20+ Signs That A Guy Likes You, According to Dating Experts

If you’re curious because you have a crush on the guy in question, the best method to find out is to ask him. But first, establish that there are at least a few signals he likes you back. Let’s find out “signs that a guy likes you” with Teeanime.

if you’re wondering if the signs of attraction between guys and girls are different: Myisha Battle, M.S., a sex and dating coach, says, “There are general things that both men and women do when they are interested in someone else.” “When it comes to showing romantic interest, we’re a lot more alike than different.”

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get started.

1. He leans toward you during conversation

Battle says that when people talk, they naturally talk more about people they like. If the guy you like talks or listens to you with his face closer to yours, that’s a good sign that he might like you.

2. He angles his body toward you in the room

Courtney Geter, LMFT, CST, a sex and relationship therapist, says that when a person likes someone, their body language is more open: “They’re not closed off, their arms aren’t crossed, and they can sit back and relax,” she told mbg recently. Pay attention to how he tilts his body in particular. If his shoulders and pelvis are facing you and turned toward you, that’s a good sign. But if he turns his body away from yours a lot, that could mean he doesn’t like you.

3. He finds small ways to compliment you

Battle says that when people like someone, they often find small ways to praise them. So, if a guy keeps telling you how beautiful your eyes are and how creative you are, that could be a sign that he’s really into you.

4. He makes eye contact

Eye contact can be a sign of attraction, but be cautious: some people are good at making eye contact with everyone they talk to because they care about making the people around them feel visible. However, if your crush looks you in the eyes and holds your gaze, it could be an indication of something more.

5. He steals a glance at you

Even if he establishes eye contact with everyone he talks to, it’s a different issue if you catch him staring at you from across the room. Stolen glances are a typical sign that someone is taken with you.

6. He singles you out in a group

Even when you’re in a group, he manages to make small moments with you, whether by asking you direct questions or simply replying to what you say. He’s always laughing at your jokes, looking at you even when he’s laughing at someone else’s joke, and engaging in small talk with you whenever he can.

7. He is drawn to you in the room

In general, he appears to be energetically pulled to you in the room, as though his focus, body language, and general energy are all centered on you. Even when he’s talking to someone else, you get the impression that he’s paying attention to you.

8. He wants to spend time with you one-on-one

If this guy is a friend of yours, someone in your office or class, or someone you occasionally run into at parties, and he keeps trying to find ways to connect with you on a deeper intimate level, that’s a hint. Though this could simply be a developing friendship, it could also indicate that he has romantic feelings for you.

9. He finds small ways to touch you

He’s continually looking for opportunities to make physical contact with you, whether it’s by placing his hand on the small of your back as he walks by, bumping your shoulder with his while laughing, or toying with your hair.

10. He actively plans dates

If you meet a guy on a dating app, it might be hard to determine if a person has deep feelings for you or if he’s just going through the motions. According to Battle, the main indicator is if he is actively initiating dates and making plans. That’s usually a sign that he likes you and wants to keep in touch, and there could be something there.

11. He follows up after the date

Similarly, if you recently went on a date with this person, Battle believes you can tell if they are interested in you if they follow up after the date. They might text you the next day to say they had a great time, or they might send you a meme or article on something you discussed, or they might contact you again to make plans.

12. He communicates the same way every time

Are they texting you frequently and keeping in touch? “Consistent communication is a fantastic indicator of interest,” Battle explains. “Someone who is genuinely interested in you will not disappear for extended periods of time only to reappearance with no explanation.”

13. He responds to your texts quickly

Some people don’t check their phones that often, text slowly, or are just really busy, so just because someone doesn’t text you back right away doesn’t mean they don’t like you. But if a guy always texts you back quickly, Battle says that could be a sign that they’re interested in you.

14. He initiates conversation on social media

Likes and comments don’t always imply a guy is into you, but Battle recommends to watch for actual discussions on social media. “They’ll like your postings, comment on them, and share things with you,” she explains. If he responds to your IG stories or Snapchats, asks you questions, and keeps the conversation going, he’s attempting to connect with you.

15. He keeps the conversation going

Notice if he tries to keep the conversation going with you, whether it’s over text or in person. That means he will always ask a follow-up question or give a detailed answer to yours. He will never just say “lol” or one word in response.

16. He gets red in front of you

Do you notice his face or skin gets red when he’s around you? That happens when we’re excited or getting a hit of adrenaline, clinical psychologist Mary C. Lamia, Ph.D., recently told mbg, and it’s a common sign of attraction. “Blushing is an honest response,” she says. “You feel ‘caught’ being sexually excited about another person.”

17. He seems a little nervous

If a guy is normally quite easy back or boisterous with his friends, but with you he gets a little anxious and stumbles over his words, it could be a sign that he likes you and is trying to impress you.

18. He laughs a lot around you

Is he always giving you loud, hearty laughs, the kind that scrunches up his face? Or does he seem to smile a lot around you—that warm, intimate smile that reaches his eyes? Laughter and smiles are ways to connect, rapport, and intimacy with others.

19. He gets rid of problems

When you’re around, he never looks at his phone or the TV. He offers you his complete and undivided attention, and he may even go out of his way to remove any obstacles or distractions that might interfere with his time with you.

20. He takes the lead

While there are universal methods that all genders exhibit love interest, Battle observes that males—especially men who date women—may adopt certain cultural scripts. “These patriarchal narratives assume men will lead because men are more active and women are more passive,” she says. Some males are diligent about indicating they like a girl.

21. He takes your lead

Men don’t always have to make the first move, despite preconceptions. “Many of my clients, regardless of gender, want to feel equal in courtship and are just as likely to exhibit their interest early,” says Battle. Even if he’s not the one making a move, he likes you if he responds positively to yours.

22. He tells you straight out

Knowing if a guy likes you is tricky. Small indications don’t always tell the whole story. Some males do all of the above with their buddies, while others just like someone.

“Some people can’t express their attraction so openly,” adds Battle. “My bashful customers have trouble expressing their crushes even subtly. Even if they like someone, the other person may not know. Discuss!”

If you’re not sure if a guy likes you, ask him directly. It sounds scary but isn’t. “Hey, you’re awesome and I’m into you—are you into me?” is easygoing, direct, sensual, and nonthreatening. If no, you know. If yes, fun begins.

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