5 Mistakes In Hair Care You Should Know

We naturally take care of things we want to last for a long time. You should take care of your hair just like you take care of your clothes or your favorite pair of shoes if you want them to last a long time. Also, if you think about an old leather couch or the bucket seats in your first car for a moment, you will probably try to protect your scalp as well.

All of us have heard the joke. You know, the one that says women have to work hard for hours to look good while all men have to do is wash their hair with a shower gel that does three things at once?

Even though this joke might be funny, some men actually do this. We get it, it’s quick and easy, and it kind of works. The truth is, though, that it’s not always good for your hair.

Men make a lot of mistakes when taking care of their hair, but they are easy to fix. So, Teeanime wants to show you what you shouldn’t do with your hair today. If you want your hair to look its best, it’s important to remember the following five things. For example, if you wash your hair too often, don’t use the right styling products, or wait too long between haircuts, your hair will not look its best. Like most good things in life, taking care of your hair will pay off if you put in enough time and effort.

1. Stop Playing With Your Hair

Hair-playing has many causes. Something keeps forcing you to comb your hair—maybe boredom, maybe anxiety. No-no. Dirt and grease are on your fingers, even though you can’t see them. Touching your hair often spreads hand oil to it. This may cause your hair to become oily and dirty more often, leading to over-washing. Washing your hair too often strips it of its natural oils, which debilitates the hair follicles and may lead to hair loss.

If you keep running your hands through your hair, you’ll get the oils on your fingers. This makes hair dry and brittle.

Many individuals twirl their hair involuntarily. Other than wearing a helmet, you can break this tendency by continually monitoring your hands.

When styling hair, you often touch it. You may have to continuously restyle your hair. Changing products solves the problem.

2. Choose Better Hair Products

We discussed this. Research is sometimes the most cost-effective thing to undertake.

You don’t need to spend thousands to look attractive. Will pricier products perform better? Likely. Can you discover affordable, high-quality hair products? Absolutely.

Here, you must research. Reviewing and watching videos might help you choose. If you don’t have the patience to do it yourself, come our salon and our stylists can help you pick the perfect product for your hair and teach you how to reproduce your favorite hairdo at home.

Here are some tips if you want to experiment yourself. First, choose the product’s hold. Longer curls may need a lower-hold product. This keeps your hair’s natural look after application.

Choose a product with a greater grip if you want spikier hair from morning to night. Matte products make hair look natural and hold style. Pomade or “wet look” products add shine.

Choose a low-alcohol product and avoid ones with strong ingredients. Alcohol in styling products dries and weakens hair, and strong chemicals harm it further. Sulfate’s cleansing capabilities deplete hair of natural oils, weakening it.

3. Wash Your Hair Regularly

Regularly is crucial. This doesn’t mean daily or biweekly. This depends on your hair, natural oils, and environment. Shampooing every two to three days is recommended, but there are other factors. Unfortunately, washing your hair too regularly might make it dirtier faster as your scalp overcompensates for the dryness by creating more natural oils. Even if you have an oily scalp, don’t wash it more than thrice a week. Too long between washes can cause scalp issues. If you leave your hair unwashed for too long, scalp sebum builds up, blocking hair follicles and limiting healthy hair development. Use a vigorous shampoo or arrange a scalp treatment to remove extra sebum and revive your scalp and hair.

Another essential component is the style product. You don’t want bedtime hair gel. This will hurt it. Heavy hair products should be removed before bed. Water should suffice. Allow your hair to breathe between product applications.

Use conditioners. Using conditioner in the shower will help you grow your hair, especially. The longer your hair, the drier your ends, and conditioner helps smooth down the cuticle layers, detangling it when it’s wet and prone to breaking.

Shampoo gently. Too much washing can irritate skin and hair follicles. Dry your hair carefully. Press, don’t rub. Too much friction from towel drying causes frizz, breakage, and hair loss. Be careful when towel drying, and if possible, use a microfiber towel to reduce friction. Avoid combing wet hair, as it’s prone to breaking. We recommend using a wide-tooth comb on almost-dry hair.

4. High Heat Damages Your Hair

Drying and ironing your hair will not help.

Let’s begin by drying your hair. Do not use a hairdryer until your hair is completely dry using a towel. Before you begin blow-drying your hair, it should be 65% dry. This reduces the amount of time your hair is in touch with extreme heat. Extreme or high heat damages your hair follicles, weakening your hair and making it prone to hair loss.

Some guys may benefit from air drying, while others must put in some effort.

If you are considering using an iron on your hair on a daily basis, we recommend that you refrain. The high heat of the iron will burn and destroy your hair’s natural oils. If you use heat to style your hair on a regular basis, it’s critical to use heat protectant solutions that shield your hair from the damaging effects of high temperatures. Also, invest in high-quality styling products that let you to use less heat to obtain the desired style.

5. Don’t Wait Too Long in Between Haircuts

One of the most common hair care blunders guys make is skipping regular trims and failing to seek professional assistance from stylists or barbers. Our skilled stylists at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in San Diego are here to help you obtain the greatest men’s haircut and provide recommendations tailored to your hair type, hairstyle, and hair goals.

To begin, getting a haircut every four weeks will make you appear more trendy and well-groomed. If you choose to let your hair grow out longer, you can opt for a clean-up two weeks after your cut to help preserve a crisp appearance. Your stylist will clean-up around your neck and ears during this session to keep you groomed until your next haircut. Finally, certain haircuts endure longer than others, which is generally determined by the shape of your skull. This is why our hand-crafted haircuts look so great! Our stylists will listen to what you want, make sure your new hairstyle fits your head shape, and fade or cut it in a way that keeps it looking beautiful between haircuts.

We’re also aware that, more often than not, you won’t be able to accomplish the same results as your barber after you get home and have to style your freshly cut hair. It is not your fault; all of our stylists have had professional training, are qualified, and have years of expertise. So, at the end of your appointment, your stylists and/or barber will walk you through the process of styling your hair, giving you advice and recommending tried-and-true hair products that will help you get the exact look you want.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your hair and scalp and putting time in it pays dividends. You can avoid a lot of harm to your hair and take better care of it for less money than you probably believe with a little knowledge and patience.

You can form new habits by focusing on daily tasks that you routinely perform. Healthy behaviors will ultimately make a difference in your hair care routine. You have a fantastic roadmap for maintaining a healthy head of hair, from keeping your hands away from your hair and using excellent products to washing and cutting it on a regular basis while avoiding excessive high heat.

It’s also crucial to know who to ask for advice from. A professional’s advice should help you avoid these and other similar blunders. The men’s hairstylists at 18|8 San Diego are ready to provide you with the greatest guidance. Make an appointment online or phone us to schedule your visit!