25+ Best Hair Colours For Men in 2022. How to Maintain Hair Color for Men?

Everyone can dye their hair. Men who want to make themselves look more interesting have been coloring their hair. If you’ve been wanting to try a new hair color for men, you’ve come to the right place. Teeanime have a lot of ideas to help you get started. We’ve put together some ideas for how men can look good with brown, blonde, and even green hair. We have a lot of trendy hair colors for you to choose from, so you can try a new look.

Before you dye your hair, you should think about a few things when choosing a color. First, does it look good on your skin? Second, does it suit your lifestyle? And finally, do you feel good about it? Whatever color you choose, make sure you can wear it with confidence, which you can only do if you’re happy with it.

Read on to get some ideas for cool hair colors. Whether you want a small change or a big one, there’s a hair color for you.

1. Blonde Highlights

Put some hair into your blonde hair by sweeping it to the side.

You’ve never colored your hair before? If you don’t want to color all of your hair, you can just dye parts and let them blend in with your natural hair. When you have blonde hair and black hair, the contrast is striking and makes you stand out.

2. Blonde on Mohawk Fade

With a mohawk fade, you can show off your new blonde hair.

You can also look cool with blonde hair. You can get a clean but unique look by dying the top part of your hair blonde and then getting a fade all the way down.

3. Ash Brown

Skin that is naturally caramel color goes well with hair that is ash brown.

Ash brown is a popular hair color among Filipinos. It is a medium shade of brown with a hint of gray. It’s right on the color between light brown and medium brown, so ash brown is the best hair if you just want to dip your toes into the medium brown range. It looks good with both a neat comb-over and a fun, textured style.

4. Burgundy

Medium-skinned Filipinos look good with reddish-brown hair.

This color gives your hair a touch of fire without making it too loud. Put it on hair that is about shoulder length, or pair it with a curtain hairstyle, so that the color will stand out more.

5. Light Ash Gray

Want to look cool? Test out ash gray hair.

This hair color for men will give you an edgy look. If you want to stand out from your dark hair, go for a light ash gray. It will make you look hip and young if you wear it with messy or textured hairstyles.

6. Medium Ash Gray Hair

You look like a pop star with dark gray hair.

Men with this darker gray hair color can show off the texture of their hair. It also looks good with haircuts that have the sides shaved and the top long and full.

7. Sandy Blonde

Filipinos can look good with sandy blonde hair.

This warm blonde has a hint of beige in it. Keep the top part of your hair long and side-swept to show off this color. You can also try textured hairstyles to make sure your hair doesn’t look flat.

8. Golden Brown

Golden brown hair can be used as highlights or as a new hair color.

With golden brown hair, you’ll look like you spent a month at the beach. It goes well with dark hair, so you can use it as highlights or as your new hair color.

9. Frosted Tips

You don’t want to be blonde, do you? Choose tips with frost.

If you don’t want to color your whole head of hair, you can just do the tips. Frosted tips hair color is like dip-dyed hair. It works best when you choose a hair color that is very different from your dark hair color, like blonde against black hair.

10. Bright Red

Bright red hair will make you stand out.

If you want a bold and new look, try fiery red hair. Pair it with a trendy haircut for men, like a two-block haircut, and you’ll have a look that’s inspired by Kpop hairstyles.

11. Raspberry

Show off this vibrant color by wearing it with a medium-length or long hairstyle.

Because it has a pink undertone, this red appears less flaming than brilliant red. This year, experiment with a vivid hair color for men.

12. Blonde and Black

This two-tone hair color will make you stand out.

Can’t decide between light and dark? Purchase both. Keep your natural black hair and colour the other half blonde. This color combination creates a striking contrast that adds a lot of personality to your design.

13. Purple

Curls with a vibrant hair color, such as purple, offer a lot of individuality to your look.

Men, too, can have purple hair! To liven up your black locks, colour the tips of your hair purple. It’s also a nice color for men’s curly hair because it highlights your gorgeous ringlets.

14. Blue

If you like bright hues, you should try getting blue hair.

Make a statement with blue! This color in a vibrant tint helps you look party-ready. Make sure your outfit does not clash with your blue hair. Wear a similar blue dress for a more homogeneous appearance, or wear neutrals and allow your hair be the focal point.

15. Icy Blue

This cool blue tone will go well with your fair skin.

Do you like cool colors? This bright blue is an excellent choice. Put this color on the top area of your hair and have faded sides or an undercut to create an edgy style.

16. Deep Red

A deep red can look great with black or brown hair.

Add a deep red hair color to a trendy quiff haircut to make it hip. This is ideal if you enjoy experimenting with your appearance. A red quiff can even be your signature hairdo if you’re a performer, such as a rock band vocalist!

17. Mint Green

If you want to look cool and fresh, try mint green.

This light color looks nice and cool. It’s great for making a difference between the thick top part of your hair and the sides and back that are shaved.

18. Chestnut Brown

If you want a new hair color, think about chestnut brown.

Try chestnut brown if you want a hair color that is between medium and dark. It makes your face look warmer because it has a reddish tint.

19. Chestnut Brown Highlights

Want to do something easy and low-key? Try adding highlights of chestnut brown.

Adding chestnut brown highlights to your black hair will give it more depth. These will update your look without making a big difference.

20. Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde gives your everyday look a twist.

This light blonde color has an undertone that reminds me of metal. Pair this edgy hair color with a similarly edgy haircut, like an undercut or an asymmetric cut.

21. Platinum Blonde Burr Cut

If you try this style, you’ll have a whole new look.

Even if your hair is very short, you can still wear a trendy color to make it stand out. This platinum blonde burr cut gives you a new, hip look that’s perfect if you’re ready for a big change.

22. Ash Blonde

Don’t be afraid to color your hair blonde.

Ash blonde is a little bit darker than platinum blonde and has grayish-silvery undertones. You can wear it with dark roots to add depth to your hair and make it look more natural.

23. Copper Brown

This rusty brown color makes your skin look warmer.

This brown hair color has a reddish color that goes well with dark hair. It also brings out the texture and shape of your hair, which makes it a good color for curly hair.

24. Copper Highlights

Messy copper hair is a cool way to look.

You can also dye parts of your hair copper so that you can enjoy both your natural hair color and the new color.

25. Honey Brown Highlights

Get honey brown highlights to spice up your mullet cut or surfer hair.

The brown skin of Filipinos looks good in this warm color with golden undertones. Use this color as highlights in your hair and just brush your hair back for a stylish but casual look.

26. Light Brown

This light brown hair color for men is great.

Try light brown if you want a light hair color that isn’t blonde. Like chocolate brown, it can be used as highlights or mixed with darker browns to add depth to your hair.

27. Brown Highlights on Curly Hair

Want to look modern and classy? Add streaks of dark brown to your curly hair.

Brown highlights help your curls stand out and add depth to your hair. A sophisticated look can also be created by mixing your natural hair color with a dark or medium brown.

28. Icy Blonde

This bold hair color will get people’s attention. Antoni Shkraba from Pexels is credited.

This color looks almost white on men’s hair. If you like light blonde shades, this is one you should try.

29. Blonde With Dark Roots on Medium Hair

Medium-length hair can be made more interesting with a light blonde color.

If your hair is about shoulder length, you can spice it up by dying it blonde and leaving the roots dark. You can pick any color you want, but light hair will make you stand out.

30. Blonde Streaks

Your naturally dark hair and the blonde streaks in it make even a short man ponytail stand out.

So you’ve found the best color for your hair, one that goes with your skin tone and makes you feel good. Now the question is, how do you keep color in men’s hair?

If you don’t want to keep going to the salon to keep your hair color looking good, here are some important hair care tips that will keep your color looking good for months.

1. Wash your hair with a mild shampo

If your hair has been dyed, using a shampoo with harsh ingredients can damage it. To keep this from happening, choose a shampoo that is kind to your scalp and made to help strengthen hair that is weak.

2. Don’t rinse with hot water

Instead of taking hot showers, rinse your hair with cold water. This keeps your hair hydrated all day since the cold water closes the hair cuticle and seals in the moisture from your conditioner.

3. Pat your hair to dry

Gently squeeze out extra water from your hair using a microfiber towel.

Rubbing your hair between towels causes friction and heat to build up on your hair cuticles. This makes the hair color more likely to rub out or fade. Instead, simply blot your hair, let it air dry, then style it.

So go for it! Don’t be frightened to experiment with hair color. Maintaining the color without frequent trips to the salon is simple if you have a proper hair care program in place.