10 Most Iconic Anime Pets

These anime pets are iconic. Here’s why.

Pets in anime have important roles that go beyond their physical cuteness. Pets in anime, like in real life, serve as companions and emotional support. This is important for both protagonists and supporting characters in a series. In many respects, anime pets serve as an emotional shield, delivering unconditional affection and loyalty.

They are not, however, the only ones who supply that love, as their owners reciprocate. Nonetheless, there are many well-known and great pets in anime, with powers, sizes, and species changing. Here are five of the more memorable ones so far.


Alexander – Fullmetal Alchemist

Animals kept as companions in anime have functions that go well beyond the superficial appeal of being cute. The role of emotional support and companionship provided by pets in anime is very similar to that which they play in the real world. This component is essential for main characters as well as supporting cast members in a series. Anime pets function in many respects as an emotional shield, offering affection and loyalty to their owners.

Having said that, they are not the only ones who supply such affection because their owners also feel the same way about them. Despite this, there are a lot of well-known and amazing pets in anime, and they come in all shapes and sizes, with different powers and kinds. The following are 10 of the most iconic ones that have been created so far.


Bond – Spy X Family

Bond Forger was first presented in the Spy x Family anime. However, his appearance in the manga demonstrates that he is one of the most recognizable pets. Bond is the Forgers’ pet dog, but he is no ordinary dog. Bond developed psychic abilities after being used in horrifying experiments at a lab aimed at creating sentient animals.

Bond is a compassionate dog who rescues children and strangers despite his horrific mistreatment. This is precisely what led to his adoption. After Bond saves Anya Forger, she begs her father to adopt Bond. When the family does, Bond becomes rather attached to and possessive of them.


Luna – Sailor Moon

Luna is a talking black cat who is shown to be the catalyst for the events that take place in the series. In addition to her ability to communicate verbally, Luna has the ability to materialize things out of thin air. She also has the ability to transform into a human form at will. Because Luna is not like other cats, she is an especially interesting subject. She is a guide who came from the moon in the beginning.

Luna is not technically Sailor Moon’s pet, but she does travel around with her quite a bit. To be more precise, Luna serves as Sailor Moon’s protector in the form of a cat. She is there to offer her loyalty and her direction to those who need it. She acts as a guide and instructor for all of the Sailor Guardians, but her primary focus is on Sailor Moon.


Hawk – 7 Deadly Sins

Because he is not like other animals, Hawk is nonetheless considered to be one of the most famous pets. The hawk is a creature that has the appearance of a pig but is not the same as a pig in any way. In reality, he originates from purgatory and, at some point in their journey, they meet up with Meliodas, the primary protagonist of 7 Deadly Sins and the personification of the sin of Wrath.

Since Hawk is often found in the company of Meliodas, the tavern that Meliodas owns has hired him on as a ‘custodian.’ His primary responsibility at the bar is to gorge himself on the discarded food and scraps that the patrons leave behind. Hawk is fairly diminutive, but he more than makes up for his diminutive stature with his self-assurance. He brags quite regularly about his robustness and might.

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Sadaharu – Gintama

Hawk is one of the most recognizable pets since he is not your typical beast. Hawk is a creature that resembles but is not the same as a pig. In reality, he arrives from Purgatory and meets Meliodas, the primary hero of 7 Deadly Sins and the sin of Wrath, along the route.

Hawk frequently hangs out with Meliodas, therefore he works as the ‘custodian’ at Meliodas’ bar. His duty is mainly to devour the bar’s customers’ crumbs and leftovers. Hawk is fairly little, but what he lacks in bulk he makes up for in bravado, talking about his strength and might on a regular basis.


Puar – Dragon Ball

Yamcha is the owner of the feline-like creature known as Puar. Puar loves his master very much and is completely devoted to him as his master’s companion. When Yamcha was around fourteen years old, they first crossed paths. After that, they were unable to live their lives without one other. Wherever one might locate Puar, one would not be far from finding Yamcha.

In addition to this, Puar is capable of transforming into other forms. Nonetheless, this ability is not the only thing that sets him apart from everyone else. Because he has been there for his owner no matter what, Puar has become one of the most recognizable pets in the history of anime. He keeps a close eye on Yamcha and shows sympathy for him if the latter sustains an injury. Their friendship holds a very important place in his heart.


Akamaru – Naruto

Akamaru was so little as a puppy that his owner, Kiba Inuzuka, could hold him on his head. However, when he grew older, his bulk expanded to the point where Kiba could no longer carry him. Akamaru instead carried his owner on his back. Because Kiba raised Akamaru, the two had an exceptionally deep bond.

The two are inseparable, just like many anime fans and their dogs.

Akamaru is overprotective and jealous of his best friend. He is also available to Kiba anytime he requires it. For example, as Kiba cheated on his exam, Akamura kept a close eye on him. Needless to say, Akamaru is devoted to his master.

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Pikachu – Pokemon

Pikachu is without a doubt one of the most well-known pets to appear in anime, if not the most well-known overall. However, Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu is by far the most well-known and well-recognized example of the Pokémon. It is almost impossible to believe that they did not begin their relationship in the same way that it is now because it is so powerful and so full of love.

Source : chipu

Pikachu is not only adorable and devoted, but he is also extremely powerful. Pikachu, like an electric Pokémon, can generate electricity. Pikachu is one of the most recognizable anime pets due to his power and amiable attitude (as well as his close attachment with his owner).


Happy – Fairy Tail

Not only does Happy’s brilliant blue coloring contribute to his status as one of the most recognizable pets in the world of anime, but the color is not the only factor. His master is Natsu Dragneel, a member of the Fairy Tail guild, and he is an exceed who works for her. He lives up to the expectations set by his name. He has a positive outlook on life, is devoted to his family, and possesses the capacity to fly.

Because of his love and devotion to Natsu, Happy often acts in a manner that is similar to or imitates Natsu. However, despite his diminutive size, he packs a lot of sass and attitude into his personality, which makes him the ideal candidate for an anime pet. Happy has accompanied Natsu on a wide variety of excursions, some of which were more perilous than others, and he has never failed to keep a close eye on his closest friend.


Frosch – Fairy Tail

Frosch, like Happy, is an Exceed belonging to Rogue, a Sabertooth guild mage. This means that Frosch is also a member of the Sabertooth guild. Frosch is never assigned a gender. Frosch is little and green, always dressed in a pink frog suit.

Frosch, like Happy, has the ability to fly. Frosch, on the other hand, is not as autonomous or snarky as Happy. When Frosch gets lost in one episode, the Exceed does everything it can to get him back home. However, Frosch is so trusting and reliant on Rogue that it takes them a long time to return. There was no need to be concerned because Rogue kept a watch on his small companion from afar, despite the fact that it wounded him because he couldn’t help him.

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