10 Most Iconic Anime Swords, Ranked

Fans of anime will definitely recognize these famous swords, which have been in some of the genre’s most popular shows.

Swords are likely the most well-represented type of weaponry in fiction, second only to guns. Swords have been utilized in various forms by many societies throughout human history, and they have an obvious cool factor in modern pop culture. All types of warriors, from samurai to knights, are frequently shown with a sword at their hilt.

Swords thrive best in a fantasy context, and anime is well recognized for its fantasy stories. As a result, anime is rife with swords and sword-wielders. Among them, though, several blades have managed to imprint themselves as instantly recognized and extraordinarily cool weapons in the eyes of spectators.


Future Trunks’ Sword – Dragon Ball

Future Trunks has always stood apart in the world of Dragon Ball, where most bouts are bare-knuckle brawls or ranged ki shootouts. While the sword would eventually see less use, it was crucial in making Trunks’ debut appearance in the story as memorable as it is.

It’s a simple weapon in design, but it’s immensely powerful, capable of slicing Frieza in half. While it is damaged by Android 18, Future Trunks is later shown using it against Zamasu, infusing it with ki and transforming it into an energy blade.

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Elucidator And Dark Repulser – Sword Art Online

In the mid-2010s, Sword Art Online was a major success for anime. Despite the fact that it had a reputation in the anime world for being highly contentious. Attending an anime festival without seeing a swarm of Kirito cosplayers with the Elucidator and/or Dark Repulser strapped to their backs was nearly impossible.

Kirito is responsible for acquiring each of these swords on his own. In spite of the fact that he abandons them in the end, they continue to be his most famous weapons. This demonstrates how valuable the two blades are as Kirito is quite skilled at using both of them at the same time.


Excalibur – Soul Eater

The sword Excalibur was inspired by King Arthur’s legend and has appeared in a variety of media. When it first appeared in Soul Eater, it was appropriately referred to be the most powerful weapon in existence, capable of being used by practically anyone.

However, in Soul Eater, weapons have personalities, and Excalibur’s is totally unbearable. It appears as a strange, pure white monster that talks continuously in its non-weapon form. Wielding him necessitates adherence to his many, often contradictory laws, a demand so unappealing that only a handful can bear being near him long enough to leave their mark on history.


Rengoku’s Nichirin Blade – Demon Slayer

In the anime series Demon Slayer, there are several amazing and memorable weapons, with the nichirin swords being the most recognizable. The sword of Tanjiro, which has a sleek, black blade and a circular, wheel-shaped guard, would be the obvious pick as the most recognizable of the group.

Source : Draken

But because it keeps getting replaced, the sword doesn’t reach its most unique form until the swordsmith village arc, which hasn’t been shown yet. So, Rengoku’s blade, the flame hashira, with its distinctive fire-patterned blade and flame-shaped guard, is probably more famous, at least for now.


Anti-titan Blades – Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan’s anti-titan military’s standard issue swords are cool and recognizable. These swords are used by nearly every major character in the series to fight the Titans.

Source : Anime luna II

The swords have several sections that can be broken off individually, similar to snap-off knives. Each soldier also carries multiple sets of blades, which can be released from the grip to refresh the blades and keep the offensive going.

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Demon Dweller Sword – Black Clover

Despite its youth, Black Clover has managed to carve out a decent niche in the anime world, thanks in part to its distinct aesthetics. Asta’s demon dweller sword benefits from this, as it stands out even in the weapon-heavy anime scene.

The sword is ideal for Asta because it aids in his magic-countering fighting style. The sword can absorb magic and hurl it back out as an attack. It is also said to passively drain magic from anyone it touches, which is advantageous given Asta’s lack of magic.


Scissor Blade – Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill isn’t particularly lengthy or ancient, but its symbology has made it an icon. Nothing in the anime is as iconic as Ryoko’s scissor blade, from the uniforms to the music.

Ryoko’s dad made the rending scissors to sever living strands, and the blade is half of a pair. The elegant sword may shrink to a manageable size or expand larger than buildings.


Yoru – One Piece

Roronoa Zoro of the Straw Hat pirates is the first One Piece swordsman that comes to mind. Zoro wants to be the world’s finest swordsman, but Dracule Mihawk wields Yoru.

Yoru has a distinctive cross design and is one of 12’supreme grade’ swords in One Piece. Mihawk’s sword can slice enormous structures in two and fire air slashes that retain cutting force at distances.


Zangetsu – Bleach

Bleach, like Demon Slayer, is defined by its sword-wielders. There are other distinctive sword designs in Bleach, including shikai and bankai forms, but none are as instantly identifiable as Ichigo Kurasaki’s huge kitchen knife.

Zangetsu is a blade with numerous forms, ranging from a thinner, black blade to a smaller pair of blades that Ichigo dual wields. Because of the hollow spirit within the blade, it also plays a significant role in Ichigo’s character development.


Dragon Slayer – Berserk

There could be no other alternative for first place. Dragon Slayer is the prototypical huge anime sword, inspiring numerous additional enormous blades in fictional works. Even iconic weapons such as Cloud Strife’s buster sword exist because of Dragon Slayer.

The sword has no special abilities beyond its sheer size and weight, rendering it ineffective for the vast majority of individuals. Guts can only wield this monstrous blade and sever hordes of foes into pieces because to his incredible power.

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