20+ Best Pompadour Hairstyle For Men 2023

The pompadour, yes. Its size and shape are simple, but its effect is very strong. The pompadour is the best classic modern hairstyle for men. It has a lot of volume on top. The pompadour can be a tall style with Elvis-like proportions or a more subtle and sleek take on this trend. Here are some of the best pompadour haircuts that every man should try, as chosen by Teeanime.

1. Modern Pompadour

The pompadour. It has simple dimensions, but it has a powerful impact. The pompadour is the ultimate traditional current hairstyle for men, with plenty of volume on top. The pompadour can take many elegant forms, from a tall style with Elvis-esque proportions to a subtle and sleek take on this trend. We’ve compiled a list of the top pompadour haircuts that every man should attempt. More variety and trendy styling are encouraged.

2. Pompadour Fade

Faded sides are popular in many men’s hairstyles right now. The popularity of the fade originates from its ability to add organization and neatness to what could otherwise be a cluttered aesthetic. Pompadour fades mix the modern look of tapered sides with the traditional pompadour. You give the illusion of more weight and height on top by progressing down to a short length above the ears, so keep the pompadour tidy and tight for optimal effects.

3. Side Part Pompadour

You can add a side part to the pompadour style for a slightly different look. The classic pompadour is usually a back-swept cut, but the side part pompadour uses your part line as the base of the quiff. Compared to the swept-back pompadour, this style is more versatile and doesn’t require as much styling. With a firm hold wet-look hair product, a side part can look great, but it can look even better with a matte finish and some natural-looking texture.

4. Short Pompadour

Want to wear a pompadour but don’t want to commit to its traditional length and volume? You can still get that look with shorter hair, which is good news. Short pompadours are neat and eye-catching hairstyles that can be worn almost anywhere. To give the short pompadour a more modern look, style your hair from your temple near the part line. Choose a strong-hold, wet-finish hair product for the neatest look.

5. Undercut Pompadour

It’s a no-brainer to incorporate the undercut’s look into the pompadour. The undercut pompadour provides a similar contrast to faded sides, but in a significantly more powerful fashion. The abrupt change in length from cut sides to volume-heavy top creates a striking but powerful look. It’s also really versatile, so you won’t have to worry about constantly styling your hair. Longer hair on top can look just as beautiful tumbling over short sides as it does in a clean style.

6. Curly Pompadour

Curly hair isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a pompadour. Curls, on the other hand, can create an appearance that straight hair cannot. A curly pompadour may look fantastic with the appropriate cut, adding texture, volume, and interest. If you pretend your hair is straight, you won’t be able to pull off the extremely cool pompadour styles that are available. You can accentuate your natural curls with this look by incorporating short sides or even an undercut.

7. Wavy Pompadour

A flawless pompadour appears precise and professional, whereas a wavy pompadour appears youthful and lively. This style is ideal for a fashion-forward weekend outfit that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This look is not only friendly and easygoing, but it is also considerably easier to achieve than a typical pompadour.

8. Quiff Pompadour

Combining a pompadour and a quiff is a great technique to look fashionable. The look, which still has a lot of volume on top, focuses more on the front area of hair. This blended hairstyle is eye-catching and striking, emulating a wave form. It can also be simply altered to give a more dramatic or simple look by making the quiff larger or smaller. Similarly, a tight and tidy quiff pompadour appears more organized and intense, whereas a messier version appears softer.

9. Mini Pompadour

The micro pompadour is a barely-there variation of this big-haired fad, much smaller than the short pompadour. The look is best suited to two types of males. The first category includes men with short hair who are unable to pull off a decent pompadour. As a result, the small pompadour is a terrific alternative that can be gradually built up as the locks grow longer. The second group includes males who wish to attempt this trend but prefer a more understated look. While a small pompadour will not attract much notice, it will seem elegant and on-trend, making it great for minimalistic modern guys.

10. Straight Pompadour

A straight pompadour is a fantastic choice for a sharp and classic look. While the style can be created with a hairdryer and a round brush on wavy hair, it looks best on naturally straight strands. So, if your hair is devoid of kinks and curls, consider trying this pompadour style. Try a beautifully combed-back pompadour with modest sides for a terrific professional look. Consider a voluminous straight pompadour with contrasting short edges instead if you want a more daring style for the weekend.

11. Pompadour With Beard

Combining a pompadour and a beard is a simple approach to achieve a fashionable, eye-catching style. The distinctive hairdo combined with the beard is likely to draw attention and make your presence known. However, you should be aware that it is not the easiest appearance to achieve. To begin, adjust the length and width of your pompadour and beard to fit your facial shape. Once you’ve found your ideal appearance, you’ll need to style, cut, and maintain both your head and face hair on a regular basis to keep this combo looking sharp and classy.

12. Single-Length Pompadour

While many modern pompadours are paired with an undercut to heighten the style, some still have lengthier sides. The single-length pompadour, which has little to no distinction between the length of hair on top of the head and the length of hair on the sides, is a more conventional take on this trend. You may get the look by combing the side sections of your hair back while making the pompadour. The end effect is a polished and conventional style with a little edge. Consider adding a side part to this style for a more young and slightly preppy vibe.

13. Full-Volume Pompadour

If you believe in the adage “go big or go home,” a full-volume pompadour is the hairdo for you. This look is eye-catching and striking, taking the traditional pompadour to new heights (and widths). Although the style may be out of reach for men with fine hair, individuals with thick locks will be able to pull it off with ease. All it takes is a little talent with a blow dryer and the correct amount of product to create a full-volume pompadour with ease. You may give the idea of a bigger pompadour without doing any extra work by shaving the sides of your hair short.

14. Textured Pompadour

While incredibly sleek and straight pompadours look traditional and a little rockabilly, textured pompadours are completely current. The less structured look gives a modern touch to this hairstyle without bordering on the sloppy, making it suitable for both the office and after hours. If you have naturally wavy hair, a textured pompadour is simple to achieve. If you have straight strands, though, you may find it more difficult to achieve this style. To achieve the look, buy a texturizer or sea salt spray and spritz it on damp strands before shaping into a pompadour.

15. Elvis Pompadour

The pompadour may have originated in the 1700s, but it was not fashionable among males until the 1950s. The style caught momentum in the decade, thanks to the rockabilly culture and Elvis Presley, and became an iconic ’50s look. The original men’s pompadour was sleek and straight, as opposed to today’s pompadour, which has added volume and texture. To get this look today, use a lot of hair gel to keep every strand smooth and in place.

16. Asian Pompadour

The pompadour looks great on a variety of gentlemen. The style, in particular, looks great on Asian males. Typical Asian hair is sleek, straight, and dark, making it suitable for styling into an eye-catching and elegant pompadour. If your hair is already voluminous, you’ll have no trouble creating an outstanding pompadour. If your hair is thin, you may need to invest in some volumizing hair products to assist add height.

17. Slick Back Pompadour

A slick back pompadour will give your hair a smooth and elegant appearance. In contrast to rough and chaotic pompadours, a slicked-back pompadour seems straight and sleek. It also has a stylish, classic look that is appropriate for formal situations. To achieve the look, simply blow-dry your hair before style to make it as smooth as possible. Then, for the perfect sleek pomp, use pomade, wax, or gel to style your strands up and back.

18. Disconnected Pompadour

Do you want to add some edge to your pompadour hairstyle? Why not spice up your look with a stunning disconnected undercut? The modern man will like the combo of a detached undercut and a pompadour. This striking haircut, which includes a sharp contrast between the pomp on top and shaved sides, is far from subtle.

19. Textured Relaxed Pompadour

Consider a textured casual pompadour for a fashionable “I just woke up like this” look. This hairdo is the embodiment of laid-back cool, combining the full-volume look of a typical pompadour with a tousled touch. It’s especially flattering for men with thick, wavy hair. Others, however, can achieve it with the help of some volumizing powder.volumizing powder.

20. Pompadour with Shine

Shine is vital for a sleek and stylish take on the pompadour. To ensure you can pull off a great pompadour with shine, make sure your hair is as naturally healthy as possible. Then, blow-dry your hair smooth before using pomade for styling and ending with a shine spray to enhance its natural shine.

21. Pompadour with Blonde Hair

There are numerous elements with which to experiment when sporting a pompadour. Along with size and texture, you can experiment with hair color to achieve a new look. A blonde pompadour, for example, can be extremely eye-catching. A blonde pompadour looks unusual and eye-catching due to its full volume yet light shade, especially if the color isn’t your natural tone.

How to Style a Pompadour

  • First, dry your hair with a towel.
  • Next, use a round brush to comb your hair as you blow-dry it.
  • Grab a good amount of pomade with your fingers and warm it up in the palms of your hands.
  • Use your fingers to spread the pomade through your hair. First do the sides, and then the top. The part of your hair in front will need the most hair product because it needs to be stronger to hold this style.
  • Comb your hair to get the product to the roots and make it hold better.
  • To spread the pomade through your hair, brush the front part of your hair up. Brush the front of your hair up and into your other hand while holding the comb in one hand. Your free hand will show your hair how to fold over, and it will also limit how high the front can go.
  • Last, put your hair up with a comb and pat it down. Spray your hair to give it more hold.

Pompadour Haircut FAQs

A pompadour haircut has length and volume on top that is swept back, with the sides and back slicked down or short. Elvis Presley was one of the most renowned people to wear a pompadour, but the style has expanded to include additional varieties and modern styling.