5+ Ways to Look Cool in Sweatpants 

If the last ten years in menswear could be defined by a single topic, it would be the general relaxation of dress norms. During this time, white sneakers went from sensationalist tabloid headline to wardrobe staple, and the modest tee surpassed the collared shirt as the go-to top for males. It’s a shift that has significantly altered how we dress. Casual is now the reigning style. So much so that even sweatpants are now considered a staple.

Sweatpants, until lately, had no place in a man’s life other than when he was working out or, more likely, vegetating on the sofa. Wearing a pair outside of these contexts was tantamount to admitting sartorial defeat.

Today, though, sentiments toward sweatpants couldn’t be more disparate. Jogging bottoms have been repurposed to match the modern gentleman’s day-to-day wardrobe thanks to the blending of dress codes and, in particular, the growth of athleisure. Still, don’t wear a pair to your next job interview. Instead, follow these surefire sweatpants ensembles to learn how and when to wear joggers correctly with Teeanime.

All-Black Everything

If it’s good enough for the fashion elite, it’s good enough for the rest of us. Dressing head to toe in black has always been a safe bet for the clinically cool, and it’s easy to understand why: it’s slick, smart, and will never go out of style.

A pair of sweatpants adds an athletic, streetwear-inspired touch to this type of style. To do it right, keep everything else loose and sporty, which means ditching formal Oxford shoes and button-down shirts in favor of black sneakers and heavyweight tees. On cooler days, layer up with a merino wool sweatshirt and technical jacket and accessorize with a useful backpack or messenger bag.

Last but not least, make sure your sweatpants are jet black and not old and faded – you want them to look like an integral part of the outfit, not a pair you put on because your black jeans were in the wash.

Co-Ord Tracksuit

Full tracksuits are no longer reserved for Ali G and your high school PE teacher. The recent 1990s renaissance and ongoing vintage sportswear trend have reintroduced these synchronized coveralls into the spotlight. Whether you like it or not, there’s no doubting it makes getting ready a lot easier.

The first thing to remember is that there is a time and a place for a co-ord tracksuit; save it for lazy weekends and throwing on after a gym session or post-work five-a-side game.

Choose something black and clear of excessive branding for the best results, then make it pop with some contrasting sneakers. A high-end pair of kicks will spice up the appearance slightly – think Common Projects or Gucci.

Casual Minimalism

Tracksuit bottoms have always been associated with young men. However, the ability to clothe oneself with control is what distinguishes the boys from the men. When done correctly, it means that even we grownups may enjoy the benefits of fashion’s coziest legwear without looking like we’re trying too hard.

One of the most crucial words in menswear is simplicity. To make this look work, keep the following in mind: avoid flashy designs and designer logos in favor of superior fabrics and a decent fit. Combine your tailored sweatpants with a high-quality hoodie, a white tee, and leather sneakers for a casual look that men of all ages can carry off.

When it comes to color, make an effort to contrast top and bottom. A plain grey crew neck is always a good choice, but other neutrals and earthy tones might also work. It’s impossible to go wrong with a deep, rich navy blue for sweatpants.

Lightweight Layering

When it comes to stocking wardrobes, the transitional months are notoriously difficult, but sweatpants can provide a useful legwear alternative. Cozy and cuffed, they’re great for keeping the chill at bay and, when paired with a lightweight jacket and sneakers, are a great choice for blustery weekends out and about.

Wear sweatpants in a classic neutral color (grey, navy, or black) with a tonal, slim-fit T-shirt and a sporty windbreaker, bomber, or coach jacket.

Keep your accessories to a minimum. If it’s cold outside, throw on a well-fitting beanie, or a luxurious baseball cap if it’s not.


The blending of clothing norms is more visible in menswear than in athleisure. This relatively new design combines the best elements of sportswear and casualwear, and the results are beautiful. We’re combining sofa-worthy levels of comfort with city-appropriate styles.

However, striking the proper balance is critical. Consider elevating your sweatpants by pairing them with smart-casual accessories. To avoid thoughts of the gym, wear a wool overcoat or leather jacket over a stylish knitted polo.

On your feet, go with a technical shoe. Knitted shoes are still very popular and provide more comfort than practically any other type of shoe. Darker colorways provide the most adaptability.

High Low

Combining high-end fashion and low-key cool has become a signature of menswear’s heavy hitters. Dripping from head to toe in designer labels might come across as a little gauche, so blending casual classics with the occasional premium outfit is the solution.

To make this look work, choose one or two high-quality focus items. Starting with outerwear and sneakers is a smart place to start. These are two things worth investing in, therefore don’t be afraid to spend money on them.

Dress them down by layering them with sweatpants and a crew-neck sweater or sweatshirt, then concluding with premium accessories like leather luggage and a cashmere scarf.


You don’t have to be a fashion historian to know that jogging bottoms have sports roots. As a result, it makes sense to pay homage and wear yours in a properly sporty manner, albeit via a style-conscious lens.

When looking for sweatpants, consider high-end brands such as Reigning Champ, Hamilton And Hare, and Sunspel. They should be form-flattering, slim-fitting, and reassuringly thick. To stay true to the sporty vibe, apply this approach to the remaining pieces and make everything tonal.

Up top, a zip-up hoodie or track jacket is a great alternative, while a polo tucked in at the waistband can add a slightly more dressed-up edge. Finish with a pair of vintage running shoes and you’re ready to go.