10 Scariest Dragon Ball Characters

These scariest characters and their related forms made a lasting impression on fans when they first debuted in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime series of all time, with many considering it to be one of the best shonen anime that paved the way for this medium to take over the world. The adventures of Goku and the rest of his crew as they faced tremendous world-ending threats over and again are absolutely amazing to watch.

Dragon Ball isn’t a terrifying anime by any means, but some of its character designs may be quite frightening. This is especially true for the following characters, who were the stuff of nightmares when they first appeared. While their sight gradually became more normal, viewers recall the initial shock and horror they felt when they first saw the following characters.


Great Ape

When viewers saw the Great Ape for the first time in flesh, they were taken aback. This monstrous monster caused destruction and couldn’t tell the difference between friend and foe.

The fact that Grandpa Gohan died as a result of Goku’s transformation into a Great Ape is devastating and demonstrates how brutal this change is. Thankfully, most Saiyans have had their tails removed when everyone became aware of the hazards associated with this shape.


Demon King Piccolo

The unveiling of Demon King Piccolo is quite scary. This elderly alien-like entity was exceedingly powerful and relentlessly pursued Goku and his buddies.

Even before he died, he regurgitated an egg in order for his will to live on in a more young body. This creature is the Piccolo we all know and love right now, demonstrating how far this character has progressed during Dragon Ball.


Frieza In His Third Form

There’s a running joke about Frieza’s third form resembling a Xenomorph, which lightly mocks this form’s terrible design. There’s a reason why many people see this form as the most terrifying of the bunch.

This third kind of Frieza does not stay long but has a significant influence. In fact, most spectators were relieved that they didn’t have to stare at Frieza’s most terrifying form for any longer than necessary.


Cooler In His Final Form

Frieza has a sibling, who wants to track Goku down and make him pay for killing his brother, according to the Dragon Ball Z movies. This creature is known as Cooler, and it possesses a fifth form that is an improvement over Frieza’s fourth form.

Cooler’s final form is quite frightening, and it’s evident that he’s quite nasty. Fortunately, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan and defeats Cooler before he destroys the Earth.


Dr. Gero

The reveal of Dr. Gero’s synthetic body in Dragon Ball Z is quite gruesome. Before viewers were able to see what was under his hat, the countenance of an old guy was terrifying enough.

It’s very horrible to watch his brain float around in his translucent cranium. It’s possible that Dr. Gero could’ve had a longer lasting impact in the series, but the heartless way in which his inventions killed him nixed that chance.

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Imperfect Cell

Cell’s development in the anime is nothing short of spectacular. For the most part, viewers only see the silhouette of his enigmatic antagonist before he unveils his genuine face and demonstrates how terrifying it appears.

Imperfect Cell may be the weakest Cell variant available, yet he is nonetheless a force to be reckoned with. His bug-like appearance and nasty tail have stayed with fans long after this villain died. He is one of the scariest Dragon Ball characters.


Bio Broly

In the Dragon Ball Z films, Broly is a rather sinister foe. His huge stature and blanked-out eyes are enough to make him appear frightening.

The synthetic version of Broly, on the other hand, is nothing short of a nightmare. He’s a sentient sludge who looks like something out of a horror film, not something people would anticipate from a series like Dragon Ball Z.


Kid Buu

Kid Buu’s deadly rampages should make it quite clear that this character is anything but good. In fact, his bloodthirstiness is so obvious from the start of this form that spectators can’t help but feel a shudder down their spine.

Kid Buu’s first act as a villain is to destroy the entire planet, which is definitely one way to demonstrate his enormous power. This, combined with his maniacal personality, makes him the most wicked and terrifying Buu transformation in the tale.



Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon is an excellent film that expands on the incredible moves that Goku can perform in his Super Saiyan 3 form. However, many people associate Wrath of the Dragon with the sinister appearance of its main antagonist.

Hirudegarn is a massive beast that is initially split in half when the film begins. However, as the film progresses, the two halves merge and the beast wreaks havoc on Earth while appearing to be a demon from hell.

Source: OmniDB


Fused Zamasu After Being Injured

The antagonists in Dragon Ball Super aren’t really frightening. Beerus’ appearance and allure make him appear frightening, yet he turns out to be a fairly fun and engaging guy with a great attitude.

Source: Zen

The same cannot be said for Zamasu, a really evil entity who seeks to wipe out all mortals from the face of the Earth. Because his immortality was only tied with one being, he takes on a more terrible look and becomes injured after fusing with Goku Black. He is one of the most terrifying Dragon Ball characters.

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