10 Ways Make You Look Better With Jeans

Are you sick of wearing thin jeans? Consider rips and tears to be completely ridiculous? Are you trying to decide whether to get your hair cut short or long? What about a high rise building? Trying to find the perfect pair of jeans is never easy. The torturous try-ons, size shocks, and fit fiascos that are a part of the adventure of buying jeans are something that no woman over the age of 50 looks forward to.

Now, for the uplifting part of the report: Your distinctive shape, body proportions, personal taste, and shoes (yes, shoes!) can all be taken into consideration while searching for a pair of jeans, and it is now easier than ever to locate a pair of jeans that fits all of these criteria. Here are ten suggestions to help you choose the pair of shoes that look best on you. Therefore, put your trust in Teeanime for all of your questions!

1. Wear your skinny jeans as ‘leggings’

What should we do with the pairs of skinny jeans that are now sitting around in our closets if social media is to be believed? For many years, skinny jeans gave the impression that their wearers looked beautiful and fashionable while also giving the impression that they “held in” the wearer’s figure. It was not something that changed with each generation. Rather than putting every bulge and anatomical detail on display, if you still enjoy that clinging look, you may match skinnies with long sweaters or tunic tops and tall riding type boots. This combination will make you look more put together. You won’t just appear “fresh,” but you’ll also have the pleasure of wearing denim that is firm and stretchy and fits like a second skin.

2. Balance jeans length and shoe height 

Inseam length is very important. This is the distance from your crotch to your ankle on the inside of your leg. Most, if not all, of your shoes will work with your best inseam length. If you wear a lot of different shoe heights, like clogs, ankle boots, and ballet flats, or if you mostly wear flats, stick with ankle-length jeans. All jeans now come in ankle or cropped lengths, so these can be straight, flared, or boyfriend style. But if you always wear shoes with wedges, platform soles, or heels to make yourself look taller and leggier, choose jeans with a longer inseam to keep the line and length of your legs from being broken.

3. Wear a rise that solves your midriff issues

The rise is the vertical distance measured from the waistband to the bottom of the crotch. It is this distance that determines where the jean sits on your stomach. Put the current fashion out of your mind. If you have a short torso and/or a large bust, you should go for a rise that is somewhere in the middle. The waistband will “sit” at or just below your belly button, and at will stretch your midsection sufficiently so that your breasts will not be resting on top of it. If you have a lengthy torso or if there is enough visible rib-cage space between your breasts and the top of your jeans, you should choose a high rise.

The waistband will rest at your natural waist or just above your navel, and it will effortlessly tuck in any muffin tops that you may have. The labels “high-rise” and “mid-rise” can mean different things depending on the brand, and rises are frequently measured in inches rather than falling into one of many predetermined categories. The difference can be as little as one inch. These three pairs of jeans are quite similar, yet each has a different rise, demonstrating how important it is to find a rise that works for you personally. Measure the rise of a pair of jeans that you already love and use that information going forward.

4. Play with washes to vary your look

Dark-wash jeans with a uniform color all over do look more “serious.” Because of this, they have been our favorite way to dress down for work and dress up for the evening. The dark wash also makes you look thinner. Because of this, they didn’t let us down as our “good jeans.” But even if you always wear the same style of jeans, changing the wash can give you a new look. Don’t wear jeans with a lot of rips and tears, though. If you choose a light wash, a vintage-looking “weathered” wash, or a black jean instead of the usual dark blue, you can look cool and edgy without showing any knee or thigh.

5. Count on a straight-leg jean

Some things are classic, classy, and chic, like a V-neck sweater, a white shirt, and straight-leg jeans. You can always count on them, and they never look old. Even though it’s easy to fall for trendy styles, straights have the right fit through the hips and thighs and a slim line that looks good on most people. But different brands have different ideas about what “straight” means. Some fit tighter than others, and that depends on your weight and the size of your thighs and calves.

Look for a straight-fit jean, like the NYDJ Marilyn Straight Leg Jeans in Rinse ($109, bloomingdales.com), the Old Navy Extra High-Waisted Button-Fly Curvy Sky-Hi Straight Jeans for Women in Jay ($40, oldnavy.gap.com), or the Liverpool Los Angeles Plus Sadie Straight-Leg Jeans in Black Rinse ($89, bloomingdales.com), that stands away from the body, especially in You can tell right away by looking at how it fits around the ankles. No additional room? Skip ’em

6. Pair tops and jeans strategically 

There are no rules, but if you want to spice up a basic jeans outfit, remember that opposites attract. Fitted or almost-fitted jeans, like skinnies and straights, look good with tops that have a lot of volume, like those with puffy sleeves or sweaters that are tunic length. Looser jeans, like boyfriends, girlfriends, and wide-leg styles, look better with fitted tops that tuck in or looser tops and sweaters that semi-tuck in front. This keeps the waistline from getting lost. Too much volume or slouch on top and bottom doesn’t work, and neither does a jean and top that are too tight or fitted. Balance is the key.

7. Try an elastic waist jean for easy layering

Let’s be honest: some of us no longer want to wear anything tight and structured that makes our stomachs stand out, and that includes fly-front jeans. Still, we love how our legs look when we walk around in jeans under t-shirts, sweaters, and jackets. Pull-on jeans (not jeggings) like the Women’s Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Pull-On Jeans in Vermont ($31, kohls.com), Lysee Plus Pull-On Boyfriend Jeans in Mid Wash ($108, bloomingdales.com), and Women’s Croft & Barrow Girlfriend Pull-On Jeans in Medium Wash ($25, kohls.com) look so much like real jeans that you’d think they were the real thing. We won’t tell anyone.

8. Be sure to flash your waist in wide-leg jeans

Some of us feel free just thinking about jeans that don’t cling to our calves and ankles. We’re talking about jeans with wide legs, such as balloon, barrel, mom, and other roomy styles, whether they’re short or long. But there’s one thing you must do to make these comfy jeans look good: tuck in your shirt to show off your waist. Don’t worry, you can still hide muffin tops by putting an open cardigan or blazer around your waist. The goal has been reached.

9. Change accessories, keep the jeans on

Think of your jeans as the most versatile piece in your closet. You can change your shoes and top to go from day to night. For instance: For a quick change, pair your basic jeans and tee with sophisticated pumps like the LifeStride Sandrine Mary Jane Pump in Navy Multi Plaid ($60, dsw.com/en/us), a tailored jacket like the H&M Bouclé Jacket in White/Black ($60, hm.com/en us), and a quilted bag like the H&M Quilted Shoulder Bag in Black ($40, hm.com/en us). Or, swap your sneakers for elegant ballet flats like the Steve Madden Forge Ballet Flat in Navy/White ($80, dsw.com/en/us), your t-shirt for a feminine blouse like the Old Navy Oversized Ruffled V-Neck Blouse for Women in Summer Sienna ($37, oldnavy.gap.com), and your tote for a woven leather shoulder bag like the Kelly & Katie Woven Hobo Bag in Taupe ($50)

10. Pair blue jeans with other blues for a tonal look

We like our bodies but still love a good dress-slimming solution. Wearing the same shade of blue does the trick and makes you look put together. Try a navy blazer, a sapphire silk blouse, and your vintage wash flares, or double your denim by adding a jean jacket or chambray shirt to your jeans. This used to be called a “Canadian tuxedo.” It’s the style, so it’s better than fine.