10 Things About Women That Men Hate

We all have weaknesses as humans. But, as women, we will never accept how messed up we are, how bothersome we can be, and how ludicrous we may appear. We believe that we are always correct. Humans feel that we are the most powerful creatures on the planet. And we believe that men will never be as intelligent as we are. We are conceited. Some women are down to earth, but not on our planet. Several books have been created by female authors to help men comprehend women. But the truth is, can women understand themselves in the first place? Will women be able to confess, confront, and possibly amend their mistakes when dealing with men? And what do men truly hate about women? Let’s find out with Teeanime in the article below.

1. Acting “blonde”

Some men may like blondes better than brunettes, but this only applies to the color of their hair. A man, whether he is your friend, boyfriend, brother, father, or even a stranger, will never be interested in a woman who acts stupid. This is true at work, at a party, in class, at the grocery store, or even at home. Men think that this is a way to get attention, and they hate it. Men know right away when a woman does something stupid that she doesn’t take herself seriously, so why should they?

2. Apologizing for others’ mistakes

Being too nice to someone will never help you build a healthy relationship with them. Women often say “sorry” even when they haven’t done anything wrong. “Sorry” has become their favorite word. Contrary to what most women think, men hate when women do this because it shows that they don’t value themselves enough to stand up for themselves and defend their actions.

3. “You are all the same”

The worst thing a woman could say to a man is this. Don’t tell him that all men are the same because you weren’t told to test them all. You will come off as immature and harsh. Men hate this sentence because it’s clearly not true. Not all men are made the same. If you try to look past your biases, you’ll see that your decision isn’t based on facts.

4. You are not his mother

It is exhausting for guys to be continuously asked where they are, who they are with, and what time they will be home. Even though you are his partner, keep in mind that you are not his mother; he is a self-sufficient man who can manage difficulties on his own, so you do not need to worry. A woman who obsesses over her partner and wants to know everything about him will eventually lose him.

5. Friend-zoning

Even if youhate just friends, men despise being friend zoned. They believe that it should be done by them, not you. If you want to maintain a person in your life, try not to friend zone him because only a few people will take it negatively. Even if they profess they have no feelings for you, guys don’t want to be in this zone. Friend-zoning him is the same of telling him, “You’re not a man.”

6. Reunions of women in the W.C

Men have no idea why women use the restroom together (TOP SECRET!). It annoys them. It’s one of the few occasions people feel out of control of the situation, as they become outsiders. Men, like women, are inquisitive (maybe a little bit less). They want to know what’s going on because, well, a man is supposed to know everything, according to them.

7. The Fault In Our Stars

It’s hard for a guy to like this movie, no matter how romantic he is. Not only do they think the movie and book are stupid, but they also think it’s stupid that girls get so excited about fictional characters that they post their lines on Twitter and pictures of them on Instagram. The fact that women cry when they read or watch it because they think it’s “cliche, unrealistic, and childish” is even worse for men.

8. The duck face

You might be attractive, but most men hate this facial expression. They don’t understand why women enjoy looking like ducks. They don’t like how excited girls get for it. And they certainly don’t get why they have their lips out in all their Instagram pictures. Men would rather see your smile.

9. “I would like a salad, please”

Men don’t take you out to order a salad, darling. Make your own salad at home. He takes you to an expensive, elegant restaurant to order a steak and then to McDonald’s to share your undying passion for burgers. He doesn’t care if you’re on a diet or not. Keep your salad out of his reach.

10. Long text messages

Don’t expect him to read three-page messages unless you’re sending him a list of girls attending your Saturday party, the names of automobiles you adore, or the recipes you’re going to make him. Men are naturally impatient. They cut to the chase and expect you to do the same. I mean, this is what texting and apps like WhatsApp and BBM are for: quick chats. If you want to talk to him properly, go meet him; don’t write him a long message because, let’s be honest, he won’t read it.

Women, you have to understand that there are little things that make men hate. The little things in life matter. And they are not just things.

Thanks for reading!