20+ Epic List of Tattoo For Men in 2023

For many males nowadays, getting a tattoo is a no-brainer. After all, some ink may be a very great way to express yourself. While the decision to go under the needle may be simple, deciding what and where to get inked on your body can be difficult. To avoid regretting your tattoo in ten years, it’s critical to approach the process with caution. Teeanime have prepared this definitive guide full with guidance on how to choose the best tattoos for men to assist you in doing so.

Where to Get a Tattoo

1. Arm Tattoos

Arm tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs for males. They are adaptable, and the designs can be very elegant. The arm can be covered up or flaunted; it is visible every day. Furthermore, it is rated low on the tattoo pain scale. This makes the arm a very appealing alternative for those who wish to get inked with a little or larger symbolic and important piece. Unlike other parts of the body that may be prone to stretching or fading quickly, your arm should not be one of them. Because it is less exposed to the outdoors, the inner arm is a good choice for aging your piece.

2. Forearm Tattoos

There are numerous advantages to getting a forearm tattoo, but visibility and lack of pain are the most important. The forearm may be revealed or hidden whenever you like, letting you to admire your design and remember why you acquired it. Because the area has strong skin and muscle and is not near the bone, it is one of the least painful areas for body art. It is also large enough that you will not be limited in your design, but smaller inks can look just as good here. This placement should be considered if this is your first tattoo.

3. Bicep Tattoos

Men who want to show off their muscles should get tattoos on their biceps. It is one of the most masculine places to get body art, and designs that show off the shape of the muscle look great there. It’s also a way to show off something you’re proud of and want to show off often. The bicep is a good place to put a tattoo because it can be hidden by clothes. Or showed off, so men of all ages liked it. It’s not one of the most painful places to get a tattoo, but the nerve endings on the underside of the arm can make it a little uncomfortable. The skin here is also soft, but ink tends to last longer because it doesn’t get as much sun and fades as quickly.

3. Triceps Tattoo

The tricep is a good place to get a tattoo because it is easy to hide and because it is on the back of the arm, where it is harder to see. This is a big spot that can fit a complicated design, but small, simple designs can look just as good here. The pain level of a tricep tattoo is also low to moderate, according to the tattoo pain chart. This area is also not likely to stretch, so it should hold up well over time.

4. Elbow Tattoo Ideas

Getting a tattoo on your elbow is not a good idea because it is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. On the tattoo pain chart, an elbow tattoo is at the top of the scale for how painful it is. Getting a tattoos can make your whole arm feel numb, and because the skin is thin and close to the bone, it will cause a lot of pain. Part of the appeal is that you can handle the pain because you are a strong person. It can show the world that you are not to be messed with and make a statement.

5. Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are bold and will get you noticed, but all of the work that goes into them, no matter how beautiful they are, is not cheap. Prepare for a long tattoo session, and maybe even several, and be ready to pay. Still, a sleeve is one of the most interesting and cool ways to decorate your body. Covering your whole arm is a brave choice, but it lets you show the world the things that are most important to you. Your ink can tell a story or protect you like a shield. There is something for everyone, from abstract art and patterns to 3D designs that look like they are made of real things.

6. Finger Tattoo

People will see a finger tattoo if you get one there. Its visibility is part of its attractiveness, but it could hinder your career prospects. Painful. Lack of muscle and fat around the fingers and their closeness to the bone worsens the pain. If you don’t let that stop you, do something meaningful here. Too many details won’t last, so keep designs simple. This might be an eye or another indication. Or a wedding ring. You can tattoo the full finger or the side for a disguised effect.

7. Knuckle Tattoos

Traditionally, only rebellious, tough men who don’t care what other people think of them and want to make a statement got tattoos on their knuckles. The spot is getting more and more popular because it looks so badass, but it hurts because there isn’t much muscle or fat there and you’re getting inked over bone. Like finger tattoos, you can’t cover up knuckle tattoos every day. This limits where and when you can wear them, and exposure makes them fade faster.

8. Wrist Tattoo

If you’re looking for a cool place to put your next design, the wrist could be a good choice. Wrist tattoos are great because they are visible but can also be hidden. They can be simple or more detailed, and there are many designs to choose from. This could be an inspiring quote. Or a reminder to keep working hard for the best things in life. It could also be a special date or the name of someone you care about, which you can see every day here. The wrist is not the most painful place, but it will hurt because the skin is thin and there aren’t many muscles there. Because of the bone, the pain is worse on the side of the wrist.

9. Back Tattoos

If you want a large, detailed design, the back is the best place to put it. Back tattoos can be big or small, but most people get them on the back because it’s a big space that lets them try out different tattoo without being limited. This area can be hidden or shown off, which makes it more sensual. One of the most attractive parts of a man’s body can also be his back. Some people think that not being able to see your art often is a bad thing, but it can also be a part of its appeal; your tattoo has an element of surprise and mystery. Lastly, body art here is not very painful because the skin and muscles are thick. However, the closer you get to the spine or hip bone, the more pain you will feel.

10. Shoulder Tattoo

What’s not to like about a tattoo on your shoulder? It’s a place that makes men feel strong and masculine, and it can draw attention to one of the best parts of a man’s body. It is not possible to stretch the shoulder. It’s easy to cover up, and it won’t fade as quickly as areas that are always in the sun. It also works well for big or small designs and can go across the chest or down the back for a more detailed piece.

11. Collarbone Tattoo

Collarbone tattoos are really cool, and people who don’t mind pain should get them there. Because this spot is close to bone, getting a tattoo there will hurt, but how much it hurts will depend on the size of your design and how much pain you can handle. You can get a tattoo across your clavicle or under it. There are many different designs to choose from, such as intricate snakes or delicate flowers. Or even just a simple quote. Men who want to make a statement often choose this style. It will make people notice you, but you can easily hide your collarbone. This is great if you work in a business setting or want to sign something that only you will see.

12. Chest Tattoo

Because the chest is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo, you should only get it there if it means a lot to you. This area is very sensitive because the skin is thin and it is close to the bone. Getting a tattoo here will hurt. How big and detailed your art is will also play a role in how uncomfortable you feel. Men often get chest tattoos because they can keep their designs close to their hearts. It’s also big enough to paint something detailed on, and mistakes are easy to hide. If you can handle the pain, this is without a doubt one of the best ways to show off your body and show off the definition of your muscles.

13. Rib Cage Tattoos

Only people who can handle a lot of pain should think about getting a tattoo on their rib cage. Some people say the area is one of the most painful places on the body to get a tattoo. Because the skin is thin and close to the bone. But if you can handle the pain, this is without a doubt one of the best places to get a tattoo. You can cover it up, so you can only get unique and meaningful designs there. It is also big enough for you to add details and shading, but this will make you feel worse. Many men go to this place to find quotes or other things that make them feel good. It can also bring back painful memories or be a way to honor a loved one.

14. Sternum Tattoos

Sternum tattoos are at the top of both the coolness and pain scales. It’s easy to see why someone would want an inking here. You can keep it close to your heart, which makes it a great place for symbolic and meaningful pieces, and it can be a way to honor a loved one. The sternum is a good shape for a lot of different designs. If you want something more detailed, you can make your art go down your chest and across your pec muscles. Or, make it long and thin and focus on the area around the sternum. Here, you can use quotes, symbols, patterns, or pictures of hearts, praying hands, or animals.

15. Stomach Tattoo

A stomach tattoo can appear badass and is an ideal location for a large or complex design. You have enough room to be creative, and your artwork can be quickly covered up. You can also use ink to conceal flaws such as stretch marks or scars. However, it is an uncomfortable installation, especially for those with thinner forms, and it looks best on people with toned bodies. Your pain threshold and the size of your tattoo will also contribute to your discomfort. This is part of the allure for some males. Sustaining the suffering could be a sign of strength or commitment.

16. Spine Tattoos

Because you are tattooing in a highly sensitive area, spine tattoos are among the most painful. It is located on the spine bones and has a large number of nerve endings. Regardless, it is an excellent choice for body art, particularly lengthy and thin motifs. This might be the moon’s phases or abstract symbols, but your piece could be anything. Even tiny artwork looks nice in this setting. This is a sexy location if you are brave enough to tolerate the discomfort. Especially if you wish to flaunt it, because the general public will not see your back every day. Aside from the pain, another disadvantage is that if you require an operation in this area and have spine or back problems, you should bear these considerations in mind.

17. Face Tattoo

Face tattoos have become fashionable among rappers and celebrities, but the average population is still wary of them. It’s great and looks badass, but it’s not the pain, which may be excruciating, that makes guys reconsider being tattooed here. The stigma associated with body art, especially when it is visible on your face, can be a considerable disadvantage. It has the potential to limit your work options and associate you with the criminal underground. This is an area that calls attention to itself and makes a statement.

18. Throat Tattoo

The throat is one of the most badass places for body art. A throat tattoo can be beautiful, but it can also be threatening and a method to signal the world that you are not to be trifled with. It is a detention facility for persons who are disobedient and frequently has bad links with gang members or prisoners. The discomfort level throughout the tattooing process is severe, especially for men. This is due to the area’s thin skin and lack of muscle and fat, and the agony may be intense depending on the detailing on your design. Because of the friction and mobility, it can also take longer to recover, usually three weeks.

19. Hip Tattoos

It is no surprise that hip tattoos rank high on the tattoo pain scale because they are placed over any bone or an area with thin skin. If you’re ready to take the risk of getting inked here, the location lends itself well to diverse designs. They can be meaningful or abstract, little or large, and cover the side of the leg or even the buttocks. There’s a lot to like about the placement, including the fact that it’s intimate, directing the viewer’s attention to a desirable body region.

20. Leg Tattoo

Leg tattoos are adaptable, have a low tattoo pain scale, and are visible. This region has a lot of attraction, and it is a popular spot for males to get tattooed. Your design can compliment and bring attention to your leg muscles, or it can work with its natural curve; there are numerous options. The leg gives a large enough canvas for practically anything to look well, and little, huge, and elaborate pieces all look wonderful. Allow your body art to convey a tale about your life or something meaningful to you, and proudly display it. The benefit of this placement is that you can cover it up whenever you want. It should be noted that some areas are more sensitive than others. For instance, the knee or the inner thigh.

21. Calf Tattoo

A calf tattoo can never go wrong. Your design might bring attention to your muscular tone, which is both flattering and macho. This positioning is also useful; you can view your inking and hide it whenever you want. Because of the thick skin, muscle, and fat, it does not rank high on the tattoo pain scale, giving it an appealing area for elaborate artwork or deep shading. Furthermore, there is enough room on the leg for a decent-sized tattoo. This allows you to be more creative while not limiting your approaches and photos.

22. Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos have a rebellious vibe to them and are frequently inked by people looking to make a statement. They’re cool, but they’ve also historically been linked with prisons, gang members, and tough guys. Nowadays, it can be an intriguing position for a man who does not fit in with society’s norms. Although you may conceal your tattoo with the correct clothing and accessories, men who get neck tattoo want to show it off. Getting inked on your neck is painful, but it is a surprisingly diverse design and location option. These can be little, on the side, or across the full neck.

23. Foot Tattoos

A foot tattoo is a diverse option. It is easily concealed but also noticeable, and you may see your chosen pattern every day. It is a perfect location for someone who works in a corporate setting and does not want their body art to be visible. Furthermore, the foot has enough space for a decent-sized tattoo. If you need additional space, it can also make its way up the ankle. Because of the thin skin and its proximity to the bone, you can expect some discomfort. You should also consider the recovery period and how your footwear options may be limited. Unfortunately, rubbing causes foot tattoos to fade faster.

24. Ankle Tattoos

The ankle is a great place for small, simple designs. You can get something that looks like jewelry put on your skin. Or a piece that goes around the ankle like a snake or dragon. Even though the area is small, there are still many places where you can get a tattoo. Ankle tattoos hurt because the skin is thin, the bone is close, and there is no fat or muscle to cushion the pain. Still, they don’t rank very high on the tattoo pain chart, and most of the pieces done here aren’t very big, so the pain won’t last long.

25. Hand Tattoo

A hand tattoo says something about you in a way that few other places can. We use our hands so much that it would be impossible to miss this piece, which is what people who get inked here want. It’s a rebellious placement, but it will hurt and wear off quickly because of how often it’s used and how much it’s seen. The hand is a good choice, and men who get tattoos there look cool, but not everyone should get one there. Your choice shouldn’t be made on a whim, because visible body art still has a bad reputation and could hurt your chances of getting a job.

26. Lip Tattoos

You’ve probably seen famous people or musicians with tattoos on their lips, and this placement has become very popular. Getting a tattoo on the inside of your lip is appealing because it shows you are not afraid of pain and can be funny or seductive, depending on the design you choose. The bad thing is that the ink will wear off quickly, and most designs will only last about two years. The skin on the lip is thin and has a lot of nerve endings. This makes it very painful to get a tattoo there. Also, sitting for the design can be awkward and painful because your lip has to be turned out while the ink is being put on.

How to Get a Tattoo

Choose the Right Tattoo Artist

A professional has to help you get cool art tattooed on your body. Choose a skilled tattoo artist who specializes in the style of tattoo you want to get for the best results.

Listen to the Professionals

Be sure to pay attention to what your tattoo artist tells you. As a professional, they will know what will work and look best on your skin now and as it gets older.

Select Something with Meaning

For a tattoo you’ll love for years to come, it’s best to select a design that’s meaningful. But, be sure to balance meaning with aesthetics to ensure your ink is as stylish as it is sentimental. Oh, and if you’re thinking about getting your girlfriend’s name, keep in mind that relationships can end.

Play it Safe

It’s ideal to choose a significant design for a tattoo that you’ll adore for years to come. However, keep significance and aesthetics in mind to ensure your ink is as attractive as it is heartfelt. Oh, and remember that relationships can end.

Don’t Worry About the Pain

While having a tattoo can be painful, it’s generally not as horrible as you think. Most people find the encounter exceedingly unpleasant rather than painful. Of course, certain parts of the body, such as the torso, are more sensitive than others.

Take Care of Your Tattoo

Taking care of your tattoo is an important component of keeping it looking good. Following your tattoo artist’s recommendations after acquiring your ink is critical since inappropriate tattoo aftercare can result in fading and even infection.