover between Jump series. These three series had previously partnered in duos, but never all at once. The narrative of the special revolves around one of Toriko’s many Food Tournaments, in which various characters from One Piece, Toriko, and Dragon Ball compete to obtain a rare monster’s meat.

This special was split into two parts, totaling 43 minutes. The special was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, especially since animated crossovers of this magnitude are extremely rare. Although the special is only available in Japanese, it is unquestionably a watershed moment for not only Dragon Ball, but also the other two series.

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J-Stars Victory VS

Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, My Hero Academia, and many others premiered in Weekly Shonen Jump. Jump’s many heroes and warriors are well-known globally.

J-Stars Victory VS, released in 2014, lets Shonen Jump heroes cross over. This is the first 3D crossover arena fighter using Jump characters. It features 52 characters from over 30 Jump series. While not the best arena fighter, J-Stars Victory VS is a nice pick for Jump aficionados.


Cross Epoch

Collaborative one-shot manga is quite popular, but few of them include juggernauts like Dragon Ball or One Piece. Cross Epoch is a one-shot that brings both series together for a brief moment, with mangaka Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda collaborating together on the project.

Cross Epoch doesn’t have a lot of story, thus the art and interactions between characters are the main draws of this crossover. Fans may see Zoro debate with Piccolo or Bulma search treasures with Nami in the crossover, which combines a Dragon Ball character with a One Piece character. Fans of both series will be pleased with this brief but outstanding Dragon Ball x One Piece crossovers.


Jump Ultimate Stars

Jump Ultimate Stars follows Jump Super Stars, a Shonen Jump crossover game. The game has a big cast of playable characters and support characters that may be assembled into a manga-style loadout.

Jump Ultimate Stars has 56 playable characters and hundreds of support characters. This game includes 40 Jump titles from different decades. The game is only available in Japanese, but you can still enjoy it.

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